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  1. S

    Took delivery of a used 2023 Model 3 RWD - Have a few questions

    As the title describes, I received my first Tesla yesterday, a 2023 Model 3 RWD with 39,000 miles in really good shape (bought it from Carvana). Love it so far. I have a couple questions I’m hoping someone can answer for me: 1. My Model 3 didn’t come with a rear touchscreen. I thought that was...
  2. G

    I bought a car with FSD and...

    There are still lots of people who believe FSD does not transfer on sale. This question has nothing to do with whether its worth it, whether the seller got more for it, nor whether the computer saying its the full self driving computer or not, its simply whether the car still has after transfer...
  3. ammulder

    How does margin really work?

    Let's say I wanted to sell some puts periodically, hoping to make some cash without selling shares. Right now I have next to no spare cash in my brokerage account. Because, you know, I used it buying TSLA! :) I think I have heard people recommend selling out of the money puts on margin, when...
  4. Jomak

    What options does a MS have?

    If I wanted to buy a MS from a dealer or PP, how can I tell what options it has? I like the ev-cpo site as you can see all the options, but since Tesla has done away with the 4 yr warranty...it makes sense to shop around. So how do I tell if it has all the options I want online (without...
  5. paydirt76

    Paydirt's (TSLA) Option Investing Guide

    INTRO TO GUIDE This is for long-term investors... There's a huge opportunity with options that 99% of uber Tesla bulls are simply missing. If the company is grows exponentially as they have--most have reasonable confidence they will--then the investment could be best in an exponential...
  6. M

    Call spread strategies for high returns and lower risk

    My core TSLA holdings are in shares and calls purchased awhile ago which I don't trade. However, I want to continue investing in TSLA even at elevated volatility and prices, without incurring too much risk. The high implied volatility has made naked calls too expensive, so calls spreads have...
  7. adiggs

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I decided to create this thread as a more focused variation of the Option Trading and Advice thread, with that focus on the option strategy known as The Wheel. The thing to understand up front - I'm not a financial advisor, nor am I particularly expert in options trading. So far my experience...
  8. CDMtoday

    Performance options - All or Nothing?

    Hi. New to the Forum. Hope this is not a dupe. I could not find it. I ordered my Y Perf in Sept. The recent change to the Perf option, where the wheels/brakes/tires/pedals/top speed is a free option to the Perf option package is quite confusing. I assume the drop in range from 315 to 280 is a...
  9. G

    Buying a Tesla with Tesla stock earnings!

    Anybody else doing this? I have a Model 3. In June I invested heavily in Tesla stock options (option to buy Tesla stock in Jan 2021 and 2022 for $250). Now I have earned enough to pay for the Model 3 that I have. I am well on my way to earning enough for the eight Cybertrucks I have on order...
  10. Spacep0d

    Model 3 Chrome Delete?

    Greetings Tesla fans and owners! When you ordered your Model 3, were you given an option to not have chrome but replace that with body-color matching hardware, namely for the door handles? I want to order a Model 3 Long Range in white (soon), but I prefer body-colored handles. Will this be an...
  11. KAnder04

    Most requested features/options/improvements for the Model 3?

    Are there any features, options, or improvements you wish the Model 3 had? Maybe things that are pretty common in most other ICE vehicles? Like air ventilated seats, blind-spot assistance, air suspension, sportier/more aggressive look for the Performance version, etc? I’m probably going to...
  12. B

    Color options for Cybertruck

    While I'm not sure they'll include any color options, I'm planning on wrapping my Cybertruck and was just messing around in photoshop. Just thought I'd share this to get an idea for different colors. ;)
  13. J

    Options trading strategy/advice

    Feel free to roast me over this. My excitement will drown out the noise. Quick summary, using call options, I took 55k to 250k, back down to 45k from the massive crash this year, and now it's back up to around 227k. Now that it's around this level, I want to start converting those call...
  14. F

    EAP on window sticker but I didn’t pay for it, it worked initially and then didn’t

    Hi guys, first post here and it is a long one. I have not been able to find anything similar happen to anyone else. I ended up buying a Model 3 October 2018, delivered to Cleveland in November. That's not really all that exciting... Went through all the usual early Model 3 problems with paint...
  15. D

    Talk me into ordering a Model 3 / case of FOMO

    This post is likely a little early. Some of these questions I likely need to answer for myself I suppose. I need to rent a Model 3 to see how I feel about it likely, but I'm hoping someone will talk me into / out of ordering a Model 3... I'm interested, but... Have a bunch of concerns I guess...
  16. jbih

    Selling puts and calls?

    What is your opinion on both selling puts and calls? I assume selling puts alone is a good strategy to acquire stock I don't mind having, but that only works if I have a supply of money from outside this account. I sold a put for 0.99 at $245, then after acquiring the shares, sold a call at...
  17. A

    Hi...and help!

    Hi all I'm new to the forum and Teslas generally. I'll finally be able to justify changing my car later this year and am determined to get a Tesla (ironically moving from an Alpina B3S, probably one of the worth mpg cars)! I do usually very few miles a year - say 5,000 even allowing for more...
  18. ShearModXY

    Standard Range AWD?

    If there is a thread if this topic already in existence, please reply with a link but... So my wife and I have a reservation down and we want the SR Battery, black paint, 18 Aero Wheels and Premium Interior M3. Do most of you agree or has Elon mentioned that eventually a SR battery car could...
  19. Ostrichsak

    Is There a Difference Between Early 2015 and Late 2015 85D?

    We currently have a 2015 70D and at the time of shopping for it I thought that ALL 2015's were devoid of the previously defunct "Tech Package". I'm now seeing 2015's (which I assume are earlier model year versions) which indeed have Tech Package. Is there a significant difference from a 2015...
  20. W

    Any suggestions on Model S options?

    Hi there, I'm a newbie here but I have been a Tesla fanboy for a while. I heard that this forum is friendly and helpful, so here I am with a few questions. Thanks in advance and hopefully I can become a owner soon. Is Full Self-Driving Capability just a "software switch" and Enhanced...
  21. jkirkwood001

    Want to compare est. costs of various Tesla configs? in local currency?

    There are a number of Model 3 cost calculators out there, but I wanted one that did it all in Canadian dollars, so I made my own. I got carried away :) I've posted for anyone to try out here. International Tesla Cost Estimator 2018-03-02 14_31_57-International Tesla Cost Estimator - Google...
  22. DIL

    Options package - change spotting

    Fresh off the truck in Dublin today...New MS 100D's with refreshed rear seat had this funny line item on the window sticker: "Premium interior and lighting" for $5000. So looks like they will be adding $1700 to the leather package. Just another reason to get the textile.
  23. ishareit

    Anyone with a crystal ball...

    ..who can tell what Tesla is up to with Model S? When they discontinue 75 RWD, will they start offering 75D at the same price as RWD? Are they going to stop making 75kwh batteries altogether and instead only have 85 (locked to 75kwh) and 100 options? Is there an interior refresh coming? Is...
  24. BETA1019

    Buying shares vs. buying in-the-money options

    Hi guys, New to the forum, but I've been an avid Tesla follower and stock owner for the last 3.5 years. I love this company and what they're doing and I find it incredibly fascinating being able to watch their progress on websites like Elektrek, InsideEVs, TeslaMondo, etc. A bit of background...
  25. IGotEastBay

    Just Ordered 60D...Do I Upgrade to 75D?

    Hi all, Placed an order for my first Tesla, a 60D, yesterday just before the options change. After placing the order, I noticed that the base price was dropped for the 75D and the power lift gate was added as standard. It was a bummer because I got the premium upgrades package primarily for the...
  26. G

    How to verify options on a used, non-CPO MS?

    Excited newbie here who can't wait to join the steaks owner community. I'm on a budget though, so I have to find a decent deal on a 2014. So I'm skimming eBay, auto trader, cars.com... etc. Unless a private owner is posting the vehicle, rarely does the listing accurately state the options on...
  27. R

    Prepay Model 3

    Would it be a great idea if Tesla allowed you to begin prepaying your Model 3 costs now? May help some afford the upgrades/options/extras, reduce loan costs and could possibly be a source of cash that Tesla is looking for?
  28. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Clear Bra Options for Teslas in Atlanta

    This post is made to provide information about clear bra coverage options for metro-Atlanta and southeastern Tesla owners. I want to take a moment to explain how these different coverage options differ with the hopes that it helps someone make an informed decision as to what coverage they feel...
  29. igotzzoom

    Building my hot rod Model 3

    Maybe I'm the weird one here, but I'd rather have more of the go-fast goodies, and less of the ooh-ahh tech geegaws, price being an object. Here are the things I definitely want: - Performance Dual Motor option - Ability to activate AutoPilot at purchase or in future - 225+ mile range -...
  30. G

    some examples of where level 5 autonomy might have difficulty

    " Say you're driving down a two-way street and there's a lorry unloading a delivery in the opposite lane. The oncoming traffic needs to pull out into your lane to overtake. What do you do?" See this well argued BBC article Would you bully a driverless car or show it respect? - BBC News and I've...
  31. J

    The reasonably* priced Model S

    Hi there, I am placing my order this week to take advantage of the referral discount that ends 10/15 that a friend of my provided me. I know a lot of people post a lot of things about getting the fastest best Model S available out there, but I never found a good post about someone looking for...
  32. The Lorax

    New 'Premium' seats for P90D and P100D

    Was just on the Tesla design studio page and noticed new 'Premium' seats (vs 'Next Generation' seats) for the P90D and new P100D. Has anyone else noticed this? Do we know what the difference is?
  33. J

    Model S unavailable for delivery before mid 2017

    Whoa, I just configured a Model S and noticed the estimated delivery date was mid 2017! I messed around with the options to figure out what option made it jump from late September to mid 2017 and it look like it was the grey leather seats. Tan and Black leather seats don't affect the delivery...
  34. Haxster

    Poll: Would you buy an early production Model 3?

    If Tesla informed you that you could be the first one on your block with the newest Tesla and would likely qualify for all of the tax credits, would you be willing to take on the risks of having to deal with early design and production defects? Before you answer, think about this: Even the...
  35. V

    60D Confirmed! My Buying Decision Process

    My Tesla Model S was confirmed last week. I wanted to share my reasons for our decisions since it took considerable time and effort to research the options (over 10 hours!). This forum was great to do the research but it was essential to visit the design center and test drive both the Model S...
  36. ggr

    Lottery ticket options

    This thread is for people to discuss their "lottery ticket" option trades. I don 't believe in gambling, and haven't bought a real lottery ticket in the last 40 years. So what I mean by this is dropping a relatively little bit of money to buy/sell options knowing that you might lose everything...
  37. Haxster

    Another Bonus from Tesla's Stepped-up Model 3 Production Schedule

    Tesla's new objective to move the 500K vehicles/per year from 2020 to 2018 has many implications. But here's one that may not be so obvious: 1. By 2020, Tesla would have most likely passed the 200K US shipment mark and begun the phase-out cycle for the customer $7,500 tax credits. Perhaps only...
  38. Tes LA

    So what are the things that reduce range in a Tesla

    Hey everyone, was doing some reading last night on these forums about the < 60kwh battery and what the potential epa would be in the base Model 3. I guess the next logical question for me would be, what are the things that would potentially reduce range? I believe reading somewhere the pano...
  39. Haxster

    Model S Options Popularity

    I'm curious about Model S configuration percentages. That is, what percent of buyers order which configurations and options. Has anyone done a recent survey of or know about an existing list of Model S options and the percent of cars ordered with them? If nothing is out there, I can post a...
  40. G

    Will initial model 3's only be pricey signature / 4wd versions?

    Unfortunately for Tesla (who make most of their $ on options!) my budget will stretch to a pretty standard car - with maybe one or two options. So do you think the 3 be like the S and X - only available at the start with all the bells and whistles (super fast, extended battery, 4wd, all options...
  41. nickbaum

    Possible Model 3 options based on Model S, BMW, and Audi

    Hi friends, I stood in line on the morning of the 31st to pre-order my Model 3, and I've been reading this forum since. Time for a first post! Since we've all got 2+ years of anticipation before we actually get our cars, I figured I'd pass the time by speculating about what options would be...
  42. T

    Australian Specs

    Can anyone from Australia provide us with the list of options? Or at least what options they elected to get on their Model 3? Thanks ahead of time!
  43. igotzzoom

    How Many of the Model 3's Options Will be Hardware vs. Firmware Activated?

    Just wondering how you think Tesla will package some of the Model 3's biggest options, and if the capability will be built-in from the factory, and how many will be hardware differences that can't be retrofitted after production?
  44. Darryl

    No VINs issued in 4 weeks. What's up?

    According to information within this forum there have been no VINs issued in four weeks. (Last VIN issued Early January). So far VINs only issued for cars who have the following options: P90D or P90DL Premium Ootion Autopilot other options are irrelevant paymeny type irrelevant delivery...
  45. chriSharek

    Red or Blue or something else?

    I'm completely intrigued by this new Ocean Blue color. Does anyone have pics they can post of this new blue color? I've read all about the multi-coat red and hear that everyone absolutely loves it. Show me your best pic of your red car. The wife wants blue; I want the red. What do YOU...
  46. A

    How does supercharging work for 60kwh MAs without the supercharging option?

    Do they not work at all or can you set up "pay as you use" accounts?
  47. M

    Need the following clear carbon fiber options for a Roadster

    I got a lightning green roadster 2.5 sport & would like to tone down the green a little. Looking for the following "clear" carbon fiber options Rear Spoiler Hood Panels Hardtop Door Sills I thought about using 3m carbon fiber wrap, but would like to leave it as a last resort.
  48. DIL

    Pure P85 - Itemized (Warning: Wall of Text)

    Like many of you, I've become completely obsessed with Tesla and therefore TMC. I thought it would help me (and perhaps some of you?) to summarize my perception of the TMC consensus on Model S options based on reading thousands of your comments. To summarize, I've talked myself into a P85 with...
  49. Jonathan Hewitt

    Newbie Options Trading

    First, before anyone laughs, I understand the title is an oxymoron. In my defense, everyone has to start somewhere and either get burned and quit or get better and keep going. The reason I am starting this thread is I've noticed lots of newbies asking questions in several other threads about...
  50. Clprenz

    Model S owner Survey

    Hello, I posted this on the Tesla forum last week. Here is a link To the Surveys Survey Tesla Model S Survey Cost of your options, View on Tesla clprenz Tesla survey Help Me create what buyers of the Model S Look Like. The results thus far are amazing!