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  1. H

    For Sale 2016 Model X P90DL // Free supercharging, Ludicrous+, 6 seater, 47,000 miles

    SPECS: Ultra High Fidelity Sound Autopilot with convenience features Red Brake Calipers Subzero Weather Package including steering wheel & wiper blades Carbon Fiber Décor No Accessory Hitch GPS Enabled Homelink Premium Upgrades Package Solid Black (PBSB) Model X Roof Tan Leather Seats Active...
  2. A

    Wheel alignment results

    Hi all, upon switching out the summer tires to my winter tires, I noticed I had significant inner wear on all 4 of my summer tires. I've been told that innerwear on tires is common but even so I felt it was best to get an alignment check just to be sure. I live in Sendai, Tohoku, and my...
  3. A

    2016 Model X P90D with MCU1 and autopilot 1.0. Is a Dashcam possible?

    Hi. I have a 2016 Model X P90D with MCU1 and autopilot 1.0. I really like the integrated dashcam on my model 3 and I want to get something similar for my MX. If I upgrade to MCU2, is there a way to get a front facing dashcam through Tesla? Or should I look at aftermarket options for dashcams...
  4. R

    2016 P90D Upgradable to Ludicrous mode still?

    Sorry if Im posting this in the wrong spot or its been asked, but if it has I couldnt find it exactly. I recently bought a 2016 P90D with insane+, and Im now regretting not looking for a Ludicrous enabled P90D. Does anyone know if the Ludicrous update is still available through purchase from...
  5. J

    2016 Satin Black Model X P90DL

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my 2016 Model X P90D with Ludicrous speed upgrade. Car is located in Frederick, MD and has approximately 50,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased via private party. Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) will transfer with sale. This is a V3 battery car (V3...
  6. J

    FS: Satin Black P90DL Model S w/ 3rd Row Seats & FUSC

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my 2015 P90D with Ludicrous speed upgrade. Car is located in Frederick, MD and has approximately 63,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased via private sale. Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) will transfer with sale. This is a V1 battery car that has a 90% SOC...
  7. Steve21

    Trading in 2018 Model 3 LR AWD for 2016 Model X P90D...

    OK so I currently have a 2018 Model 3 LR AWD with about 32k miles on it without FSD. I owe ~$31k on the car but the trade in is ~$35k. Ive always wanted a Model X due to it being the largest car Tesla makes and all of the unique features it possesses. So I came across a 2016 P90D Model X with...
  8. M

    Buying P85D/P90D (2014-2016)

    Hey folks, Just got out of my C63 AMG and now in the market for a p85d model s. (Will also consider a model 3 performance) Im hoping to spend anywhere from 33k-37k. Reach me by email if you have something close! [email protected] Thanks, J
  9. W

    Model X Performance (P90D) 6 Seater For Sale : Obsidian Black/White Seats - Low Miles - Many Extras

    2016 Model X Performance - 6 seater with Only 36K miles - One Owner - Never Smoked In - No Accidents Asking price $61,500. Original Sticker $140,200. Local Sale Only. It's time to let my beautiful Model X find a new home. This vehicle is absolutely stunning featuring the following exterior...
  10. J

    Hello I’m Jeremy Jones with EV Fleet

    Hi I am an avid Tesla fan . I have owned the Tesla Model S 85 and due to me becoming bored with the speed of that car I have, just yesterday got into the P85 Model S !!! I actually named my new car Jeremy’s Fighter Jet because that is exactly what It is . My pastimes include Hunting Hellcats ...
  11. V

    Model S Depreciation curve flattens when?

    Okay, so I bought a used 2015 P90D with pretty much all available options in 2017. I paid $87,000 for the car which had an original sticker price of $142,000. Bought the car with about 7k miles and now turning over to 40k miles later this week. I was toying with the idea of selling the Tesla...
  12. Maryland

    Advice on buying a used Model S P90D

    Hi all. Made this account as a prospective Tesla buyer. Perhaps I'll keep using it if I become an owner someday. The situation: I am looking at a used Model S P90D, which is being sold by a non-Tesla dealership as a trade-in. The vehicle has Ludicrous mode, but I don't know what other options...
  13. MAPC

    3 time Tesla owner looking to return....some advice on 2016/2017

    Given that this site is so hard to navigate/search, I hope that you all will forgive me for starting a new thread on something for which there may already be data out there. I have owned a Roadster, an early S (60) and a 2017 P100D. I sold the P100D when I relocated from Palo Alto to the NY...
  14. R

    2016 Tesla Model S P90D for sale $58,500

    Tesla Model S P90D fully loaded. 53,530 miles. Structurally and mechanically perfect. No accidents. Single owner. Never smoked in. All wheel drive with Autopilot, Smart Air Suspension, Free Supercharging for life, Premium high fidelity sound, Black leather interior, Panoramic Retractable Roof...
  15. J

    Selling Model S P90DL for $72k - OBO Low Miles

    Selling recently purchased P90DL from Tesla CPO on 8/3/19. Selling to downsize to Model 3. Specs below: Motor 90 kWh Dual Motor Ludicrous Upgrade Premium Upgrade Package Black Tesla Premium Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Front Heated and Cooled Seats Power Liftgate Black Alcantara Headliner...
  16. G

    Tesla P90DL with Ludicrous

    Hi everyone! I am putting up my beloved Tesla Model S P90DL for sale. Bumper to bumper warranty until 93K miles or October 2022. Battery warranty until 2023. Asking for 63K. Located in Southern California, please DM or comment if interested! *57k current miles *Carbon Fiber Spoiler *Ludicrous...
  17. N

    Non-Raven Performance on 2020.12.5

    Got 2020.12.5 on my 2016.5 P90DL yesterday. Didn't think to do any tests at the time figuring the release notes would include this change. So here's the recap from testing today. Personally hate the new launch control technique, think it will make it much harder to use at the track. Was only...
  18. E

    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Hey, I received this trade-in offer from Tesla today (2/16/2020) so I'm gonna put it here. Note that Tesla's offer is for the car with the 19 inch wheels (window sticker only has 19 inch wheels). I can do $55k with the 21 inch wheels (tires have 3k miles on them) or $54k with the 19 inch wheels...
  19. Gurujeff03

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance P85 $35k

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Performance P85 56295mi · P85 performance model. This is a signature model #575 · 85kw battery, 240-250mi range when fully charged (I rarely charge it all the way up) · FREE SUPERCHARGING, FREE connectivity (they have a monthly charge now...
  20. DrTaras

    2016 Tesla Model X P90DL Ludicrous PIMPED-Unlimited SuperCharging-6 or 7 Psgr-TSportline 22" Wheels

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous PIMPED OUT 6 or 7 Passenger: TSportline Wheels Unlimited SuperCharging Transferable-Matte Black/Red Don't be hesitant to make an offer!!! This is MY car (I'm not a dealer)! Tesla Wrote Me (Warranty & SuperCharging): Super Charging: "Since your Model X was...
  21. P

    Deteriorating Range P90DL

    Range was about 255 miles in late August and several updates later I'm down to 236 miles. MX is 2016. Anyone else experience the same issue?
  22. loganheinrich

    2016 P90DL, Titanium, $58,500 obo

    Well, I've finally decided that 3 teslas for 2 people (my wife and I) is too much. And although I love driving this one more than my 2014, I'm trying to extract maximum value out of the 2014 through racking up miles on it, so I am making the 2016 available. For Sale: 2016 Model S P90D...
  23. A

    2016 Model X P90D only 16K miles for sale in Central Florida

    Only 16K miles on this X. Custom tint on all windows including the front windsheild in a UV resistant, high grade film. Ludicrous + mode P90D with brand new home charging cord, all attachments, autopilot, all weather mats, etc... Located in central Florida just north of Orlando. MSRP new was...
  24. The T-man

    WTB- P85D/P90D, P85/P90 In CALIFORNIA

    Looking to buy a well cared for, clean, 2014/15/16/17 Tesla P85D / P90D or P85/85+ / P90 Options preferred in order of importance- Color- Titanium, Grey, Silver, Green, Red or Blue AP1 or 2 Black or Tan interior Carbon accents or matte wood Suede Dash / Headliner High amp charging / dual...
  25. E

    2016 Model S P90D - $59k

    Hello! I'm looking to sell my 2016 Model S P90D for $59,000. As of this posting, it has 44,551 miles, with roughly 3 years/40,000 miles of CPO warranty remaining. I'm located in Bloomington, Indiana. Below are recent pictures and the window sticker with the VIN included (it has a clean...
  26. B

    2015 S P90D Ludicrous Mode - $55,000.00

    Fully optioned 2015 S P90D w/ Ludicrous Mode, Autopilot, Upgraded Seats and Interior, and more. Was $141,950 on December 2015. Has 38,500 miles. In great shape but for some scrapes on three rims and a bit of tire missing because of curb rubbing. Need to sell fast. Please PM me or try three four...
  27. S

    21" Arachnid Silver w/ Tires set BRAND NEW

    I have a full set of brand new, never used Arachnid wheels and tires for sale. Located in the Bay Area. Looking to sell for $3,000. I can also deliver the wheels to you anywhere in the Bay Area.
  28. aikisteve

    Very young Tesla P90D driver challenges me to a drag race :-D

    Assertive young Tesla driver called me out for a drag race with his P90D, claiming he would beat me #justForFun
  29. A

    2016 Tesla Model X P90D, $140K MSPR, Unlimited Supercharging

    Loaded 2016 Model X P90D with 18,900 miles and an original sticker price of $140K. Asking $94,900. See images here: 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Full configuration (see screenshot of purchase agreement for original prices): Model X P90D, Dual Motor All Wheel Drive, Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint, 22”...
  30. Dilz

    Help needed with 2015 P90DL insurance

    Hey guys, i've just purchased the above (my first Tesla), and i'm finding it impossible to get insurance on it. The only company that wants to insure it seems to be InsurMyTelsa. All other companies say that there 2015 P90D does not exist, and it is either a personal import (which i know it...
  31. computerchuck

    Model S - Aug 2015 P90D for sale, 9yr/100k warranty, sunroof, XPel Ult, carbon trim, air suspension

    Hello guys. Hoping to sell my Aug 2015 Model S P90D. Been a fantastic car. 66k miles on it. Ready to upgrade to a bigger battery. Wish I could order a P150D!! I’m hoping I can get close to $75k, but for TMC folks, I’ll drop another $3k. I may end up being disappointed and someone will...
  32. N

    2016 Model S P90D Pearl White loaded - lease transfer

    Sticker $122,000 Current Mileage - 16,978 Lease Payment - $1388 Lease End Date 8/19 Moving out of the country can't take car with me.
  33. T

    Lease transfer 2016 P90D, 8 months remain, $908 base payment

    The situation: I am relocating to Virginia for work, which is notoriously bad for leases, transfers, and expensive cars. I’d like to find this car a good home for someone who wants to have some ridiculously cheap fun for ~8 months or so. No down payment required, You'll need to cover credit...
  34. N

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous with Rear Facing Seats Fully Loaded White

    Options Rear Facing Seats Premium Upgrades 21" Grey Turbine Wheels HiFi Audio Grey Next Gen Seats Autopilot 1.0 Pearl White multicoat Smart AIr suspension CF spoiler Obeche wood gloss decor All glass pano roof Supercharger enabled The car is eligible for the extended warranty. It is a one...
  35. rle737ng

    2016 Model S P90D $84,800

    P90D 4/2016 build MSRP $126,170 One of the last with original nose and AP1.0 FREE SUPERCHARGING! Just serviced ($550 worth) NEW Tires. ($1900 worth) 21” Grey Turbine wheels Autopilot 1.0 Glass Panoramic Roof with Sunroof Black Next Gen seats Nappa Leather Premium Interior and...
  36. W

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous with Rear Facing Seats White with Grey Leather

    I am selling a 2015 Tesla Model S with the following options P90D Ludicrous Mode Rear Facing Seats Premium Upgrades Smart Air Suspension 21" Grey Turbine Wheels High Fidelity Audio Grey Next Gen Seats Autopilot 1.0 Pearl White Multicoat Carbon Fiber Spoiler Obeche wood gloss decor All Glass...
  37. R

    2016 Model S P90D For Sale

    Moving to a location that won't have the ability to install a home charger My loss is your gain. Best car I have ever owned. Located in Boston, MA area AWD One Owner Clean CarFax smoke-free Late 2016 build with the new front end design Red Multi-coat Paint sunroof 21" grey turbine wheels Tan...
  38. J

    Excellent Cond Late 2015 Model S P90D (9,900 mi) for sale - $82,000 USD

    Near perfect, fully loaded 7-seater (rear facing seats) December 2015 Model S P90D for sale. 9,900 miles. $82,000. Original price was $131,950 (see itemized sales receipt below) plus the addition of the optional $600 center console. Leather interior still smells new and is immaculate. Free...
  39. A-E

    Vendor One of the Craziest Colors We've Seen On a Tesla!!!

    What color would you wrap your Tesla? Check out the Tiffany Blue Tesla Model X P90D from one of our recent Tesla transformations. This is a 3M Vinyl Wrap that covers all the exterior body panels of the vehicle. Vinyl wrap protects the paint's surface from damage caused by rock chips and road...
  40. D

    Repair Costs For Tesla Model S

    This Tesla seems to have the wheel stock and the fender broken. Might also need new headlight. Any of you know prices for a new front bumper and headlight. And if Tesla fixes 2015 models. Also can you update to version 8.1 with the 2015 p90d?
  41. C

    I am selling my 2015 Tesla Model S P90D. Has all upgrades. 20k miles.

    Hey Guys, I am selling my 2015 Tesla Model S P90D. It’s been garaged since I got it, even at the office. The car is in Orlando Florida and its been well taken care of. I hand wash this baby just about every weekend. Includes all upgrades except for Ludicrous mode. Asking for $92,000.00. I am...
  42. omarsultan

    All-Season Tires, 20" Staggered Setup?

    Time to replace the tires on our P90D--anyone have any recommendations on all-seasons tires that will fit 20" tires with the staggered setup on a P model (FR: 255/45R20, RR: 275/45R20). The only thing I found on Tire Rack were some Yokohamas. Thx
  43. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Unplugged Performance UP-03 Super Lightweight Forged Wheels

    Unplugged Performance UP-03 Super Lightweight Forged Wheels DESCRIPTION In our never-ending pursuit for efficiency through weight savings, we have developed the world’s lightest weight wheel option, designed specifically for the Tesla Model S. Produced in aerospace-grade forged aluminum for...
  44. N

    2016 Model X P90D Ludicrous in Canada $95k

    Near new condition 8000 miles Black exterior Black leather interior 6 seat layout Autopilot Ludicrous Upgrade 22 inch Black onyx wheels Premium Upgrades package Obeche wood matte accents Ultra HiFi Audio Car is in Canada. PM me if you would like more info
  45. B

    2016 Model X P90D $99,000

    SECOND LISTING TRY! I am selling my 2016 Tesla Model X P90D. Just today, I configured my new Model X100D. After delivery I will either be trading in this car to Tesla or if I can trade it privately for enough more than the Tesla trade price, to justify the additional Ohio sales tax and...
  46. N

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous 3k miles Blue

    I am selling a blue Tesla Model S - Price is 94k 3k Miles - Brand New Condition Range Upgrade Deep Blue Metallic Multi-Coat Paint All Glass Panoramic Roof 21” Silver Turbine Wheels Grey Next Generation Seats Carbon Fiber Decor Carbon Fiber Spoiler Ludicrous...
  47. MStack

    2016 Model X P90DL

    I'm selling my 2016 Model X P90D Special Edition with Ludicrous upgrade. The car has every possible upgrade and the 7 seat configuration. In great condition with 8,311 miles. Love the car, but financially downsizing. White on white. No modifications, still factory spec. I posted some full...
  48. N

    Power limit with latest software update: Data

    Hi everyone, The other thread (Pack Performance and Launch Mode Limits) has reached 167 pages and the data is getting buried in the discussion. I wanted to start a new thread just for posting data documenting the amount of power everyone is losing with the latest software update. Details of...
  49. jerjozwik

    P90DL battery replacement thread.

    yesterday i got the news that my February 2016 build model s p90dl needs it battery replaced. i cant help but laugh at this because of my post in the pack performance thread in January. after speaking with the SC, i find out that the P90D battery is not an on shelf item and i have X amount of...
  50. spentan

    For Sale - Tesla Model X P90DL Signature Red/Tan Fully Loaded

    Hi all, As Tesla decided to get rid of unlimited supercharging, I chose to purchase 2 more Model Xes for my Work Fleet. I will therefore not be needing my personal car anymore. This vehicle has never been used in my fleet, it has only been personal use. It is a 2016 Tesla Model X P90DL...

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