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paint armor

  1. D

    Blue Paint, Model Y

    Hi all, Just moved over here from the now inactive Tesla forums. I looked over Tesla's new "Engage" site, but there doesn't seem to be much "there" there. Look forward to participating in this community! I took delivery of my MY in November 2020. In short, love the car. However, I'm...
  2. E

    Top Tips

    Hi all! I am picking up my Model 3 tomorrow, and am hoping I can get some advice on the top things to do early on after purchasing. If anyone has any "I wish I'd been told..." kind of thing, I'd love to hear it! Some things I am considering: 1. I live in Vancouver, a city where a lot of salt...
  3. Freewheeler

    Vendor MY Lower Rear Door PPF Kits

    Hey everyone! I crafted a PPF kit to address the "strike zone" on the lower half of the Model Y rear doors where they flare out and are impacted by grit and gravel spray from the front tires. Until there's a decent front mudflap something needs to be done, and I'll still use this even after...

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Full Body Paint Protection

    We recently finished this project and gained an other happy customer. As we all know, unfortunately Tesla vehicles have an accelerated paint degradation problem. We wouldn't want to go into details why. This article is not about that. It's about the solution. And this solution called: paint...
  5. apcautospa

    Vendor Ceramic Pro - Paint Protection Film - KAVACA

    Hey folks! I wanted to pass along a new product that is available for your Tesla's paint protection that was launched at the 2019 SEMA conference. Many of you know about Ceramic Pro as a ceramic coating company, but did you know they launched their first product in the PPF a.k.a clear bra...
  6. AusDetail

    Vendor XPEL PPF (paint protection film)

    Hello Tesla owners, It's time to get protected. We are Sydney's leading XPEL PPF applicator and we ecstatic to announce our partnership with the Tesla Motors Club as the first Australian Vendor. Some of you may know what XPEL PPF is, but if you don't, PPF otherwise known as Paint Protection...
  7. J

    Ceramic Coating - Chicago

    Can anyone recommend a place in Chicago that does a good ceramic coating at a reasonable price?
  8. R

    Rain, Weather and Tesla Model 3

    Hello, This is my first post. I live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains a lot. Could someone who has held on to a Tesla Model 3 or other Tesla product for over a year tell me about the effect of persistent rain on the surface paint and under carriage (corrosion, rust, etc)? I have...
  9. I

    Introducing Neptune’s X

    Though about it for awhile, then just decided to take the plunge Had my year old X dipped with Autoflex 2017 100D black from the factory named Black Magic, Now transformed into Neptune’s X. She’s a moody one from blues and emeralds to turquoise and royal purple. I’m quite amazed at all the tones...
  10. AutoElegance

    Vendor New England Paint Protection Film

    At Automotive Elegance we service any vehicle and any need of a customer in the paint protection world! However this is a Tesla website so we are here to focus on Tesla owners and their specific needs. The delivery dates have been really erratic for new Model 3 owners and we have been working...
  11. C

    2013 RWD S 85, Premium White w/ Extended Warranty til 2021 and Free Supercharging for life $39,000

    Hello, I am looking for a great buyer for my Tesla Model S 85, 2013. I am the original owner, it has never been in an accident, and was garaged the entire life of ownership. When I purchased the car, I also purchased the extended warranty, so the warranty is good until October 2020 (pretty...
  12. nishT

    Anyone in Dallas/FW: Suggestions whether to go for Opticoat or XPEL ?

    Hello DFW TMC folks, I am a new Tesla Model S owner. Looking for suggestions, whether to go for a Opticoat or XPEL on my car ? Any recommended places around to get either Opticoat or XPEL ? How much did it cost ? Thanks
  13. nishT

    Anyone in DFW area: Suggestions whether to get Opticoat and XPEL?

    Hello DFW TMC folks, I am a new Tesla Model S owner. Looking for suggestions, whether to go for a Opticoat or XPEL on my car ? Any recommended places around to get either Opticoat or XPEL ? How much did it cost ? Thanks
  14. T

    Vendor Tesla MS P85D - Paint Correction, Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra, Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

    Vehicle: Tesla Model S P85D Work to be performed: Full Paint Correction, Wrapped full front in Xpel Ultimate clear bra, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black protective coating, 3M Crystalline window tint (40% sides and back, 70% full windshield). The owner of this MS hired us to properly enhance a...
  15. GasKilla

    What's better long term SunTek or Xpel?

    I saw a white S85 this morning in a parking lot and their "clear bra" was turning yellow. I ordered a black MS, called a couple of installers yesterday asked one guy what he thought was better and he said he would NOT put Xpel on the super high end cars he does (Bugatti etc). So I'd like to...
  16. benemac

    If You Could Order Again, What Options Would You Get

    We're getting close to putting in an order for a MS 60. But we have different ideas on options and colors. Keep in mind, we live in Scottsdale and don't need the subzero package or the smart air suspension (doesn't seem to do well in our climate). Currently, the options we agree on are...
  17. Metropolitan Detail

    Vendor There's a new Tesla Loaner car in town.

    The moment we had the opportunity to work on our first Tesla Model S, we knew this car was something special. We have now worked on hundreds of Tesla Model S' and still love the feel and drive of an electric car. There's always a special story behind a Model S and their owners, so we decided...
  18. B

    "After Market' Paint armor

    I opted out of the factory paint armor because it only covered half the hood and did not cover the lights. . So...I had the Tesla service center in Watertown install the an aftermarket Paint Armor on my car today and thought I'd share the results with everyone. Although it's raining...
  19. B

    Paint Armor

    I've never had "paint armor" on a car before and honestly, right or wrong, I always considered it a little silly. Maybe it's just that I spend too much time reading threads in this forum, but I'm actually thinking that I should investigate it. I passed on the Tesla option in part because I still...