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  1. MichaelP90DL

    EMusk, his mom, the local club, the food trucks, the factory...just wow.

    At the Tesla factory in Fremont, EMusk and his mom help take care of hundreds of customers on the last day of 2019. AND mom handed out $10 vouchers for the food trucks. AND the East Bay Area's Tesla club was on hand to help with orientation of new owners. AND a Twitter user named Caroline G...
  2. Clprenz

    Tesla Owners Survey Results!

    The Results are in! Check out my post here: Survey Results Let Me know what you think!
  3. jsollender

    We need a gesture when passing other Model Xs

    So motorcyclist flash the peace sign with lowered left hand when passing other motorcyclists. There are only a few thousand X's on the road now, with heavier distribution in Southern Cal (Thanks Q1 rush deliveries). But as the chances of two X's passing each other becoming a higher possibility...
  4. Clprenz

    Model X Owner Survey

    Hey everyone, I posted this on the Model S forums, but I haven't received any responses from Model X owners, so I thought I would pop this over here :) Thanks in advance! Three years ago I conducted Model S owners surveys and received well over 300 responses that provided interesting data...
  5. chriSharek

    Professions on TMC

    Some of you may have noticed, I like the poll questions. Fun, easy way to find info without ya'll having to type everything out. There have been a number of comments about "being and engineer" on here. Let's find out what our make-up is - and this will be an ANONYMOUS Survey! By the way, I'm...
  6. Clprenz

    Owner/Buyer Model S Survey

    Last year I did a very similar survey for owners. The questions were spread throughout many pages and were lengthy. I have decided to put together a 2.0 version. ALL INFORMATION RECEIVED IS ANONYMOUS, questions that may make you feel uncomfortable such as; age or income, are optional. I will...
  7. T

    Battery Charging Behavior

    Does anyone know of any information or surveys that have been done on charging behavior of Tesla owners, e.g. if they charge every night or only when the battery is low? Would charging behavior have any effect on battery charge retention? Thanks!