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  1. ctapiam3

    18inch tss tsportline on performance model 3

    Hey guys, so I receive my TSS T Sportline 18 inch wheels on Monday for my performance with performance upgrade. I currently have It dropped with the UP SP springs. How do you think the car would look with the 18s and dropped? please weigh in. also selling the stock performance 20s if anyone is...
  2. M

    Winter wheel kit for Model 3

    I have a set of used Winter 18" wheels with 235/45/18 tires. Wheels are made by Fast Wheels FC04 Titanium color and Tires are Nokian Hakka 9 studded tires. Comes with TPMS and Lug Nuts. This wheel would fit over Performance Calipers but you need 3mm spacer for Performance Rotor lip. Used tires...
  3. jipvk

    Brake pads for P3D+

    What brake pads fit the P3D+, so the Model 3 Performance brake callipers. Sorry if it's been posted before but couldn't find any information on it by using the search function. Thanks, Jip
  4. D

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance P3D+

    Like new '18 Tesla Model 3 AWD Performance P3D+ Location: Philadelphia suburbs California car. No winters. - PERFORMANCE All-Wheel Drive - Standard Autopilot - Pearl White Multi-Coat paint - Black and White Premium Interior (awesome) - 20in Performance Wheels - Performance upgrade package...
  5. Yankees

    2018 P3D+ White on Matte White Full PPF 2,600 mile EAP $64k

    Location: Dallas. Copy & Paste from CL, forum price $64k. Selling my like-new MATTE WHITE Model 3 Performance with 20" factory wheels! This car has been a project and has almost no miles (2,600 miles!). I don't drive enough and don't want to let it go to waste sitting in my garage. List of...
  6. D

    Ground clearance for Model 3P- versus 3P+

    Anyone know this for sure? In the European and US Model 3 manuals, it says there's a ground clearance of 5.5". For the 3P+, I've heard various figures of about 1-2cm lower than that. However, when I phoned up Sales, they said the UK 3P+ has the following ground clearance: P-: 153mm front...
  7. S

    Tesla Model Performance Model 3 Sleeper Models $50k - value of upgrades?

    I’ve been helping a huge group of people find these cars and kept on getting asked the same question - what is the value of upgrades from the New $50k Sleeper P3 and the existing P3 at $55k. What do you think is the Value of: 20” rims, Carbon Fiber Spoiler, Suspension, and Track Mode? All I...
  8. P

    TimeWarp up Pikes Peak in 60 seconds

    We also got 12% SOC regen descending from the Summit of Pikes Peak in Track Mode. Here’s the short TimeWarp up to the Summit.
  9. K

    P3D+ Spoiler - Deliveries outside of CA

    I know there’s a P3D+ spoiler thread out there, but I wanted to get an idea of people who have received Spoilers already that are not in California. I’m in Texas, I purchase my P3D+ in November last year. I still have not heard anything about it. Just wanted to see if deliveries are moving...
  10. U

    P3D[+] for a spirited driver

    I just read an entertaining thread at Why aren't car review sites raving about the Model 3 Performance's amazing value? : teslamotors and recalled that my P3D+ buying decision was far from black and white. I decided to compile my main reasons where Tesla limits me compared to a non Tesla sports...
  11. srkerd

    Aero 18” wheels on Performance breaks

    I have read on the facebook group that it is possible to use the 18” Aero wheel on a performance M3 with the performance package ( big brakes) as long as you use the right spacer. I can’t seem to fin that post again so I figured I would ask here. Does anybody know how thick of a spacer I would...
  12. S

    P3D+ wheel and tire set

    Hello, I have the performance upgrade on my performance model 3 and already had 2 flat tires in one week. What is the most reasonable wheel and tire combination to help prevent the shock from the rough road? I would imagine run flats would be an added bonus and higher sidewall. I haven’t seen a...
  13. Kbra

    Tired of waiting for the factory Performance Badges

    As with nearly everyone else my P3D+ came without badges and the spoiler. IOU I suppose. I came across this set of badges and Abstract Ocean (Tesla Model Letters) and gave them a try. Figured for ~$17 after the "LivingTesla" discount code there's not much to loose if I don't like them. . . I...
  14. E

    FS: Virtually New OEM P3D+ Wheels/Tires/TPMS LA/OC

    Up for sale is a set of 20" OEM rims and tires just removed from my Performance Model 3 with the Performance Upgrade Package. As most of you know the tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/35/20's. They have only 32 miles on them! I took delivery of the car on Monday, brought it home then took...
  15. AlexanderAF

    Here's why the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the Best Tesla Yet

    I am by no means nothing more than an amateur, but I wanted to do a video highlighting the Tesla Model 3 Performance, and why I friggin love this car so much! I've come from a long background of owning muscle-cars, and I think the day a person like me picks up a Tesla is a sure sign that this...