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  1. J


    Hi, we have a model 3, we recently had an issue, we think somebody backed up on our car hit it, and ran away, we have the metal part vented and the bumper is damaged we went to see the footage and we noticed the last 3 days are missing. It jumps from 3/11 to 3/15 and we believe the incident was...
  2. L

    Console on when parked

    2021 M3LR 2023.26.8 since the 26.8 update, i'm finding that my center console is often on when parked in the garage. sentry is off, the car charged to 80%, and yet when i walk into the garage, if the console isn't already on, it turns on when i'm there. I've no idea why this is happening, but...
  3. Tslgrl

    Windows Open When MY Parked

    Looking for some guidance. Apologies if someone else has written on this. Twice in the past week I’ve come out to our MY and the windows have been down 1 inch. First time it happened was parked at the airport for a week. The weather was between -10 and +10 when we were away. Fortunately the...
  4. C

    Pedestrian warning on when car parked/charging.

    This just happened to me yesterday where i went into the garage and the pedestrian warning sound was coming out of the car. It was the white noise (forward) and the car was parked (mirrors folded), screen off, and plugged into my wall connector (charging completed). Took it out a few hours...
  5. D

    Car heating up when parked upwards of 90 degrees farenheit

    I have a Model 3 LR AWD. The car appears to heat up on some days when parked at work. When I say, heating up, it is sometimes as high as 103F when ambient temperature is sub-freezing. The service center found nothing wrong (but did confirm that the temperature was high). Tesla claims the...
  6. Granny’s car

    Clicking noise when parked

    For a week now, my model 3 has been making clicking noises at night when parked in the garage. The sound is similar to locking and unlocking. Sometimes, you can hear the motor try to start up and then shut down. Any suggestions?
  7. T

    V9.0 Dashcam continues to record in Garage

    I have about a dozen lusfiles of the car sitting in the garage getting charged. Happen to anyone else. Why dows it not stop recording, once the driver door is closed.
  8. H

    Model X shift stick lock / child safety

    Hello all - I just took delivery of a Model X 100D. I am aiming to do a post about it but for now I have a question which I could not find an answer for in my many hours in the forum. I have two kids and they normally play in the car when we park somewhere etc - however I am concerned that...
  9. K

    Keeping power on when parked, and not in driver seat

    Any tips on this? I place a bag in the driver seat so that it senses the weight, but that only gives about 15 minutes before everything shuts off.
  10. A

    Constant hum while parked in the garage

    I've recently upgraded my 2013 MS to a 2016 model, and noticed that the new car always seems to have a hum while parked in the garage. Doing some searching revealed that it's expected that there would be some humming due to coolant circulation and such, but I don't think it should be lasting...