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  1. P

    For Sale: 2013 Model S P85 RWD, Black, Free Unlimited Supercharging, Chicago

    2013 Model S P85 RWD - Solid Black - FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING 62,500 miles (daily driver) Warranty expired (I bought it CPO on 12/2016, so warranty expired last December) Charges to 245 miles at 100% Solid black paint Black Performance interior (red piping) leather / Tan roof liner All...
  2. VERDNT_P85

    For Sale: 2013 Model S P85, Green/Tan

    2013 Tesla Model S P85. Springfield, Missouri Rare Metallic Green and Vertical Obeche Wood Gloss 106,000 gently driven and gently charged miles FREE UNLIMITED SUPERCHARGING FOR LIFE FREE PREMIUM CONNECTIVITY AND INTERNET ALL GLASS PANORAMIC RETRACTABLE ROOF HIGH FIDELITY SOUND UPGRADE...
  3. C

    2014 Tesla Model S P85 For Sale

    2014 Tesla Model S P85 with 107,015 miles Fully Loaded with just about every option available at the time (sunroof, rear facing seats, performance package, smart air suspension, tech package etc) Current mileage is 107,015 may go up slightly. Battery and Drive Unit warranty good util August...
  4. T

    HVAC Vent blowing foam out

    Has anyone had this before and should I be worried? I got in my 2012 MS P85 vin P03XXX after work today and before I drove off I noticed the far left vent blew something on me, and had a piece stuck in it, they were about 1/2" long, 1/4" wide, and 1/16" thick. Then another piece an inch long...
  5. Siphant

    cul-de-sac hoon

    I decided to show my friend with a Jetta TDI the power of EVs. Friend: So how do you go sideways without an e-brake? Me:
  6. nexsuperne101

    Reduced power output on Model S P85.

    Hi Peeps, My P85, prior to the last few updates used to put out between 416bhp and 425bhp. 0-60mph was also just over 4 seconds. It now takes far longer to supercharge (2 hours from 2% to 95%), the peak power is only hitting 396bhp and the 0-60mph is 4.4 seconds. Has anyone else noticed this on...
  7. J

    Questions about purchasing a used model s

    So I have been looking at tesla’s For a long time and they have finally become affordable for me. I’m looking at a used 2014 P85. It’s at a local car lot where I live. So the obvious questions I have are warranty, does the manufacturer warranty transfer to a new owner? I’m told the vehicle...
  8. T

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (“unicorn”) - Red MC

    2014 Model S P85 RWD with Autopilot (yes, a “unicorn”) - Red MC 67,480 miles Fully warrantied to 2/15/2021 or 82,036 mi (was sold as a CPO in 2017, when Tesla performed full reconditioning.) Motor / battery warranty to 12/19/2022 Service records available. Charges to 257 mi at 100% Autopilot...
  9. N

    2012 Model S Signature Performance 32k miles #21

    VIN: 5YJSA1DP8CFS00021 Price: $38,999 2012 Tesla Model S P85 Signature Performance for sale. As you're able to tell, this is a very low VIN being the 21st of 1,000 Signature Performance models sold in the U.S. The car is in perfect condition with low miles. Only 31,xxx miles. I always have kept...
  10. H

    Model S OEM 19" wheels Michelin tires - Dallas

    4 MS 19" OEM wheels w/ Michelin Primacy mxm4 245/45R19 tires only 4000 miles on them
  11. C

    Battery Pack Replacement

    Has anyone had their HV pack replaced lately? I just got a text last week after complaining about supercharging issues, and continual power output limitations that they are replacing my P85's battery. It's been acting up honestly since I've owned it, but it's gotten progressively worse. I...
  12. skhenry81

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Just finished charging to 100% ahead of a long day of driving. I have a 2012 Signature P85 Model S. My 100% charge is 406 km or 253 miles. I have an original "A" battery pack with 98,855 km or 61,427 miles. To date I have lost 4.7% of my total range from when the vehicle was new. I...
  13. T3SLA_LIFE

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 **Brand New Motor** - $36000

    ***If this posting is still up, car is STILL AVAILABLE*** Selling my 2013 Tesla Model S P85. Car is located in Phoenix, AZ. Scottsdale Tesla installed a brand new performance drive unit (motor) literally less than 1,000 miles ago @ 105k. Have documentation to show this and all...
  14. rwang

    Battery Won't Charge Past 41 miles P85 2012 ModelS 110k miles driven

    we hit an issue with the battery last week where we no longer can charge the battery past 41 miles. Seems like a lot of the cells are out. Looks like we'll get a replacement battery Anyone else with this issue? Please share!
  15. C

    13’ P85+ Feedback

    I’ve found a 13’ P85+ with only 35k miles. It has the following features: Deep blue metallic Tan performance leather Gray 21” Turbines Air suspension Upgraded sound Pano roof For those of you who have owned one, how did you like your P85+ vs a new AWD or even a standard P85? This will be an...
  16. B

    2015 Blue Metallic P85 with AutoPilot, Melbourne, FL - $48k

    Looking to downsize, so selling my 2015 Blue P85. I am located in Melbourne, FL. I am the second owner. Bought it private party from the original owner just over 1 year ago. Car is great, just need to make some budget room for unforseen housing expenses. Car is still under ORIGINAL Warranty...
  17. RovertM

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance (P85) – Dallas, TX

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance (P85) – Dallas, TX Model S P85 (4.2 Seconds) Current Mileage: 47,967 mi. Full Charge Capacity: 250 mi. Version: 2018.39.7 9736c9B 85 kWh Battery LTE Connectivity Signature Red Exterior Black Performance Interior (Nappa Leather and Alcantara) Carbon...
  18. H

    2013 Model S P85+ under warranty - AZ $46,999

    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ for sale in Phoenix area: 73,500 miles, under warranty until 75,000. Clean title, no accidents. Virtually every available option for that model year (except rear child jump seats and subzero package) $120k sticker price Still under extended full bumper to bumper...
  19. E

    2013 Model S - P85 64000miles Extras

    2013 Model S P85 64,000 miles Car in Great Condition Inside and Out Located in NY Local Buyers Preferred $49,500 with all Wheels/Tires/Add-On's Extras: 21” Grey Turbines (2 Sets of Wheels/Tires, one Summer Setup, one Winter) plus the integrated center console More Pics Avail upon Request
  20. J

    2012 MS P85 seems much slower than loaner 2014 MS P85 :O

    Hello all, I have a 2012 MS P85 with 21" turbines, air suspension, pano roof, 105K miles, version A battery pack, newer drive unit (late 2017), 3rd row seating, and dual chargers. I took it in for service and received a 2014 MS P85 with 19" wheels, no air suspension, single charger, 50K...
  21. A

    2014 Model S P85 right hand drive MCU

    My main screen has blacked out and since I changed the battery the car I'd not charging anymore!
  22. aollivierre

    Dashcam Install in DFW

    Looking for a great place to install a dashcam on my Model S. Any recommendations in the Dallas Ft. Worth area will be greatly appreciate it. I am looking at purchasing a BlackVue camera.
  23. iSpanglish

    FS: '14 SP85 Pre AP 50k CPO Warranty +

    Bit of info: Picked it up it was a fleet vehicle to my knowledge (Costa Mesa Service center delivered my vehicle), also I purchased from Tesla directly with their CPO program, Sept 2017. Has two year bumper to bumper and 8 year on the battery life. This car literally had everything I wanted...
  24. Amclymon


    Up for sale is a meticulously cared for Tesla Model S P85. I purchased this car directly from Tesla as a certified pre-owned model in Dec 17. At that time it had 46k miles on it and the car came with a CPO Bumper to Bumper Warranty. You are essentially getting a car with the new car warranty and...
  25. C

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 for Sale (Louisville, KY)

    Unfortunately it’s time to sell my 2013 P85 Model S with 43,511 miles. This car is in excellent condition and has been extremely well cared for. I am the second owner and I’ve had no major issues with the car. Last month, Tesla replaced the passenger-side airbag per the active recall. Just...
  26. R

    P85 19" wheel width and max tire width?

    Anyone know how wide the wheels are on a 2013 P85 19" stock wheel? What is the widest tire I can install for the rears? I currently have 255/45 tires which fit, but I'm considering putting some 265/45 tires on the rear for better traction. Still getting some slip with max acceleration from full...
  27. M

    My 2012 Model S P85 Signature CPO Order

    Hey all, I finally pulled the plug on a 2012 Model S P85 Signature (#442). I was told that it would be ready in 4-8 weeks, but in the meantime have a few questions for anyone with experiencing purchasing a CPO vehicle: 1) Can I call Tesla to get a vehicle history report now that the car is...
  28. Mysterylectric

    2013 P85 transmission service

    So I recently did the fluid service in my 2013 P85. Service was done with about 18.5k miles on the replaced drive unit. The service itself was very straightforward, and I have the video linked below. However, after having the fluid analyzed by Blackstone labs, the iron content in the fluid is...
  29. A

    2013 Model S P85 only 33k miles

    FOR SALE: 2013 Model S P85 only 33k miles. Excellent condition, black exterior, tan leather interior, panoramic sunroof, premium sound, 21" grey Tesla turbine wheels. All the upgrades except the rear-facing 3rd row seats. $48k
  30. aollivierre

    MY First Tesla....Help! :)

    Well, I am seriously thinking about moving forward with my first Tesla. I found what I believe to be good a car online and it has 90k miles. Should mileage be a huge issue with these type of cars? would love to hear your thoughts.... Specs: What is missing? Your Model S 85 kWh Performance...
  31. iSpanglish

    WTB: P85 open to others

    Wanting to stay around 48-53ish, warranty important. Thanks!
  32. Naonak

    Throttled vs. Non-Throttled Supercharging Comparison

    I have completed my trip. Here is the raw data: Pre / Post DCFC Throttle Data If anyone wants to collate and/or graph the data, that would be great. I'm not that great with spreadsheets to start with. Here are the take aways: Yes, throttling increases your trip time. Yes, it seems ~5...
  33. myblubu

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Panoramic Roof + XPEL + Passport 9500ci w Laser Shifters + extras

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Panoramic Roof + XPEL - for sale: $55,900 or best offer Since there was a problem with the image host I used in the previous post, I'm posting this with a new image host, hopefully this works better to view the pictures. Non-smoker, no pets, no kids Car is...
  34. W

    WTB: Model S Black P85

    Hi Everyone! Looking to finally dive into Tesla ownership. Looking for a Black P85 Model S (Black interior), <50K mileage for <$55K. Not expecting autopilot on this given the price point. I am keeping an eye on CPO hunter, but am open to private sale with an owner that has remaining warranty...
  35. M

    2014 Model S P85 AP in Europe €68900

    Helping a friend sell a late 2014 P85 with Autopilot. The car was bought as a CPO almost 3 months ago and has around 53000 km on the clock. The price is €68900 (VAT not deductible). It's Dark Grey Metallic and has the following options: - All Glass Panoramic Roof; - 19" Standard Wheels; - Black...
  36. Bebop

    WTB: P85/P85D

    Black/Black Autopilot 1.0 must have at a minimum (if it doesn't have at least AP1 don't bother) P85 or P85D. I'd be interested in either or. Of course, I'd like to more details on options and stuff. <$65K
  37. dreamingof3

    Tesla P85 2013 Multi Coat Red only 15k miles!

    2013 P85 – one of the few remaining from this year with under 16k miles Purchased from Tesla CPO program (warranty should be for 48k more miles or through 2021) Multi Coat Red – paint is in very good condition only a few chips minor scratched Grey Performance Interior Ultra High Fidelity Sound...
  38. raphy3

    How to get P85 to full power

    Hi everyone. I have a CPO 2013 P85 that I took delivery of this past Tuesday. Just putting the pedal to the floor and testing the acceleration, it definitely does not feel much faster than a regular 85. 0-60 appears to be well over 5 seconds, just by counting while watching the speed. I haven't...
  39. myblubu

    For Sale - 2013 Model S P85

    Details including extras and updates posted here: Model S / 2013 P85kWh / Grey Metallic - cfc5 | Only Used Tesla Here is one picture, but a link to a photo album with 150+ pics is here: 2013 P85 by Mike Powell 39K miles $63K or best offer PM or call/text: nine - three - seven - six -...
  40. S

    NEW Staggered TSportline TST 20" Gloss Black wheels + TPMS + Cont'l Extreme Contact DWS06 + Caps $3K

    Selling essentially brand new staggered TSportline TST 20" gloss black wheels that I received from TSportline on 2/2/2017. Mint condition for the wheels (20x9" fronts and 20x10" rears) and the tires have less than 100 miles on them. I put them on my 2013 P85, but just bit the bullet and...
  41. J

    Purchasing a certified Pre-Owned P85...

    So, I decided that instead of waiting for my Model 3 to arrive, although I am pretty high up on the reservation list, that I would indulge in a CPO P85. It's beautiful. Fully loaded with just about every option you could get on a Model S P85 at that time. - Performance package (obviously) -...
  42. A

    2013 P85 - Black/Black - 51k Miles - Warranty until 2020

    Hello, I am putting some feelers out there since I am considering selling my car. I purchased it as a CPO in August 2016. I bought the car with 46,500 miles and I have since then put on about 6k miles. The total mileage is at 51k miles and I add about 20 a day. The car has warranty until...
  43. R

    2013 Tesla P85 Full Warranty Immaculate

    This is a Green 2013 Tesla P85 in excellent condition. It has around 77600 miles, and is still covered by Tesla bumper to bumper warranty until 85000 miles or June 2019. It's fully loaded with Pano Roof, Active Air Suspension, High Definition Sound Studio with Satellite Radio, Dual Chargers...
  44. 209California

    21" Used Turbine Wheels Set of 4

    So to be upfront, I have a set of 4 for sale, HOWEVER..ONE RIM IS CRACKED. I understand this could be repairable, I was in a bit of a bind and had to get some replacement rims that were more friendly on the tread. These are off of a early 13' P85. Other then one wheel crack and some rim rash...
  45. cinemasatty

    2015 70kw AP vs 2013 P85 No AP

    So, I have a deposit on a 2013 Classic P85: 38k miles, SAS, Upgraded Sound, Performance interior, tech package, Deep Blue Metallic for a price of $52000. Its beautiful. We pick it up in a little over a week... However! I was just sent an alert for a 2015 70kw: 17k miles, basic seats, no tech...
  46. P

    2012 Tesla Model S P85 Signature Series For Sale

    Immediately available for sale in Marina Del Ray, CA. The first 1,000 off the factory line were part of the "Signature Series", and less than 100 of them were P85, so this is an extremely rare Model S. Specifically, this car is the 7th one out of the Tesla Fremont factory, so it is already a...
  47. B

    2012 P85 - 7 Passenger - 32,200 Miles - $57,000 Selling Today

    2012 Tesla P85 with 32,200 Miles for $57,000. This car was built December 30, 2012 and titled March 12, 2013, so there are approx. 7 months left on the 4 year 50,000 warranty, and 4.6 years left on the 8 year, infinite mile battery and drive unit warranty. The car has a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds...
  48. spentan

    For Sale - 2013 Model S P85 - Black on Black - Fully loaded

    Hi all, I have a Model S from my fleet (www.acsl.us), that I am putting up for sale. It is in great condition, and it just had it's Annual done for 75,000 mi. It is a Black on Black Model S P85 Options from MVPA as follows: 85kWh Performance Model S Solid Black Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof...
  49. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Dr. Torres' Unplugged P85

    Dr. Torres recently came to us with a problem. He loved his Model S but there was another Tesla owner in his complex with the same Model S. Same color, same interior. Dr. Torres wanted to do something different but wanted to upgrade his S in a way that would allow him to drive to the hospital...
  50. E

    2013 Tesla Model S P85, brown

    I’m moving permanently to Switzerland/Europe hence selling my “Browny”. I bought the car in May 2015 as a CPO directly from Tesla with 16,472 miles. Never had a better car. My wife, I and the kids love it, but unfortunately we cannot take it overseas for known reasons (void of warranty...

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