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out of warranty repair

  1. Electric700

    Making the Model Y Battery Cells Easily Replaceable

    For the 2025+ Model Y AWD, does anyone know if the individual battery pack 4680 cells will be replaceable? This is important because let’s say you have a 15 year-old Model Y with just one failed cell and everything else is fine. I want to just fix / replace the problem cell. The pack should...
  2. LavanyaLea

    Squeaky rear suspension, out of warranty Tesla

    Hi, last week I noticed noise coming from my rear suspension passenger side. My car is 2019 Model 3 and sadly just out of warranty (50,200 miles!). I have had the front upper arm suspension replaced last year - they initially gave injection but when the problem recurred they replaced it under...
  3. yurmix

    Our of warranty rapairs

    I hope I don’t repeat other threads. I was just wondering, do people maintain their out-of-warranty old Model S at the Tesla service center or do they go to a local mechanic like the general ICE owners?
  4. XCare EV

    Vendor Why We Created an Extended Warranty for You.

    Our team at Xcelerate think it is very important that everyone understands why we created X-Care. We have been working directly with Tesla since 2014, as a 3rd party lessor for commercial clients, and our staff has either been working with Tesla since 2012 or joined us from Tesla management...
  5. XCare EV

    Vendor Tesla Extended Warranty - Special Rates and Price Match!

    For those who have not yet seen, Xcelerate is offering the first 3rd party warranty for Tesla’s that works specifically for EVs and through Tesla Service. We matched the exclusions that are on Tesla’s Extended Service Agreement. https://www.xcelerateauto.com/x-care/ Why buy X-Care over...
  6. sledom

    Drive Unit Failure- No warranty- Going to Catalog my experience with repair or replacement

    Hi guys, My 2013 P85 hit 60000 miles yesterday and today after a 20 minute drive I put it in reverse to park it and the Motor quit working, started jumping and jerking and would only move at idle. If I stepped on the gas it would clunk and jerk and not really move at all. I'm fairly certain it...