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ownership experience

  1. kayrish

    5 Years with the Model 3

    I am sure there will be many other posts like this as we share our experience with this very cool car. So here's my experience, takeaways, the good, and ugly about my Model 3 ownership after 5 years. Here is a photo of Kuzco, my 2018 Long Range RWD 3 on delivery day (June 5 2018), in...
  2. YusufT

    Model 3 Ownership Experience in Canada

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but deliveries (specifically Ontario) started early June of 2018 for the Model 3. It’s been just over a year now. Perhaps we can use this thread to talk about the ownership experience that can be referred to existing, new and upcoming customers.
  3. jsanford

    Anyone else have practical questions about ownership after a year?

    Since we made our reservation, I've been thinking about the real-world consequences of owning an electric car. I was an early hybrid owner, and weird stuff came up, usually at inconvenient times. - Since our streets are riddled with potholes, we get our cars' alignment adjusted twice a year...
  4. P

    Poor Local Support

    I took delivery about 2 weeks ago and have muddled through the manual... I have lots of questions but the delivery specialist takes days to respond to calls or emails, didn't tell me about things such as extended warranties, optimal battery charging (found it in the manual) and when I didn't get...
  5. 1

    Question for Tesla Owners

    I'm currently writing a piece about the impact owning a Tesla has on the various aspects of your life. Unfortunately I don't actually own a Tesla so I need the help of some Tesla owners. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to discuss their personal experience of owning a Tesla - both...
  6. Clprenz

    Model S Owners Survey

    Hello Owners! This isn't deja vu, about three years ago I conducted Model S owners surveys and received well over 300 responses that provided interesting data into who really owned Tesla Model S's. That data was both shared and used by financial analysts and Tesla themselves. Survey Link So...
  7. slyastro

    OWNING A MODEL X: Mark Templeton's impressions!

    Mark Templeton is well known for his accomplishments in the software sector: he was the CEO of Citrix Systems from 2001 to 2015! But he is also a longtime Tesla fan … at such point that he received the 3rd Model X delivered. After more than 2 months of ownership, he shares his experience with...