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paint coating

  1. M

    Can anyone tell if this is a clear coat scratch or not

    Hi, my 2022 model Y was keyed a long scratched yesterday. The bodyshop asks for $800 to fix. The scratch looks not deep and can anyone tell if its clear coat scratch? If so, I was thinking if I could fix it by myself by sanding or touch up. Thanks,
  2. A

    Paint Repair and Coating in Houston?

    Hello, I live in south Houston, TX and am trying to find a reputable place to get my 2020 Model 3/metallic blue paint repaired (there are a few chips) and get a permanent PPF if possible. Does anyone know of a place that they've been to/recommend? Willing to go to other parts of town if needed...
  3. P

    Tesla Model X prep work

    I am getting ready to receive my Model X next month. Wanted to do some pre ground work and be ready for my delivery. As part of this I ordered a few things and have a few questions, any suggestions would really help. Bought - All weather mats, cable organizer, Gen 2 Nema adapter. Any other...
  4. P

    Looking for a PPF place in Western Suburbs Chicago

    Hello, From Naperville, IL and picking up my Y at Tesla in Westmont. Looking for a good PPF place in Western Suburbs Chicago Thanks, Mike

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Full Body Paint Protection

    We recently finished this project and gained an other happy customer. As we all know, unfortunately Tesla vehicles have an accelerated paint degradation problem. We wouldn't want to go into details why. This article is not about that. It's about the solution. And this solution called: paint...
  6. R

    Paint Chips! Now What?

    Just picked up my M3. Already got my 1st couple chips on the hood. Should I get the paint chip repair kit that Tesla sells on their website or go another route? The real problem is that I have the pearl white paint color on my car and I've seen (video's online) that the paint sample they supply...
  7. B

    Model 3 Clear Coat Curing Time & PPF Install?

    Hello - New to the forum and awaiting delivery of my Long Range Model 3! Happy to be part of the community and making my first post today. I was told recently by a Tesla advisor that from the delivery date, the clear coat won't be fully cured for ~ 60 days. No one at Tesla has since been...
  8. J

    Exterior paint protection in South Florida

    Hi everyone, this is my first post, and I’m just looking for some recommendations. I’m waiting on delivery of my Model 3 (delayed due to Hurricane Dorian )... I’m interested in protecting the paint of course, and I’m considering wrapping the front and/or ceramic coating. I’ve read about some...
  9. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Simple Explanation (video): Model 3 Preparation, Enhancement and Protection

    I've been sitting on this video content since the first Model 3's were being delivered but I just didn't have the time to piece it together and do the voice over. Finally, I made the time to put a brief 13 minute video together explaining certain aspects of our process and also dispelling some...
  10. idealdreams

    Paint chips on hood after 2,000 miles?

    I've had my LR AWD Model 3 for about 6 weeks now and have put just under 2,000 miles on it. As I was washing my car tonight, I noticed several very small paint chips on the hood in various locations and I can't figure out how they're getting there. My Model 3 is black and the paint chips appear...
  11. Marmac

    Help! Love bugs appear to have etched my clear coat

    I have seen several posts on how to best protect your car from the ravages of the dreaded Florida love bugs, but nothing regarding how to best get them off. I made a recent road trip from Orlando to Cocoa Beach and the front of my car was pelted with love bugs. I washed them off as soon as I got...
  12. EliteFinish

    Vendor Crazy Customized Red Multi-Coat Model 3!

    Just wanted to share this gorgeous Multi-Coat Red Model 3 with everyone. Hopefully it gives somebody inspiration for their Model 3 to see what can be achieved with these cars to make them exactly how you want and feel better than brand new! What are your opinions about what you love or would...
  13. O

    Always outdoors, Bay Area care recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm a recent M3 owner and have probably one of the worst combos of all time: I'm OCD about paint quality, but I don't have a garage. The car is always outdoors, 50/50 out in the sun, and almost always near pollen. I'm still eager to keep the car in as top shape as I can so I'm curious...
  14. RelentlesShine

    Vendor Relentless Shine - Calling All San Antonio Tesla's!!

    We would like to Introduce ourselves as your preferred Paint Protection Company in San Antonio and surrounding areas. We are a Texas Veteran and Family owned and operated company with a combined 15 years of experience in professional automotive paint correction and protection. Our passion is...
  15. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Silver Tesla Model X: TOO MUCH FUN [video]

    We had a ton of fun with this visit over the summer and finally got around to making a video that shows off some of the process of our full-monty service. I hope you all find it as enjoyable to watch as it was for us to do! Join us on our journey to take a new Tesla Model X 100D from being...
  16. T

    Vendor Model S - From the body shop to our shop

    This 2014 Tesla Model S 85 had to have the right side repainted. The owner brought it to us because the paint looked faded and with a lot of swirls and scratches. We quickly assessed the vehicle and put a game plan together to bring this beautiful red back to new condition. Pictures show...
  17. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Want clear bra and a paint coating on your new Tesla? [We transport via enclosed trailer at no cost]

    We are happy to announce that Detailed Designs Auto Spa has just acquired a custom built aluminum Intech car hauler for pick ups and drop offs. This trailer features an escape hatch as well as a removable fender which allows us to exit the car without having to climb through a window as many...
  18. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Taking a silver 2017 TMS to SILVER++ with Modesta and a full clear bra wrap

    Well....it actually got a bit more... Full clear bra wrap, Modesta BC-04 on the body and door jambs, Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and Modesta leather coating. She's buttoned up and beautiful for the streets of Atlanta!
  19. AutoArmour

    Vendor Model X Wrapped in Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film - Matte White

    This Tesla Model X P90D had a full custom Xpel stealth wrap. Here at Auto Armour we ensure perfection by wrapping the PPF (paint protection film) around the edges of the doors, hoods, E.T.C. We also disassemble parts of the vehicle if necessary to provide that smooth, like-new finish that all...
  20. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How silver should look? Modesta paint coating over a full body clear bra wrap [video]

    This is my kind of gloss on a silver car... Paint correction, full body clear bra wrap, Modesta BC-04 on the body/jambs and Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and calipers means it looks good, is easy to clean and is as protected as it can get! (Make sure to turn the hi-def on!)