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  1. jordanthompson

    Need a Roadster for a LGBQ parade in Melbourne, Florida this weekend

    Hi all, we are out of town (so our Roadster is out) and our EV club is looking for an convertible EV for a LGBQ parade this weekend in the Melbourne Florida area. They are looking for a convertible so a political candidate can ride in it; you may guess the party :-) If anyone is willing to join...
  2. cadurney

    World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade

    Every March, the World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day parade is held in Hot Springs, Arkansas. This year, tWich from the Ellen Show, So You Think You Can Dance, etc., is the marshal. Anyone interested in getting a group of Teslas together to ride in the parade? We're talking a total of 98...
  3. Zythryn

    Model X in parades...

    I recently saw some images on Facebook of a Model X in a parade with flags attached to the back of the Falcon Wing Doors (such that in the wind, or with the car moving, the flags would trail behind the open FWDs). I am trying to figure out how they were attached? Any ideas? I could see...
  4. 3PHASE

    4th of July Events

    Are you entering your Tesla into one of the Nation's many small town 4th of July Parades, like the Firecracker Run? (www.firecrackerrun.org).