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pano roof

  1. Supratrboo

    FS: Tesla Model S 85 kw - FUSC - AP1 - MCU2 -97k Miles - Blk/Blk/Blk

    Recently changed to a model x for the family. 2014 Model S 85kw MCU2 AP1 Black / Black Panoramic Sunroof Premium interior package Alcantara headliner and dash 21” black powder coated turbines Ceramic coating July 2022 New tires New 12v battery HV battery and drive motor still under warranty...
  2. coreywgrant

    Did I Find the Leaking Pano Roof Culprit

    Anyone have a 2012 - 2017 Model S with a non leaking roof? If so do you have this little gap? There is one on each side of the car right in front of the driver and in front of the passenger?
  3. M

    Model 3 panoramic roof?

    Hi all, I was just wondering everyone’s thoughts on weather the model 3 will ever get the full panoramic glass roof like the Y? Would it be possible to move the corssbar to the back of the car abs really open up the roof? I know it’s basically all glass already but when sitting in the back when...
  4. D

    Leaking (and struggling to open) pano roof on 2015 P85D

    I opened my panoroof the other day for the first time since I bought the car a few months ago. Since then it leaks but only when driving. My inner seal is deteriorating although the odd thing is that it looks worse on the drive side, the leak is only happening from the passenger side...
  5. Garnetter

    New S - found 2 build issues. Looking for advice.

    I've had my dream car now for 3 weeks now and finally gave her a bath last weekend. This is when I noticed two build issues that I need to figure out the best way to get them fixed. Inside the front driver's side wheel well, the rubber boot that covers the ultrasonic sensor is exposed. I...
  6. besnova

    Tesla Model S Roof - Side Applique

    The driver's side/left-hand side side applique is loose and after lifting the back part of it, most of the applique just snapped off of the body. The clips that hold the applique is still connected and not adhered to the body anymore. It looks like the adhesive glue is old and dry now. I used...
  7. ForeverFree

    Model S Pano Roof Sunshade -- Like New, $95 OBO

    $150 new in Tesla Store. Please reply or PM, if interested.
  8. J

    2015 Tesla Model S 70D For Sale - $51,995

    Looking to sell my 2015 70D to make way for an upgrade. I have babied this car for 3 years and it is in pristine condition as a result. I live in the city where it is relatively easy to get around for daily needs so I did not use this as an everyday car, ~21k miles on it. Kept in a private...
  9. johnbarkwell

    Rattling Pano Roof

    I have a late 2016 MS 75 that is just over a year old with 9K miles. I have had this persistent lite rattle noise coming from my Pano roof for over six months. It is more apparent on rougher roads and sounds like crackling rain on the roof. I recently took it in for maintenance and the only...
  10. myblubu

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Panoramic Roof + XPEL + Passport 9500ci w Laser Shifters + extras

    2013 Tesla Model S P85 - Panoramic Roof + XPEL - for sale: $55,900 or best offer Since there was a problem with the image host I used in the previous post, I'm posting this with a new image host, hopefully this works better to view the pictures. Non-smoker, no pets, no kids Car is...
  11. Az_Rael

    I may have found the max wind load for the pano roof

    Driving home on a typical "breezy" day for the Antelope Valley, I had some issues with my pano roof closing properly. I was driving about 65mph with a 40mph headwind and the pano open. I turned south onto the freeway and decided to close the roof since it gets a lot louder in a crosswind...
  12. gotz2ride

    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $65k

    Attached is the link to my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D that I am selling. Autopilot enabled free supercharging for life. Pano roof, sub zero package, gray (or silver) next gen seats Cars for Sale: Used 2015 Tesla Model S in , Vail AZ: 85641 Details - Sedan - Autotrader
  13. C

    Crush / Rollover safety impacted by glass roof or panoramic roof?

    One selling point for the Model S is the famous story of how it "broke" the testing machine which tried to crush it. I *assume* that test was conducted with a solid metal roof. Any engineers here who can comment on how much, if any, crushing resistance is likely to be traded away for a clear...
  14. C

    In Real Life Picture Request // HELP!!!

    Hi all, I placed an order payment on a new 60D, but I am second guessing myself on color choices. Does anyone have some in real life pics of the following car, or something very close to it? FLAT BLACK EXTERIOR / TAN NEXT GEN INTERIOR / BLACK HEADLINER w/ pano would be even more helpful...
  15. J

    The reasonably* priced Model S

    Hi there, I am placing my order this week to take advantage of the referral discount that ends 10/15 that a friend of my provided me. I know a lot of people post a lot of things about getting the fastest best Model S available out there, but I never found a good post about someone looking for...
  16. gotz2ride

    2014 Tesla Model S85 w/o Autopilot For Sale UPDATE: Price Reduced

    2014 Tesla Model S 85 w/19,000 miles $65,000 MOTIVATED TO SELL Price Reduced 2014 Tesla Model S 85, 19,000 miles (higher than previous because we drove it to Ohio from Florida to house hunt), tech package (lift gate), pano roof, turning lights ,Premium Sound Package, tan leather, eco-hitch...
  17. Reekdog

    Tips on How to Clean the Pano Roof Wind Deflector

    The fabric wind deflector on the Pano roof collects a lot of unsightly debris, (i.e. bugs, lint etc.) Just curious how TMC members clean theirs?
  18. I

    WTB: Tesla Model S 85 2013 or 2014

    Looking to buy Model S with the following specs - Red Exterior - Black Seats (open to other color but black is prefered) - 85 - Pano roof - Under 40K miles The rest options are a plus. I am based out of New York so preferably cars close by but open to other options. Will pay cash or open to...
  19. A

    Pano Roof Stuck Open

    Went to open my pano roof -- great spring Tucson weather -- it opened, and appears to want to stay open forevermore. It won't close. Tried reboot, double reboot, hard reboot, all 3 methods of opening, pulled fuse and checked with service advice over phone...nothing works. Scheduled for repairs...
  20. J

    Pano Roof Daylight

    I am in the process of ordering a Model S! In all of my other vehicles I have had sunroofs. I don't really use them. However, I do enjoy the extra light and openness that they provide while shut. Here are my questions: 1. Does the Model S pano sunroof add much daylight into the cabin? 2...
  21. selsrog

    Panoramisch dak - doen of niet doen?

    Allen, sta in twijfel (niet meer voor de Model S ;-) in verband met het Panoramische dak. Mijn huidige auto heeft het: in de winter sluit ik de "zonnewering" (vaak) omwille van de kou, en in de zomer omwille van de zon (te warm). Laat de Tesla nou juist geen zonnewering hebben... In het...
  22. sgblank

    Pano Roof Noise - Factory Fix Coming

    Brought my P85 in to Menlo Park for service on multiple items, one of which was noise at high speeds on a closed Pano roof. Service said they adjusted the seals which may help a little, but then the rep said there's a factory fix coming to address this issue. The rep said the fix is pretty...
  23. Miuaiga

    Malfunctioning Pano Roof

    I attempted to open it. It did so while making an unexpected metal against metal sound just above my head on the driver's side. I was able to close it, but now when I try to open it, it goes back about four inches and stops. Air screen does not come up on the driver's side, and I am getting...
  24. A

    Roof Rack Cover on Pano Roof broke

    Soon after I got my car I accidentally broke one of the covers that flip up to expose the roof rack mounting points on the Pano roof. These covers are extremely delicate. Anyway, I took my car in to the Fremont service center to fix the creaking Pano roof problem and asked them to also fix the...