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  1. MichaelP90DL

    EMusk, his mom, the local club, the food trucks, the factory...just wow.

    At the Tesla factory in Fremont, EMusk and his mom help take care of hundreds of customers on the last day of 2019. AND mom handed out $10 vouchers for the food trucks. AND the East Bay Area's Tesla club was on hand to help with orientation of new owners. AND a Twitter user named Caroline G...
  2. JeffC

    The Very First Tesla Model 3 Welcome Workshop 7pm 8/28/18 at Santana Row Store

    (Mods, I was not sure what forum to put this in, but it seems most related to ordering, etc. Also, please edit the 9/28 to 8/28 in the title. Could not find how to edit the title.) The organizers of Tesla's very first Model 3 Welcome Workshop asked me to invite everyone to the Santana Row...
  3. jlmbsn

    5-10 Minutes for Instruction on New Delivery????

    We are currently waiting for our Model X, ordered end of June. We went by the Tesla store today because we wanted to specifically look at a couple things. The salesman proceeded to inform us that we no longer receive an hour orientation on our new Model X, we will get 5-10 minutes. The reason...
  4. Raincloud

    Orientation for rear Blackvue dash camera

    Just wondering if someone can give feedback on the rear dash camera. My install, for rear view camera, on the Blackvue app shows the left image as right and the right as left. In other words, it is exact opposite of what Tesla rearview camera shows. Before I take this up with the installer, I...