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  1. iyordanov

    Vendor Lower Center Console Tray (v2) for 2021+ Model S/X by TWRAPS

    Hey folks I just released our new lower center console tray for the refresh Model S and Model X. This fits under the cup holders area, which is generally one big open space. With this organizer you can split it into multiple parts so you can neatly organize smaller items. We also have a...
  2. ehacke

    Rigid Model 3 Trunk Organizater in Canada?

    Found this trunk organizer for the Model 3, looks pretty nice: Tesla Model 3 Custom Fit Trunk Organizer (Upper + Lower Set) Love the stacking ability. However, ordering it from the US looks like it'll be kinda more expensive than I'd like. Anyone seen something similar in Canada?
  3. D

    Trunk separator?

    I'm looking for some kind of net or piece of plastic that compartmentalizes the trunk. I'm not looking for a "trunk organizer" that is simply a folder box. I need something that will stop sizable heavy equipment from shifting around in the back and scuffing up the trunk plastic (the part...
  4. CarsonGallo

    Seat Back Organizers for Tesla Model X

    Looking for good high quality Seat Back Organizers for my 2018 Tesla Model X 5 Seater. Been through all of these threads and so far nothing good for Model X's. Anyone come across anything good since these threads. Seat back organizers for Model X? : teslamotors Where to put kiddie crap in X...
  5. Jack NYC

    Vendor Do you still dig your sunglasses out from the big console armrest?

    The Tesla model 3 has a large space available in the center console area. You may used to put your sunglasses or whatever in there but don’t you feel kind of a pain to look through the big deep storage to get to stuff? Or, you don’t even use it. The new Seogolar center console organizer custom...
  6. Daniellane

    Center Console Upgrade - Tesla Model 3

    I just posted this demo of: Taptes Multi-Function Organizer Box for Tesla Model 3 Center Console Center Console Upgrade - Tesla Model 3 Taptes Product Link: Multi-Function Organizer Box for Tesla Model 3 Center Console
  7. D

    Charging cable wrangler (item for sale)

    My wife's new Model X needed some cable management love. So, thanks to 3D printing, I was able to create a set of three objects to help. All of the parts are available on thingyverse, if you have your own printer. If not, and you'd like a set for youself, I'm happy to print them out and mail...
  8. X

    Frunk Organizer Alternative

    Looking on the Tesla Gear website, I really liked the idea of the the frunk organizer but could not make myself spend $125 on what seems like a cheaply made polyester box IMHO with a Tesla logo. So after looking at the size description of the Tesla front trunk organizer box, I decided to look...