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order modification

  1. G

    Cannot change order while keeping old FSD price

    Heyho, I have a white/white LR M3 2021 + FSD at $8k on order. I just learned today that any change to my order config (was thinking about a color change) will also increase the FSD price to $10k. Even Tesla SAs cannot make any change to my order and keep the $8k FSD price. Not a big deal for...
  2. Jeff Wa

    Information on Modifications to reservations

    Hey folks... I placed an order for Model Y, AWD, long range, gemini wheels, white interior before the whole world fell apart. In the meantime Tesla has introduced the tow package for the same cost as the white interior. I just got off the phone with someone from Tesla and asked to modify my...
  3. D

    Model Y change increased FSD price

    First post here, I tried searching through the forums, but couldn't find anything. Sorry if this has been answered. OK, First off, Canadian here so pricing is in CAD. I pre-ordered a Model Y last year in March. I chose the Performance, 7 seats, grey, with FSD. After literally months and...
  4. W

    Order A Y In Canada And Move To States

    Hi all, I really want to pre-order a Model Y but not sure about how the final delivery will be handled if I move to the states after ordering it. I'm planning to move there closer to the end of next year. Has anyone gone through this situation with previous models? Appreciate your help
  5. sanjeevh

    Order update issue

    Hi I placed an order my M3 AWD black exterior with black interior on 11/21 but after coming home we changed our mind and decided to go with white interior. I called my rep immediately, I was told he has submitted the case to update my order. It’s been 4-5 days and I am still seeing old info...
  6. tommyboy21

    Adding Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) after Confirming?

    Hi! Has anyone added Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) after they confirmed their order on the .com account website? Just curious if it's possible, and how it affected your delivery? I can't imagine adding the software unlock for it would delay the car in any way...but obviously I have no idea. Let me...