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  1. D

    Guide to Install Secondary 12v Outlet Without Splicing or Cutting

    Hi all, I wanted to install a secondary 12v outlet in my 2019 Model 3 but wasn't content with other solutions, which included splicing the existing wiring or dragging a line to the battery. It was difficult to track down the parts list, but I managed to compile a list of connectors and terminals...
  2. T

    Extension cord needed, apartment charging in garage, outlet on ceiling

    I live in an apartment that has a regular outlet in the garage that I could use to charge my Model 3. My only dilemma is that the outlet is on the ceiling so I will be needing an extension cord. I DON'T plan to leave the cord hanging. I will be securing it to the wall. I should only need around...
  3. D

    Charging at Home need help: Extension cable, outlet, new cable?

    Hello all, I've recently took deliver of my model 3 (less then 48 hours ago), I attempted to charge my car at home today and noticed the standard charging kit that came with my car doesn't reach any outlet. For the time being I'll be using a local super charge station but would like to be...
  4. T

    Can I use Model X battery to power my tools?

    Hi All, I've been working on building a small cabin on a piece of land I own and have been thinking about purchasing a Model X. The land is about 10 miles away from my house. and I usually lug a generator back and forth to power my tools, but it occurred to me: Couldn't I just use the Tesla...
  5. Railhawk52

    Issues with 110v gfic outlets

    I’ve been noticing issues when charging my model 3 with a 110v gfic outlet. I have an outlet in my garage and the model 3 trips the outlet just when it ramps up to 3 amps. I though it was an issue with the outlet and the wiring, but other heavy appliances work on it like my vacuum cleaner...
  6. fasteddie7

    Plugging into random 110 outlet

    The mall near my work (50 miles from home) just added an rural King store and they just put in six 110v outlets along the outside of the store. We are expecting more cold weather and a good bit of snow over the next week. Is it kosher if I get stuck overnight to just plug in for a few hours or...
  7. R

    Tesla Ready homes for sale: Utah

    New Listing: just 35 minutes from Utah's Silicon Slopes, in a peaceful secluded neighborhood with a little over an acre of land for young adventurers to explore on, this house is Tesla ready, with solar panels and a 240 v outlet in the garage. 654 S 975 W Mapleton, UT 84664
  8. mattmass

    Outdoor 2-gang box with 5-15 + something 240V

    Like many others here I'm sure, I frequently visit family with limited charging options. I've made myself a 14-30 to 10-30r cable that I use to charge from dryer outlets. It's been a life saver. But, I'm interested in a more permanent and less janky solution. I don't think this house has...
  9. KBurbridge14

    Extension Cord For 14-50 Charging

    I'm preparing to embark on a road trip from California to the Northwest. Undoubtedly, I'll be using the Washer/Dryer 14-50 outlets of friends to charge my X. Keeping in mind that I have the High Amperage Upgraded Charging capability, what extension cord would you recommend? Any trial-and-error...
  10. fallen888

    Is this outlet correct?

    My electrician just arrived at my house to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet in the garage. I took a peek at the outlet he brought and wanted to make sure this is a good/right/legit one. Can anyone here confirm please? It's a Leviton NEMA 14-50R, and looks just like this...