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order cancel

  1. J

    Cancelled my Tesla model 3 long range [July 2022]

    A bit upset about it but I have some things to think about. Someone please console me thought its def my dream car hahaha jk. I'm currently living at home with my parents. I ordered it out of excitement since Ive been working pretty hard. The delivery delays got to me a bit and then the fact...
  2. mhcrowder

    Thinking about giving up

    I'm thinking about getting my $2500 back and waiting awhile to see what happens. I'm tired of not getting any information. I originally ordered in January 2020 while there was still a $2500 refundable deposit being taken. I ordered a RWD / Red / WhiteInt / 19"Gemini. When the price dropped...
  3. W

    Fed up. Price increase just before pickup

    I ordered "my" M3 LR on 11 March just catching the £3500 grant. I finally got my pickup date of 1st September -- yay! I've made my down payment and all is well. This afternoon I got a call from Tesla to check everything is okay. I mentioned that my invoice price is £1000 higher than the current...
  4. H

    MS 60 already built, en Route to Europe, now 8k devalued - cancel order?

    Hi, I'm feeling kinda disappointed at this moment with the whole thing - I've ordered an MS 60 in the last weeks to avoid the potential common-sense price hike that would come from having the MS 60 going away, having my hand pretty much forced by the fact that such hike would make the Model S...
  5. P

    Anyone cancel their model x delivery? Can it be done?

    I currently have a model S signature that I have had for almost 4 years. I had the roadster before that. For the last 3 years, I have had almost no issues - certainly no significant issues - with my model S. It's the most flawless, hassle free car I have ever owned. I ordered a model X in...