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panel gaps

  1. John Lim

    2023 Model Y panel gap comparison

    Hi, I am about to take delivery and I think that my panel gaps are uneven. Especially the right side panel gaps seem way wider than the left. The left side panel gaps seem really good and tight. Is it just me or is the right side panel gap too wide? Or am I just being too overly sensitive...
  2. John Lim

    Is this dModel Y Panel Gap Normal?

    I went to pick up my model Y today but I wasn't sure if this panel gap was normal (so therefore, didn't take delivery today). Does this look normal to you? I've noticed that the right side looks wider than the left side panel gap.
  3. G

    Boot door Panel Gap on passenger size, how do I get it fixed? Costs?

    Hello everyone, I have a model 3 on Lease, I have had it for 8 months or so. I noticed that boot has massive panel gap on passenger side. The more I look at it, I am shocked how I did not notice it until now. The driver seems to be fine. I also noticed that underneath (when boot is open), the...
  4. K

    2022 MYP w/ Replika R241 (and some questions regarding gaps leading to water ingress)

    Hi all, Finally picked up my MYP this weekend, loving it so far. Swapped out the wheels for some 19" Replika R241 and I think it looks pretty sweet. I'll do a larger writeup of the differences that I (definitely) could feel, but this post was more for some questions I had regarding the gaps...
  5. CertLive

    The one issue the board forgot to vote on! ( End of the Line )

    The simple last step and answer to most Tesla car owners dreams. Please take this one tip from VW.
  6. S

    Model Y - the dirty dozen

    Delivery day was last Saturday for me. Unfortunately I had to decline taking this car due to the large number and severity of some of the issues. There were over a dozen of them, some more important than others of course. Noise Insulators for A/C and Heatpump are missing and need to be...
  7. Brother T

    My A-Z Guide to Model 3

    I am a happy owner of Model 3 Stealth Performance. I found out about the "silent but deadly" nature of EV cars through the movie Stuber. After a little research, I came across Tesla Model 3 and instantly loved it. So, I ordered it on Oct 31, 2019. However, going from order day to the day after...
  8. Tomx17

    Quality Questions / Concerns

    I spoke with my delivery specialist today. I asked about panel gaps and delivery issues. He comforted and told me confidently that "Tesla has been doing way better this year with panel gaps and quality issues - especially in the Scottsdale location." Obviously, I didn't believe him at all and...
  9. AlanSubie4Life

    Looking for Do-it-yourself Door Alignment Information

    My passenger side doors have been misaligned on my car since I got it over a year ago. I'm understandably reluctant to bring the car to a service center to have this addressed (some of this stuff is on the due bill, which I still haven't had addressed): TL;DR: 1) Has anyone adjusted the...
  10. I

    Edinburgh SR+ pickup, minor body issues, impressions and other thoughts

    Hey all. A brief account of my experience picking up in Edinburgh on Saturday. There were 5 cars in our group. We got time with a demo car. We were showed about and our apps were set up automagically. Our cars were outside and were 'big revealed'. My white SR+ had no paint issues but did have...
  11. astrowunder

    PSA: check for rust at this point

    Hi Guys, Matt from Tech Forum posted this video: Now there's some talk accusing him of not mentioning that he's been in a couple of fender-benders which is surely why this is happening. However, I have not had any body work done and have not had any car to car encounters with my car and I...
  12. S

    Can See Back Plastic From Interior Driver-side Passenger Panel When Looking Into Car From Outside

    The interior panel with the armrest, button to get out, window controls is sticks out above where the trim line is on the outside. When you're standing outside the car, you can see the plastic backside from that interior panel. It's pretty ugly. Haven't seen anyone else complain about this, but...
  13. G

    Anyone with a similar experience - rocker panel gap?

    In the recent days, I had my car transported from SF Bay Area to Maryland. This morning I noticed a gap that I had not seen before on the front passenger side. Appreciate any guidance from the forum. Has someone had a similar experience - is this a manufacturing issue or possible damage in transit?

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