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  1. damonbrodie

    Pics of new Ottawa Sales Centre

    Was in Barrhaven this afternoon and decided to drive by the former Barrhaven Nissan location currently being transformed into the new Ottawa Sales Centre. This is where Tesla says I will be picking up my MY at the end of April.
  2. Poncherelly

    Winter Tires and Rims in Ottawa

    Hello fellow Ottawans, I know we've just broken free of some crazy hot weather but I was looking at the TESLA site for winter Rims and tires and the OEMs have not been posted yet. Since I can't price out the OEMs from TESLA, I found this local package at GoldWing I'm thinking about going 18"...
  3. Markardi

    18" FlowOne F3 Wheels For Sale - Ottawa Area

    Set of 18" x 8.5" FlowOne F3 wheels in gloss black. Fits Model 3 Performance with Performance breaks. Great choice for someone wanting to run 18" winters on the Model 3 Performance or just to look different from other Model 3s. Used for two winters but are in great condition. One wheels has...
  4. cohix

    Mobile Charger randomly disables

    We've been house-sitting for my parents this week, and their laundry room is right off the garage, so I've been running the mobile charger's cable through a gap in the door's weather seal and using their dryer outlet (NEMA 14-50). It is able to pull 240v/24a, but what I've noticed is that...
  5. tarndt

    Unplugged M3 SR+ overnight in -35C temperatures

    My first post, and apologies in advance if this is a dumb question, but I've been searching for weeks trying to find an answer and have continually come up short. My wife works shift-work at a hospital and I'm curious what her experience would be like if she took the M3 for a night shift in say...
  6. cohix

    Showroom/Service Center - Ottawa ON - Supercharger?

    I live a few blocks away from the Ottawa service center (corner of Preston and Carling), and it appears they've taken over the adjacent building as well to open a showroom. They put up a Tesla sign outside and have been putting up glass walls and moving in furniture for the past 2 weeks or so. I...
  7. B

    Model 3 Delivery In Ottawa

    So I have a problem, I ordered my Model 3 end of August (26th). The process so far has been super smooth (until now). I was supposed to get delivery yesterday from Montreal to my home in Ottawa, and waited during the day for the new car. But it didn't arrive. Upon calling them, and...
  8. Z

    Tips needed for my Model 3 SR+

    Hey guys! My first post here. I am about to order my Model 3 SR+ but still have a few questions about the car in Canadian (Ottawa) Winter. First I would love to know how the car performs in snow for it been an RWD (currently driving an AWD Tiguan). Second, I know I definitely need winter tires...
  9. B

    Ottawa Telsa Cruise Night (June 5th)

    Come join the Tesla Owners of Ottawa for our 2nd annual cruise night as we join RCR Cruise Night Wednesdays at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. On Wednesday June 5th the RCR Cruisenight Wednesdays will be having a special Tesla night! Located at Rideau Carleton Raceway just south of Ottawa, from...
  10. B

    Calabogie Novice Day - Saturday June 1st@3pm (Tesla group)

    Join the Tesla Owners of Ottawa at the Calabogie Motorsports Park for Novice Track day! We are planning a Tesla run group @ 3pm on June 1st. No experience needed, and they have chargers on-site! For more details see Novice Days - 1morelap To register go to 1morelap Novice Day Saturday June...
  11. lukex4

    Federal EV incentive announced soon?

    An article from La Presse (in French) (Google translate) states that Ottawa wants to offer a financial help for EV buyers. An announcement should be coming soon told Catherine McKenna at the Montreal Electric Vehicule Show. No detail yet on what exactly that means: is it a rebate, a tax...