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paint damage

  1. C

    Tons of Micro Sratches On Delivery Day (2023 Black Model Y LR)

    I had to go to a detail shop to get it paint corrected. The paint condition was quite poor. Before and after example. I did a front PPF using Stek Dynoshield 2 step Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating (gtechniq cryal serum light) 360 window tint including front windshield and rear window (Xpel...
  2. E

    ‘22 M3 RWD Front Bumper Damaged

    Just got the top of my bumper scratched up by a large vehicle :(. Just took delivery a couple weeks ago so this was a tough pill to swallow, luckily no one was hurt and there was no other damage. it looks like the bumper is the only part damaged (the white mark on the lip of the hood is just...
  3. T

    How much to fix this?

    An incompetent family member has done this (dashcam confirmed) by scraping it against the gate into the property. What cost am I likely to be looking at to fix this? It has gone through the basecoat but not the primer and the underlying metal hasn't dented.
  4. M

    How do I get epoxy off my Paint

    So I had a LOT of water in a tail light on my 2021 LRMY. Put in a service ticket and mobile guy came out to replace it. As he was leaving he rang the doorbell and said that while he was pulling the light out, it broke the plastic clips on the reflector next to the tail light (the peice that on...
  5. TPerth

    Rear passenger inner door frame scratches.

    Does anyone happen to have these scratches on the inside of the rear door frames about 20cm above the latch? I've took it in to the service center twice to have it fixed but all they've done is just touch it up. Now I'm told it's not a warranty item because the demo cars have the same scratches...
  6. tempest2001

    Just noticed this paint defect, is this a major issue?

    The detailer pointed out this paint defect on the side of the trunk on the inside, so you can only see it when you open the trunk. Is this a major issue? It looks to be smooth the touch so maybe some kind of dust or something under the primer? I reported it to Tesla service but not sure what...
  7. R

    Swirls in paint under PPF and ceramic coating

    I had ceramic coating and PPF applied to my M3. It was delivered directly from the dealership to the garage. During delivery I discovered 19 different issues ranging from a golf ball sized chunk of paint missing to an issue with the side window where it looks like something is stuck in the...
  8. lookatbowen

    Deep scratch/paint job repair advice needed after human forgot how to reverse.

    Today my soon to be ex-wife forgot how to reverse our 4-month-old Tesla Model 3 out the driveway. I have a 36-second video showing what happened and the photo of the damage below. My question for the forum is how much can I expect to pay to have this damage repaired and if anyone has any...
  9. T

    Mud flap effectiveness after 1.5k miles (or lack of)

    For the first two months of owning my MY I drove without any mud flaps on. In Feb 2021, I installed mudflaps from ZL1 Addons. After about ~1.5k miles of driving in a Northeast winter, there's some pretty nasty paint and trim damage. The trim is most surprising. At the time of installation, I saw...
  10. Freewheeler

    Vendor DIY Door PPF?

    I've been offering a kit to members that address that area. Reasonable price and easy enough to do. I made it to protect the flare until a mudflap comes out but will probably use both in the future. Sold out at the moment but will have more inventory fabricated in the next day or so. PM me if...
  11. Freewheeler

    Vendor MY Lower Rear Door PPF Kits

    Hey everyone! I crafted a PPF kit to address the "strike zone" on the lower half of the Model Y rear doors where they flare out and are impacted by grit and gravel spray from the front tires. Until there's a decent front mudflap something needs to be done, and I'll still use this even after...
  12. G

    Advice Needed: Return or Wait for Potential Fixes

    I picked up my new Model Y last weekend and noticed several cosmetic (paint, chips, others) and a couple alignment issues. The person on the lot recommended that I take the car and schedule a service appointment to have these issues fixed. Problem is the next available appointment is not until...
  13. CertLive

    The one issue the board forgot to vote on! ( End of the Line )

    The simple last step and answer to most Tesla car owners dreams. Please take this one tip from VW.
  14. G

    Bumper paint cracking/rising - placement next to headlight?

    My Tesla came with a three inch scrape low on the bumper. It was a contactless delivery but they could see I hadn’t driven the car so Tesla accepted that it came that way and replaced the bumper. I then had the car immediately ceramic coated. Now, a week and very few miles later, there is a...
  15. PPFVIP

    Vendor Tesla Model 3 Full Body Paint Protection

    We recently finished this project and gained an other happy customer. As we all know, unfortunately Tesla vehicles have an accelerated paint degradation problem. We wouldn't want to go into details why. This article is not about that. It's about the solution. And this solution called: paint...
  16. X

    Used Model X paint defect - warranty issue

    Hi all, Purchased my 2017 model X from Tesla last month and there's a swarm of issues we have been dealing with... One issue we recently noticed was the roof of the vehicle has faded paint, which looks clearly like a defect. However, upon sending the picture to the service center via text (not...
  17. Aphinity

    Hood paint damage - Pearl paint sucks

    My 5 week old Model 3 pearl white multicoat just got rear-ended by my neighbour while backing up his truck-bed camper truck. I had just finished washing it, too. Thankfully, it missed the headlights and fenders, but put multiple deep scratches lengthwise on the hood and wrecked the emblem (and...
  18. R

    Paint Chips! Now What?

    Just picked up my M3. Already got my 1st couple chips on the hood. Should I get the paint chip repair kit that Tesla sells on their website or go another route? The real problem is that I have the pearl white paint color on my car and I've seen (video's online) that the paint sample they supply...
  19. N

    Buying used model 3, advice on paint scratch <3

    Hey there everyone! I'm in the process of purchasing my first Tesla, a used model 3 long range RWD! I'm in the final stages of buying—have financing and just scheduling delivery (Monday next week at this point apparently). They just sent me a photos of it, however, and I notice it has a...
  20. Reeler

    SR+ Delivery with Scratch | Tesla would not fix | Poll Q

    I went to pickup my black Model 3 this morning and there were a few swirls, a rub mark from shipping, a dust spot on the trunk lid, and a couple of deeper scratches visible in the cleanly detailed car. Most paint damage was on the bumper. They said they could swap out the bumper with a painted...

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