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    Locked Out Completely

    New 2023 Y with 250 miles. Arrived to work and plugged into one of the class 2 chargers, green light confirmation like I had done every day for the past 2 weeks. Walked across campus and checked my app and the car wasn’t charging. Returned, green light off so replugged in, green light now on...
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    Anyone else having problems with Summon not backing the car out of the garage?

    I have seen some intermittent posts about this but wanted to see if anyone has found a good solution. I park my 2022 Model S in my home garage. I do this manually. If I open the garage door, step into the driveway (does not seem to matter where or by what distance) and I press the reverse...
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    Map not adjusting to scale local area

    Just recently my maps has not been dynamically updating to show a closer portion of map to where I am driving. As such, it is too zoomed out so that my car is driving in parts of the map without road. Prior it would zoom to those locations to show my car on the road based on how much stuff...
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    Dead battery in Key fob locked out of Model X

    I tried to lock my Model X and it failed to lock with the key fob. I assumed the fob battery might be dead so I tried the other fob and determined it was a dead battery. I then followed the instructions in the O&M manual to hold the fob with the dead battery near to bottom of the door post on...