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  1. Mrbrock

    Supercharger - Chemult, OR - US-97 (under construction April 2024, 8 V3 stalls)

    A Land Use Compatibility Statement has been issued for an 8 stall supercharger at the Diamond Lake Junction Cafe in Chemult. Tesla is still required to apply for a permit once it has been confirmed they can build at this site.
  2. Guacahummus

    Supercharger - Wilsonville, OR (LIVE 17 Nov 2023, 8 V4 stalls)

    https://teslanorth.com/2023/08/11/the-weekly-supercharger-a-fresh-restart-week-1 8315 SW Jack Burns Blvd, Wilsonville, OR 97070
  3. Coign

    Supercharger - Grants Pass, OR - NE. Terry Ln. (permit Jul 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    A second supercharger is coming to Grants Pass. This will be located at: 231 NE Terry Ln, between the Winco building at Hwy 199.
  4. KJD

    Supercharger - Ontario, OR - Southeast 10th St. (LIVE 13 Aug 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    8 stalls at the Holiday Inn Express on SE 10th St. @Big Earl
  5. M

    Supercharger - Portland, OR - SW. Broadway (LIVE Feb 2023, 4 V3 stalls)

    Wow! Out of NOWHERE, the Fox Tower location that was long rumored and permitted forever ago is live in the app and on the Find Us website! 4 stalls, 250 kW. This one wasn't even in the permit status on Supercharger.info @Chuq @Big Earl
  6. M

    Supercharger - Newport, OR (LIVE Jun 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    Tesla's Find Us map was updated tonight with a previously unknown location: Newport, OR, target Q3 2023. Any leads on this one?
  7. M

    Supercharger - Redmond, OR (under construction May 2024, 8 stalls)

    Tesla's Find Us website was updated this evening with a previously unknown location: Redmond, OR, with a target of Q3, 2023. Any leads on this one?
  8. Big Earl

    Supercharger - Clackamas, OR (LIVE Jul 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    Marco has found plans for a 12-stall Supercharger at the Target in Clackamas, Oregon near the existing Electrify America station.
  9. Mrbrock

    Supercharger - Beaverton, OR

    Didn’t see this one on the leaked location list or upcoming pin locations. It might be for destination chargers but once construction starts it will be obvious what it is. Beaverton only has issued permits available through August so no go there. A dig ticket was filed yesterday for the King...
  10. M

    Supercharger - Bend, OR - SW. Industrial Way (LIVE Jun 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    Tesla's Find Us website has recently been updated and shows a previously unknown upcoming Supercharger location in Bend, in addition to the already active one. Any leads on this location? I visit Bend a fair amount and would love more options!
  11. M

    Supercharger - Salem, OR - SE. Mission St. (LIVE Jun 2023, 12 V3 stalls)

    Tesla's Find Us map has recently updated to show a new target opening date and location in Salem, in addition to the existing station there. Any leads on this one?
  12. theflyer

    Supercharger - Portland, OR (OPEN Jan 2023, 16 V3 stalls)

    Teslanorth found a permit for 16 V3 superchargers at the IKEA located at 10280 NE Cascades Parkway. It appears there will also be an Electrify America installation too in the next parking lane to the SE. Latitude/Longitude: 45.57263112397505, -122.55401784548917 Altitude: 3M cc @Chuq @tes-s...
  13. M

    Supercharger - Ashland, OR (LIVE 1 Sep 2023, 24 V3 stalls)

    According to Ashland.news, Tesla is planning a new 24 stall supercharger in town. Details here (H/T to @MarcoRP for posting this on Twitter): https://ashland.news/tesla-proposes-supercharger-station-in-ashland/
  14. 5170304

    Supercharger - Creswell, OR

  15. M

    Supercharger - Coos Bay, OR (LIVE 25 Oct 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    A new Supercharger may be coming soon to Coos Bay, Oregon. The city recently approached Tesla with the opportunity to install a Supercharger at one of five designated locations. No location has been selected yet but there is already a Supercharger agreement attached to the report.
  16. M

    Supercharger - Scappoose, OR (LIVE May 2023, 4 V3 stalls)

    A new Supercharger is in the works for Scappoose, Oregon!! Tesla is working with the City of Scappoose and the Columbia River Public Utilities District to install a 4-stall (prefab?) Supercharger near the Watts House in Heritage Park.
  17. F

    Selling Tesla Model X 20" Slipstream Wheel and Winter Tires

    For the 2015-2020 Tesla Model X Tread is in good condition. TPMS sensors are not included. 2x 20X9.0 Slipstream Wheels 2x 20X9.5 Slipstream Wheels 2x 265/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 2x 275/45/20 Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tires 4x Tesla logo wheel caps The covers are included Price...
  18. M

    Supercharger - Tillamook, OR (LIVE Sept 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

    Tesla's find us website has updated this evening with a previously unknown location - Tillamook, OR, target Q4 2022. Any leads on this location? The destination chargers at the Tillamook Creamery have been awesome in the past, but probably getting overloaded!
  19. M

    Supercharger - Harrisburg, OR (LIVE May 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    Tesla's find us website has updated this evening with a previously unknown location: Harrisburg, OR - target Q3 2022. Any leads on this one?
  20. M

    Supercharger - Sutherlin, OR

    Tesla's find us website has updated this evening with a previously unknown location: Sutherlin, OR - target Q4 2022. Any leads on this one?
  21. M

    Supercharger - Hood River, OR - Anchor Way

    Tesla is already planning a second Supercharger for Hood River!! A new permit was filed on the state-wide portal for a new station at 501 Portway Ave. Number of stalls is unknown but definitely a Supercharger. Looking forward to how it rolls out!!
  22. Y

    Oregon Waiting Room MYLR

    Since I have spent countless hours refreshing my account page to see if the delivery date has changed, I thought I would create this waiting room to see how long other Oregonians are waiting (and to help pass the time). I ordered my MYLR on 5/24 and as of today, my delivery date has moved to...
  23. G

    Model Y lift in Oregon

    I haven't yet bought a Tesla, but will pull the trigger on a Model Y soon. I'm a bit hesitant considering the roads I drive (rural Oregon, camping etc.). I've been thinking of getting a lift done at Les Schwab in Southern Oregon. I've never had a car lifted before (definitely not something I can...
  24. W

    Model Y Price Breakdown (Oregon) Sales Tax?

    I went ahead and reserved a Model Y yesterday and have been getting calls from the SA to fill out my profile. I'm setting that up right now and I see the section where there's a price breakdown of the vehicle and the license and registration fees. I'm in Oregon, where there's no sales tax, but...
  25. A

    Supercharger - Medford, OR

    So here's another odd OneCall. It just says install electrical service, but it does note that the work is being done for Tesla, and the contractor is Blackstone, a very well known supercharger builder in the Pacific Northwest (I would say done almost 100% of the superchargers in the last year or...
  26. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hines, OR

    Racers, start your engines! Wait...ummm, you all want to drive through here in EVs, right? So, I guess... Racers, get ready to stop your engines! :D I found Tesla's electrical permit application (389-20-000147-ELEC) for a supercharger at the Rite Aid on US-20/US-395 in Hines, OR--it's just...
  27. M

    Supercharger - Portland, OR - N. Pavilion Ave. (LIVE Jul 2023, 8 V3 stalls)

    I found a document from HFF in which the company expressed an interest in terms of installing Superchargers at the Jantzen Beach Center. The company was thinking of installing the Superchargers in a vacant lot west of the Burlington’s (pictured), although I don’t exactly know why Tesla would...
  28. W

    2018 Model 3 Long Range AWD FSD 13K miles $47,900 - Portland

    White exterior, white interior, aero wheels. AKA the full NASA package. I love my Model 3 but we just don't need to be a 3-car household, can't justify it electric or otherwise. So out with the Tesla, in with the electric bike. If you're interested, reply here or wayne at hammond dot net.
  29. ⚡️ELECTROMAN⚡️

    Supercharger - Hood River, OR

    This is my current top pick for a Supercharger location. I think it's been coming soon for quite a while. Anyone have any info on this location?
  30. mociaf9

    Supercharger - Hillsboro, OR

    https://www.hillsboro-oregon.gov/home/showdocument?id=25410 What: New 12-stall V3 supercharger (+ 4 L2 stalls) planned for the parking lot of the Target at Tanasbourne Town Center in Hillsboro, OR. Address: 18101 NW Evergreen Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR 97006 GPS: 45.538579, -122.866166 Something...
  31. C

    Walla Walla - Wall Connector Location

    Hey, Seattle, Portland, Boise and other Pacific NW Tesla drivers, Cruising to Walla Walla for some wine tasting? Check out Cottonwood Canyon Farm, an estate just 10 minutes from downtown Walla Walla that sleeps up to 16 with gorgeous views, a swimming pool, and a Tesla Wall Connector in the...
  32. D

    Late 2014 Model S 60 For Sale - AP1, 50k miles, extras! - $39k

    Hey folks! I wanted to give TMC members first crack at my Model S for sale before I post to Craigslist, etc. 2014 Model S 60 (RWD) Odometer: 49,870 (As of 2019-04-10) Location: Portland, Oregon Basics! • Solid Black • Body-color roof • 19" Wheels • Grey Nappa Leather Seats • Piano Black Décor...
  33. N8Howell33

    Supercharger - Salem, OR

    Does anyone on here have any info on the Salem, Oregon supercharger? Online it just states Target end of 2018 and based on the location (unclear if it's actual location or just random spot) it would be by Macy's. Thanks in advance!
  34. F

    Four channel dashcam install in OR - Calibred customs

    Hey folks - Calibred Customs is coming to do a four channel Blackvue dashcam install in a couple weeks on my new MX. Thought others might be interested as I've heard they do awesome work (can't post in that thread due to broken spam filter).
  35. J

    Oregon EV Tax Rebate

    I'm hoping someone here might have some knowledge about this. Oregon just signed into law a transportation bill that includes a tax rebate for electric vehicles effective the beginning of the year, 2018. The rebate is up to $2,500. I'm trying to find out in what scenarios this new rebate can be...
  36. Sarcarean

    Supercharger - Madras, OR (LIVE Jul 2022, 8 V3 stalls)

    Tesla just updated its 2017 "coming soon" map, and low an behold there is now a dot for a supercharger that is located in Madras, OR (which is about an hour drive north of the Bend Supercharger). Since I am within driving distance, I will keep this thread updated with pictures and other info...
  37. E

    Supercharger - Klamath Falls, OR

    I did a routine search of the Oregon building permits database, and found the long-awaited Klamath Falls Supercharger! It is at 1401 Washburn Way, Klamath Falls OR 97601. That is the parking lot for the Fred Meyer, although the address of Fred Meyer is 2655 Shasta Way. Here are links to the...
  38. LC-OR-Supercharger -Location

    LC-OR-Supercharger -Location

    Lincoln City, Oregon Supercharger location
  39. Lyon

    Supercharger - Bandon, OR

    Looks like the permit for the Bandon, OR Supercharger has been applied for. It's at 44 Michigan Ave NE, Bandon OR 97411. Looks like a Rite-Aid. Four stalls Full Text of the email that just went to the Northwest Tesla Owners Club Google group: bcd.oregon.gov Building Application Commercial...
  40. E

    Supercharger - Lincoln City, OR

    Inspired by the today's find of the Seaside, OR supercharger, I did a search of Oregon's handy building permits database to see if there were others in progress on the Oregon coast and I found this for permit application 519-16--001698-ELEC submitted June 23rd and under review: That sounds...
  41. Lyon

    Supercharger - Seaside, OR

    From Taft on the PDXTesla Google group today: "Seaside Oregon Outlet mall Supercharger opens in 2 weeks! Just booked a hotel in the area and the hotel told me about it. I called the mall and made the girl go outside and describe what they look like to verify. Her exact description was "So...
  42. BlueShift

    Supercharger — Baker City, OR

    Best Western Sunridge Inn1 Sunridge Ln Baker City, OR 97814 Superchargers From "vperl":
  43. E

    Supercharger - The Dalles, OR (LIVE Aug 2014, 5 V2 stalls)

    The Dalles, Oregon has a new Coming Soon dot on the Tesla Motors Supercharger page for good reason: the permit was issued July 7th! Oregon Permits Database Record 565-14-001407-ELEC 2114 W 6TH THE DALLES OR 97058 Project Description: INSTALLING 1600AMP SWITCHGEAR FOR CHARGING STATION AND...
  44. Lyon

    Supercharger - Springfield, OR - Kruse Way

    I figured that it was time to start the location specific thread now that we know where the Eugene/Springfield Supercharger will be. The address is 919 Kruse Way, Springfield, OR. It's in the Holiday Inn Parking Lot (Not the HI Express nearby). There will be 8 charging bays as confirmed be...
  45. H

    Tesla Trips Portland, OR

    As I posted last week, the wife and I went to Portland from Vegas (where we live) this past weekend to sign our docs and finalize our vehicle. I heard about TeslaTrips.com from member Tander here on TMC forums. I spoke to Chase, the proprietor of TeslaTrips.com, and from the gate he was as...
  46. PhilBa

    Supercharger - Woodburn, OR

    Moderator note: The first 15 pages of this thread are a combination of three different threads regarding the Woodburn, OR Supercharger. Have any of you Portland Teslonians been down that way? Any sightings of suspicious activity?
  47. A

    What EV Charge Station Memberships are PNW Tesla Owners using?

    Was wondering what EV charge station memberships PNW Tesla Owners are using? Expecting delivery of our Model S in April. Will frequently make trips to/from Bend, OR and various OR coast destinations; and probably quarterly or so to Seattle, WA. Not worried about local charging in PDX w/the...