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owners manual

  1. BonnieD

    Should I have received a physical owners manual?

    Got the car home and I only have two small booklets in the glove box — one a Safety Guide and another (I think) a small Quick Start guide. Should I have gotten a physical owners manual with all the details about the car in it? Thanks
  2. willow_hiller

    Updates to Model 3 Owner's Manual, including speed limit sign recognition

    As pointed out on Reddit, significant updates were made to the Model 3 Owner's manual Updated Model 3 Owners Manual (May 16, 2019) : teslamotors Several of these updates even imply the Model 3 can read speed limit and other traffic signs. Lots of interesting stuff in here.
  3. X-Auto

    Get the Model 3 Parts Catalog in PDF now

    hi, as soon as I saw the Tesla Parts Catalog released to the General Public I thought it would be better for the owners to have this information handy to them even offline, so I started the huge conversion process with the Model 3 catalog first, you can download the catalog in PDF here: Download...
  4. J

    Version 9 Documentation

    After the Version 9 install, the Owner's Manual and Release Notes are blank, and the browser is inoperative. I could find no description at all regarding the update, until I finally happened on this site - thought it might be helpful to others who may find themselves in the same situation...
  5. Padelford

    New-ish owners manual out

    FYI, there is a 2017.46 MX owners manual .pdf out. I had the “8.0” version since last June. I keep it in my iPhone ‘cause it’s searchable.
  6. B

    Finally a new owners manual 8.0

    My Tesla has a new owners manual for release 8.0 this am.