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  1. Allx

    Road trips below -20C

    Wondering how others are doing with longer highway drives in ON and QC lately , i just had -20 for a large part of a 14h drive (later part was -29) . My car doesn’t have a heat pump (2018 p3d-) and I’m guessing that’s why I’m seeing close to half the efficiency . Tried to turn heating off and...
  2. P

    2019 Canada P3D- 11,000 kms white black interior. Stealth

    autopilot with HDW 3.0 - No FSD All Wheel Drive - dual motor 500 km Range 19" wheels 1 owner Never driven in snow or salt Garaged since day one in private garage Front paint protection film No accidents - Clean Carfax provided for buyer. Gst will be added to sales price as vehicle is owned by my...
  3. J

    Can I Still Buy a Stealth Model 3 (P3D-)?

    My understanding was the Stealth was always an "off-menu" item that you needed to request from your SA. However, Tesla's website has now seemingly enabled buyers this option directly by allowing one to purchase a Performance Model 3 WITHOUT the extras (no larger brake calipers, no 20" wheels...
  4. Joabe

    Making your M3 unique

    It seems that every time we go for a drive there are more and more M3’s on the road, and with only 5 color options how do you set yours apart from the rest? I would love to hear your ideas or see pics of what you have done! background: I’m set to take delivery of a White Stealth Model 3 in a...
  5. K

    Keep ‘18 LR RWD with FSD or upgrade to P3D - sleeper with no FSD

    I’m reaching out to the community as whether I should keep the model 3 I have currently: 2018 MSM with FSD, window tint, full front PPF and 18 inch. There is an opportunity to reserve a sleeper model 3 aka P3D-, stealth. The only thing is I would lose out on not getting the FSD on the new...
  6. dc121gw

    Range/efficiency on P3D- less than anticipated

    I've had a P3D- for two weeks. Love the car, but I'm running about 330 kWh/mile over the first 300 miles. It's mostly congested city driving, with some highway speed (65mph) driving at night. I traded in a M3 MR where my usage was 253 kWh/mile over the lifetime of the car (7000 miles) in...
  7. A

    Stealth Performance P3D- Back in Stock !! Black Interiors with 19" Rims

    Just got a call from my Tesla Advisor and we have more Stealth Performance P3D- in stock sitting on the east coast. Contact your local Tesla Advisor or message me if you want my advisor name or referral code (good for 1,000 miles of free supercharging). All of them are black interior with 19" rims.
  8. D

    Ground clearance for Model 3P- versus 3P+

    Anyone know this for sure? In the European and US Model 3 manuals, it says there's a ground clearance of 5.5". For the 3P+, I've heard various figures of about 1-2cm lower than that. However, when I phoned up Sales, they said the UK 3P+ has the following ground clearance: P-: 153mm front...
  9. S

    Tesla Model Performance Model 3 Sleeper Models $50k - value of upgrades?

    I’ve been helping a huge group of people find these cars and kept on getting asked the same question - what is the value of upgrades from the New $50k Sleeper P3 and the existing P3 at $55k. What do you think is the Value of: 20” rims, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Suspension, and Track Mode? All I...
  10. A

    P3D- White on White Delivery 10/04 - IN LOVE with Marshmallow

    This is saying a lot considering that we got a Red RWD on March 31st and all things Model 3 is no longer a novelty. Was a bit scared that low VIN might mean multiple previous rejections (562XX), but the car was manufactured Sept 27. Walked around it on the sun for about 10 minutes to inspect...