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over heating

  1. M3Papi

    23M3P - Burning and/or Overheating Electric Smell During High Performance Driving

    I have a relatively new (~3000 miles) Model 3 Performance. I was aggressive on the accelerator for a solid 20-30 seconds today (wasn't flooring it but close) and a few seconds after I let off the pedal, a distinct smell of overheating electronics (possibly burning?) started filling the car. If...
  2. L

    Extremely hot temperatures inside the cabin

    We've had our Tesla model right now for about a week and we've noticed that the spike in temperature rises to around 130°, we recently bought sunshade for the panoramic roof and the windshield and with both of them on the temperature still rises to around 130° Plus. We have the cabin overheat...
  3. Zapped

    Long drive: 3 - 12 hour days

    I'm planning 3 - 12 hour days of driving on the I-5 later this month. I expect 2 to 3 supercharges each day (not necessarily to full range) and a 6-7 hour "rest" for the Model S at night. Should I have any concerns with the Model S battery or motor overheating if I drive nonstop and then...