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paint protectant

  1. Z

    Starting to regret my purchase

    I'm curious if anyone else out there has had a lot of issues in a short time or if I drew the short straw? I purchased my 3 AWD exactly 1 month ago to the day. I arrived at the delivery center barely containing my excitement. I signed the paperwork, they handed me the keys and said bye bye...I...
  2. SSCustoms

    Vendor SSCustoms Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra Blog

    Whether it’s a partial front end, full front end, or the entire vehicle, headlights or taillights, adding an XPEL paint protection film allows you to protect the integrity of your vehicle. At the Vehicle Enhancement Studio we install four Paint Protection Films & Clear Bras per week. Stay...
  3. SunTek

    Vendor Is your Tesla’s paint protected? If so, how?

    On delivery, the finish of your Tesla had no nicks, swirl marks or scratches. But every day on the road puts that flawless finish at risk. How do you plan to keep your finish looking flawless longer?
  4. M

    Front a Bumper Lip Protection

    I have a 2018 MS 100D and I’m concerned about damaging the bottom of the front bumper lip. I know PPF will protect the front-end, but pulling up against curbing will tear right through that film. Can anyone recommend a product that will protect the bottom of the lip?? Thanks!
  5. AutoElegance

    Vendor New England Paint Protection Film

    At Automotive Elegance we service any vehicle and any need of a customer in the paint protection world! However this is a Tesla website so we are here to focus on Tesla owners and their specific needs. The delivery dates have been really erratic for new Model 3 owners and we have been working...
  6. T

    Paint Protection Film in Connecticut/Hartford CT - interested in group rate?

    Hi, if anyone have any reference for a local shop doing paint protection for Model 3, please advise. Got few but the price seems excessive for just full front. We have two folks looking to do this and if anyone of you would like to join to negotiate a better price for a quality instal, let's...
  7. VerityZooms

    Meet Verity, the bubblegum-pink Model X

    Hi. This is Verity. She's been my dream car, well, basically since I first saw the Roadster in ~2008. The moment I saw a video of the Roadster, I said to a friend, “if these guys ever make an SUV, I'm in.” Fast-forward to February 8th 2012¹, when I watched the unveiling announcement of this...
  8. GasKilla

    What's better long term SunTek or Xpel?

    I saw a white S85 this morning in a parking lot and their "clear bra" was turning yellow. I ordered a black MS, called a couple of installers yesterday asked one guy what he thought was better and he said he would NOT put Xpel on the super high end cars he does (Bugatti etc). So I'd like to...
  9. Brian@Impression

    Vendor CQuartz Finest - Our Choice for Protective Ceramic Glass Paint Coatings

    About CQuartz Finest Coatings We LOVE what we do. We are car enthusiasts to the core, and our heart beats for horsepower, muscle cars, Harley’s and hot rods. We are in love with what Tesla has been doing – everything from the original S with its awesome in-dash screen and two trunks, replacing a...
  10. C

    Dallas area body/paint protectant?

    I had earlier asked about a particular vendor in the area. Does anyone else have recommendations for anyone other than Speedshield? What product did you get and how was the service? Ballpark cost and how long to complete? Thanks.