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park assist

  1. M

    New model X FSD and park assist questions

    Hello all! Just picked up a new model X in USA region and I wonder if anyone can clarify some of the missing features ? It is running 2023.6.11.2 which seems to be the latest software in mass distribution (6.15 I think is still limited release). FSD beta says it's coming in a future update...
  2. R

    Trading Standards & Park Assist

    It’s not as sexy a scandal (it is scandalous) as the great FSD rip-off but is there a case to be made against a manufacturer offering a car with ‘Parking Assistance’ that is delivered with exactly zero assistance? Yes, we know they say it’s coming but we know that could be never and even if it...
  3. M

    Poll - When do you believe park assist will be available again?

    Very informal poll :-) "For a short period of time during this transition, Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily limited or inactive, including: Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is traveling <5 mph."...
  4. D

    what's the trick to get autopark to work?!

    had autopark for several weeks now and have seen it offer to park in my work's car park just once (it didn't do a bad job of it to be fair). we have clearly marked bays. what's the trick to get it to actually offer to park for you? I'm crawling along at 5 mph or so - I thought that's all you...
  5. M

    Loss of cruise

    Recently took my 2021 Model 3 in to have the windows tinted. When I picked up the car I lost parking assist, cruise control, rear cameras and navigation. I removed the mirror and cover and everything looks to be plugged in and the tint is NOT covering the camera. I've powered of the car and done...
  6. E

    Radio won’t play

    When I try to turn on the radio I only see a spinning circle searching and searching. What’s wrong and what can I do about it? Thanks. Also is anyone else still getting lots of park assist unavailable warnings whilst driving down the street and nowhere near a parking spot?
  7. JamstationP85D

    Code GTW_w182 - Park Assist Unavailable

    At first I thought it was snow or ice. Washed the car and its still there. EAP works but its not picking up any cars or objects while driving or parking (and wont lane change for me). Also annoying ding every few minutes. Service appointment is booked for North York Toronto but its a week out...
  8. Lx2m3

    Park Assist

    Could someone tell me if Park Assist is included with Model 3 SR+. The manual says this: “Visual and Audio Feedback When you shift to Reverse, the Park Assist view displays on the touchscreen, showing objects that are in close proximity to the front and rear of Model 3.”
  9. TomdH

    Parkeer piepjes telkens uit: kras....

    Het is me opgevallen dat in 1 van de laatste updates de "park assist chimes" standaard uit staan.... Aangezien ik hierop helemaal vaar in het achteruit rijden, inparkeren etc deed me dat tegen mijn brievenbus aanrijden waardoor een kras. Jammer om hier zo achter te komen. Ik zie nu ook geregeld...
  10. UkrHog

    Front Bumper Sensor Damage by a Rock Chip Park Assist Unavailable/Disabled

    This morning I noticed the following message in my 2017 Model S. “Park Assist Disabled” and then sometimes changes to “Park Assist Unavailable”. I called the SC, they said they would look into it and get back to me. After a few hours I didn’t hear back from them, so I looked over all my front...
  11. fasteddie7

    Autopilot at 50% due to accident

    after a year of babying my car, it finally took its first whack in a parking lot. The hit, although seemingly far away from the sensor, made parking assist disabled. Certified Tesla body shop says 6 months to fix, and Tesla can’t look at it without double dipping insurance. So as a PSA here’s...
  12. fasteddie7

    Does this hole in bumper need covered?

    Recently had a fender bender. Small hole in my bumper and seems like park assist is out, even though it doesn't seem to be too close to the sensor. (Pic attached) do I need to cover this with electrical tape until repair or is it best to leave it be?
  13. benjiejr

    Autopark Demo

    I could not get the Autopark feature to recognize a parallel parking spot without putting a trash bin on the curb. My guess is that it didn't recognize the 7" curb. Once I put the trash bin on the curb it would recognize it. I tried this many, many times over the span of an hour with and...
  14. B

    Anyone install parking sensors yet?

    I know there are a ton of places that have done the Model S in LA (Parking Sensors) - but has anyone gotten it done in Boston?