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  1. N

    How much wear/tear on used Ludicrous models (P100DL mainly) due to launches / hard driving?

    Sorry if this is a newbie question, but what do folks think about the potential for battery, motor and other (suspension? wiring?) degradation due to a previous owner using Ludicrous or Ludicrous+ mode a lot? I couldn't easily find too much info by searching the existing threads. I'm seeing...
  2. Pandamoanium

    2016 Model S P100DL - 70K

    Putting up my Model S P100DL+ for sale. Overall in excellent condition and treated well. Feel free to ask any questions on items I may not have mentioned 2016.5 (updated front). AP1. MCU1. Carbon fiber interior with black perforated seats. Free Premium Connectivity. 21” arachnid wheels. 19”...
  3. S

    FS: 2018 Model X P100DL, 11k miles, EAP, 6 seater, White/White, 22 in wheels, $95k

    Price: $95k Model X Performance Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Included Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint 22" Onyx Black Wheels White Premium Included Dark Ash Wood Décor Front Console Included Dark Headliner Six Seat Interior Ludicrous Speed Upgrade Tesla Red Brake Calipers Included Towing Package...
  4. MichaelP90DL

    Why not automated drag strip launch mode? My tweet to Mr. Musk.

    @ElonMusk @tesla It occurs to me a couple tenths of a second could be shaved off the Model S in Launch Mode if FSD could be employed to identify the drag strip's green light and launch on its own. Removes human reaction time. Cool new feature? :) :) Sure as heck that feature wouldn't hurt...
  5. Knight3000

    P100D ludicrous+ loses to Model 3?? What the??

    Hey everyone, My first post here. I gotta say, the disappointment pushed me here to post something. I got a brand new P100DL+ and I absolutely love my car. However, No one really challenges me for a go on the road, I guess once they see the badge, they know it's over before it starts...until...
  6. G

    Renting a P100DL in Stuttgart

    Visiting Stuttgart and wanted to rent a Model S P100DL for a day...anyone have any recommendations please?
  7. Tension

    New and Used Prices

    I thought I'd start a thread to discuss new and used (mostly used) prices of Teslas. My interest is in Model S's, but any type could be discussed here, of course. I've been watching the woeful prices that most sellers have been asking for their used S's, and noticed this (imho) incredible deal...
  8. C

    Used P100DL from Tesla with accident history, buy / no buy?

    On Tesla.com I found a used 2016 P100DL X with 22k miles and AP1 for $76k that somehow also comes with free supercharging. Yeah, only has AP1 but with a P100DL, I would imagine buyers are keen on speed more than AP. CarFax says: 2 owners in the past. Looks like the first owner leased it and...
  9. A

    Brand New P100DL - Deal See details and Act Quick

    57 miles has to be picked up within 200 miles of virginia. This price includes ludacris discount already. Robb Silverstein I Ownership Loyalty Advisor, Sales Operations W 510-602-6010 I E [email protected]
  10. R

    New Performance w/ Ludicrous Cheaper than Inventory Cars

    I have to assume these New Inventory cars will drop in price soon. You can now buy a brand new Model S Performance w/ Ludicrous for less than an inventory P100D. New Model S Performance with Ludicrous is $129k maxed out. New Inventory P100D: New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla
  11. Sunshine State

    Looking for X P100D, Cash buyer

    Hellow everyone, I’d like to buy another X and we are a cash buyer. We have been looking at all the discounted new inventory and some low mile CPO’s, but like anyone, would like a better deal and know the deals are out there. We have several Teslas now so we are not in a rush until we find the...
  12. Sunshine State

    Want to buy X P100D, can purchase quickly, PM me

    Hellow everyone, I’d like to buy another X and we are a cash buyer. We have been looking at all the discounted new inventory and some low mile CPO’s, but like anyone, would like a better deal and know the deals are out there. We have several Teslas now so we are not in a rush until we find the...
  13. S

    P100DL and New Drive Unit Question

    There is a very good deal on a Model X P100DL I am looking at right now(someone backed out of their order). The car was built in June and has the VIN in the 500xx range. With the current ongoing discussion of the DU00/DU01, my question is that does this car have the new drive unit? If not, would...
  14. Tsportline

    Vendor 2016 Pearl White Tesla Model S P100D For Sale - Bentley Red Interior - Gloss Carbon - Audio

    For Sale: 2016 Pearl White Tesla Model S P100D - Ludicrous - Bentley Red Interior - Gloss Carbon - Audio - One Of A Kind! Customized by T Sportline. 866 991 4776 [email protected] View Full Listing & Gallery Here Asking: $190,000.00 Mileage: 2,000 Factory Build: 2016 Tesla Model S P100D...
  15. SSD420

    Lacking AP2 and more questions MX P100D

    I just traded in my MX 90D last Friday for an MX P100D. Is it normal that I can't use AP2 over 50km/h? And when I can engage it, it's worse than a drunk driver. The car keeps trying to run me off the road or worse yet, onto the wrong side of the road. I miss AP1 :(. I realized I used it all...
  16. SSD420

    Phantom drain P100D

    hey everyone! I took delivery of my MX P100D yesterday evening. Obviously went joy riding for a little bit (oh my! The power compared to my former 90D :D) on the way home, but essentially went home and plugged her into my HPWC. I haven't left the house since. I have checked up on my MX through...
  17. F

    Fringe or intangible benefits of going with P100D?

    Trying to decide between a 90D and a P100D for my wife's new daily driver. I would say range is more important than performance, but performance can't hurt! My wife likes to drive fast (much faster than me!). The 40K delta between the 90D and the P100D is a concern, but is manageable if it...
  18. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance Model X

    This is a peek at our 2015 design study for the UP Model X program. The final UP Model X is considerably evolved from this concept and is now nearing its debut!
  19. MickC

    Nieuwe stoelen

    Als je nu een P100DL online samenstelt (met premium pakket) heeft die de zetels van de model X, inclusief ventilatie en verstelbare hoofdsteun.

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