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paint correction

  1. T

    Paint correction on NEW 2024 model Y Performance

    I picked up a 2024 model Y performance a few days ago. It’s been in the garage since. Decided to get ash the car and noticed all embed contaminants into the clear. do I make a service appointment and have some bad Bodyshop try to buff it or do I clay it and compound it and polish it myself and...
  2. V

    Paint Rash

    Don’t know where it happened but got some paint rash on my M3 right near the bottom of the driver side front bumper. Any advice on how to cover up some of this paint rash? From reading some other blog post, Tesla‘s multi coat pearl white is not recommended anyone else faced something similar...
  3. CADetailing

    Vendor Paint Correction, is it right for YOU?

    Paint Correction IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU? A paint correction service will remove fine wash lines, spider webbing, & swirls within the finish of your paint. New and old cars alike could use a paint correction service to prep, refresh, or repair your clear coat. Let's get you set up...
  4. W

    PPF After 1 year?

    Hey y’all so I’ve had my model 3 for about a year or so with about 18k miles at first I didn’t think it would be necessary to get ppf. But now after about a year and a rough winter I was thinking about getting the paint correct and Xpel stealth ppf on the car. I plan on keeping the car for about...
  5. Gleamworks

    Vendor Your Friendly Neighborhood PPF, Ceramic Coating studio in Vancouver

    Hello fellow Vancouverites. It's good to be back to this forum. We would like to say hi to you all and offer our services: Paint Protection Film(also knowns as Clear Bra) , Ceramic Coating, Paint Correction and Window Tinting . We are STEK, CQuartz, and Gtechniq authorized installers. Just...
  6. C

    Tons of Micro Sratches On Delivery Day (2023 Black Model Y LR)

    I had to go to a detail shop to get it paint corrected. The paint condition was quite poor. Before and after example. I did a front PPF using Stek Dynoshield 2 step Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating (gtechniq cryal serum light) 360 window tint including front windshield and rear window (Xpel...
  7. TechnicAutoSpa

    Vendor Your Friendly Neighborhood Detail Shop(Socal): PPF, Ceramic Tint, Ceramic Coating, Detailing

    Hello Tesla Motor Club! We are a shop based in Alhambra, CA just a little east of DTLA. We offer a variety of detail services, Full Front and Full Body PPF, Ceramic Coating, Ceramic Tint, Paint Correction. Paint Protection Film XPEL/STEK Brands We offer all types of PPF services to protect...

    Vendor ALSET Auto Dallas 5% off all services! Save $ on ppf, ceramic coating, tint, and more!

    Hey Tesla Motors Clubbers, ALSET Auto Dallas is currently running a special on 5% off all services! We are DFW's only Tesla exclusive aftermarket shop. PPF, ceramic coating, tint, chrome delete, wheel repair, accessory installation, caliper painting, emblem painting, a pillar blackout, and...
  9. S

    Factory re-paint matching original?

    I took delivery of Model S and there are paint pooling in the quarter panel wheel well. Tesla service center said they would have to ship the car back to factory to correct the paint and it is 3 week turn around time. My concern is will they have issue with paint color matching issue with new...
  10. R

    Swirls in paint under PPF and ceramic coating

    I had ceramic coating and PPF applied to my M3. It was delivered directly from the dealership to the garage. During delivery I discovered 19 different issues ranging from a golf ball sized chunk of paint missing to an issue with the side window where it looks like something is stuck in the...
  11. B

    Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating Question

    Hi all, I'm a novice to how car detailing works as I've never really given much thought to how I could be "protecting" my car paint when I used to drive ICE vehicles. However, the teslas just make me feel... different. Anyways, my question is if I were to undergo a paint correction prior to...
  12. All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    We have applied all around paint protection film on this Tesla Model Y. For more information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  13. All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    We have applied all around paint protection film on this Tesla Model Y. For more information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  14. All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    All Around Paint Protection Film on this Tesla Y

    We have applied all around paint protection film on this Tesla Model Y. For more information visit our website: https://www.mumsports.com/
  15. E

    Fix front bumper chips

    I purchased a used M3 coloured MSM and the previous owner did not put on PPF. It’s difficult to see in the picture, but the front is chewed up from tons of rock chips. Anyone know how I can fix this (and the approximate cost)? I will eventually get PPF for just the front bumper as the rest of...
  16. BZM3

    My Model Y Pick-up Experience and Car Quality/Feel

    Thought I'd share my pickup experience from today. Purchased new Model Y Long Range, White exterior, black interior, 19'' wheels. Car had a small paint blemish above the right rear wheel, our sales agent made note and added it to their system so that it's repair will be free of charge and at...
  17. R

    Paint Chips! Now What?

    Just picked up my M3. Already got my 1st couple chips on the hood. Should I get the paint chip repair kit that Tesla sells on their website or go another route? The real problem is that I have the pearl white paint color on my car and I've seen (video's online) that the paint sample they supply...
  18. N

    Buying used model 3, advice on paint scratch <3

    Hey there everyone! I'm in the process of purchasing my first Tesla, a used model 3 long range RWD! I'm in the final stages of buying—have financing and just scheduling delivery (Monday next week at this point apparently). They just sent me a photos of it, however, and I notice it has a...
  19. CertLive

    Elon announces worlds most advanced paint shop!

    Awesome news! So will I get an option in the app to get my car resprayed? :) A lot to correct you see... Elon Musk on Twitter I think even cleaning out the robots once in a while might help with contamination issues. However how about this for your cybertruck! Alex on Twitter
  20. O

    Dash And Wood Grain Misaligned?

    Hello everyone: I noticed that the seam between the wood grain and dash on my M3 appears to be misaligned, resulting in the plastic of the dash to slightly protrude out. As a result, it's creating a indentation on my front passenger side door. Has anyone else run into this before? I've had my...
  21. S

    Hawaii - Paint Correction/PPF/Ceramic Coating

    Hello everyone...my first post here. I look forward to meeting you all I am in the process of purchasing a inventory model 3 (LR RWD Blue/White) on island. I move to the island on the 11th and have been reading through the forum to find some recommendations for protection for my new Tesla...
  22. SunTek

    Vendor Is your Tesla’s paint protected? If so, how?

    On delivery, the finish of your Tesla had no nicks, swirl marks or scratches. But every day on the road puts that flawless finish at risk. How do you plan to keep your finish looking flawless longer?
  23. apcautospa

    Vendor Introduction Post: New Vendor - APC Auto Spa

    Hello everyone, we are a new vendor to the TMC forums! However we are not new to many of the members here. I wanted to take a moment to introduce our company to those who don't know who we are or what special services we offer to Tesla owners in the PNW. We are located over in Woodinville...
  24. lorenzotint

    Vendor Northeast Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Tint Facts

    Hello Tesla Owners, I've been a TMC Vendor (Lorenzotint) for the past 6 months and a NYC shop owner for 30 years. As a Professional Auto & Flat Glass Window Tinting Film installer since 1981. I've worked with all early 80/90's & 2K generations of Auto Tint and Paint Protection films from Suntek...
  25. EliteFinish

    Vendor Crazy Customized Red Multi-Coat Model 3!

    Just wanted to share this gorgeous Multi-Coat Red Model 3 with everyone. Hopefully it gives somebody inspiration for their Model 3 to see what can be achieved with these cars to make them exactly how you want and feel better than brand new! What are your opinions about what you love or would...
  26. S

    Tesla Paint Repair Kit results

    I have a few rock chips on my Model S and decided to give Tesla's Paint Repair Kit a shot. It's basically a re-packaged Dr. Colorchip kit. I followed the instructional video steps on the product page with some minor adjustments. The rock chip and surrounding area was cleaned with alcohol and I...
  27. DiamondHands

    Red scuff on pearl white exterior

    Hi fam - this photo is of the lower portion of our front passenger door. The scuff mark is from the door hitting our red Tesla radio flyer. What is the best way to fix this? Thanks.
  28. O

    Paint Correction Impact?

    Hi all, I'm getting my Tesla Model 3 paint corrected, and I'm curious about the long-term effects, and if anyone had any experience with the actual clear coat thickness loss. Tons of websites talk about paint correction but they each exaggerate the amount of clear coat 'sacrifice' in their own...
  29. AutoElegance

    Vendor New England Paint Protection Film

    At Automotive Elegance we service any vehicle and any need of a customer in the paint protection world! However this is a Tesla website so we are here to focus on Tesla owners and their specific needs. The delivery dates have been really erratic for new Model 3 owners and we have been working...
  30. O

    Always outdoors, Bay Area care recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm a recent M3 owner and have probably one of the worst combos of all time: I'm OCD about paint quality, but I don't have a garage. The car is always outdoors, 50/50 out in the sun, and almost always near pollen. I'm still eager to keep the car in as top shape as I can so I'm curious...
  31. ninjarice

    Bay Area Chrome Delete, Tint, PPF, Wrap- NL WRAPS

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to post this in the appropriate forum this time. I wanted to share my experience with NL wraps in Santa Clara/San Jose. Jorge the owner gave me very affordable pricing - I won't post it here in case his pricing changes. His attention to detail is amazing too. He's able to...
  32. ninjarice

    Bay Area Chrome Delete and Wraps - NL Wraps

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to share my experience with NL wraps in Santa Clara/San Jose. Jorge the owner gave me very affordable pricing - I won't post it here in case his pricing changes. His attention to detail is amazing too. He's also the first I've seen that gets the folded mirror wrap right...
  33. Envious Eric

    Vendor Envious Detailing Paint Correction, Clear Bra, Modesta Coating thread

    Teslas recently completed by Envious Detailing Below you will find a few of the many Tesla Model 3, S and X vehicles we have worked on and protected for our clients. Typically, these cars are brought straight in from the dealership…just how we like them! No mileage, no rock chips, Just "new"...
  34. Extreme Autowerks

    Vendor So Many Teslas In Need Of Protection!

    With so many enthusiastic Tesla owners walking through our doors, it's very hard not to get infected by their excitement!! We've been working on these beautiful vehicles since the original roadster in all of it's bare bones glory, providing custom fitted clear bras, heat rejecting window film...
  35. MountainRoad

    Experience with Ceramic Pro Coating in CO?

    I’m considering having my Model S coated with Ceramic Pro 9H by this detailing shop here in Boulder, CO: Ceramic Coating – Boulder Auto Detail Any suggestions based on prior experience? My car is more than a year old and I’ve never coated or wrapped it, so I would be particularly interested to...
  36. U

    VA - Tysons Corner Delivery (to detail or not to detail)

    So I should be picking up my TM3 on Friday from the Tyco Rd service center and driving it straight to a detailer for a full XPEL wrap. I'm trying to figure out if I should have the service center do their standard detail on the car or not before taking it to the detailer. Some people say that...
  37. Envious Eric

    Vendor New Model X restored to Better Than New!

    Paint Correction + Envious Detailing + Modesta BC04 This is the highlight reel, head over to the blog for more info and pictures Previous client returned to us with his new Tesla Model X in a black metallic paintjob. This color really looks amazing on this car, without all the swirls and...
  38. Envious Eric

    Vendor Envious Detailing: Paint Correction, Modesta Coatings, Clear Bra Installs

    Envious Detailing is pleased to become a sponsor on TMC. We have hundreds of Tesla MS and MX cars over the years. We are located in Orange, CA. Right between the 57 and 55 freeways close to the 91 and 22. The Honda center is literally about 1 mile away. From our Envious Touch protection...
  39. W

    Paint protection?

    My tesla is arriving in 4-6 weeks, and I've been talking to a detailer about getting paint protection. The quote I'm getting is around $5300 for the following: 1. Paint correction (is this definitely necessary?) 2. Xpel ultimate film 3. cquartz ceramic coating I've seen a lot of videos /...
  40. James@AutoNuvo

    Vendor Introducing AutoNuvo: Clear Bra - Ceramic Coatings - Paint Correction Specialists

    Greetings Tesla Motors Club Members, My name is James Melfi and I represent AutoNuvo, located in Holliston MA. AutoNuvo is a premium car care company that strives to bring the highest level of workmanship to our clients while upholding the highest levels of customer service. Every vehicle...
  41. T

    Vendor Model S - From the body shop to our shop

    This 2014 Tesla Model S 85 had to have the right side repainted. The owner brought it to us because the paint looked faded and with a lot of swirls and scratches. We quickly assessed the vehicle and put a game plan together to bring this beautiful red back to new condition. Pictures show...
  42. F

    Vendor Our monthly post from a new detailing vendor, thanks!

    Most geeky car detailers like us will chuckle to ourselves when we hear someone say, "It shines like it was on the showroom floor!" because inside we're saying "...really, that bad huh?" This isn't a knock against people who think their brand new cars are shiny enough right off the showroom...
  43. T

    Vendor Tesla MS P85D - Paint Correction, Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra, Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

    Vehicle: Tesla Model S P85D Work to be performed: Full Paint Correction, Wrapped full front in Xpel Ultimate clear bra, Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black protective coating, 3M Crystalline window tint (40% sides and back, 70% full windshield). The owner of this MS hired us to properly enhance a...
  44. T

    Vendor Tesla Model S Signature - Intensive Rejuvenation, Paint Correction, Clear Bra & Ceramic Coating

    Tesla Model S Signature - Total Rejuvenation, Enhancement and Protection After seeing our work and witnessing our consistent quality and fanatical attention to detail, the owner of this 2012 Tesla Model S Signature (my favorite color :)) hired us to bring the car back to a "like new condition"...
  45. Brian@Impression

    Vendor 85D Paint Correction with CQuartz Coating - Impression Auto Salon in Santa Clarita, CA

    The final results Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! We are a sponsor here and did this 85D a while back so we wanted to share with you guys. We truly love helping our customers make their cars look perfect and keep them that way and this model S was no exception. When this new...
  46. Joseph Torbati

    Vendor Pretty sure this is a first!

    At OCDetail we have already worked on 30 Model X's! Were known for "bringing the shine" when it comes to paint corrections, protective coating applications, and installing paint protection film. I know we've personally wrapped 6 Model X's front to back with Xpel ultimate. This one though was...
  47. T

    Vendor 2015 Tesla MS 60 - Paint Correction and Gtechniq Paint Protection

    The owner of this preowned MS 60 brought it to us for the paint protection services we are well known for. He didn't really know how bad the finish on his car was. Keep in mind, most swirls, deep scratches and holograms you're about to see on the pictures below were done by whoever tried to...
  48. T

    Vendor Model S P90D - Paint Correction, Opti-Coat Pro, 3M Crystalline tint & AlloyGators

    This 2015 Model S came in for our enhancement and protection services. We performed a paint correction to remove unsightly swirls and scratches and also enhance the gloss of the paintwork. We then applied Opti-Coat Pro to protect the paintwork from the elements for 5yrs. We also installed...
  49. T

    Vendor Tesla Model S P85D - Xpel Ultimate paint protective film install

    This rocket ship will be receiving our Ultimate New Car Prep. ▪ Window tint (already completed with 40% on the sides and 70% on the windshield. ▪ Paint Correction. ▪ Xpel Ultimate paint protective film to cover the entire front end. ▪ Gtechniq Crystal Serum to protect everything for 7yrs...
  50. T

    Vendor 2013 Tesla P85 - Detail, Paint Correction, Protection and AlloyGator Installation

    This 2013 Tesla MS P85 was brought to our detail studio for Clear Bra removal, detail, paint correction, ceramic coating application and installation of AlloyGator wheel protection. This customer drove up from Naples to have us transform his MS and I believe we achieved just that. Vehicle at...