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parking assist

  1. B

    USS Parking sensors retrofit?

    I'm desperately thinking about retrofitting USS parking sensors into my Berlin-made Model Y. I heard some rumors that all is missing is 12x parking sensor with it's retainer and 2 wiring harness on bumper side as vehicle-side harness is still installed. Maybe extra coding is needed in Vehicle...
  2. I

    Tesla vision parking assist bug

    I have a 2023 USS-less Model 3 and upgraded to 2023.6.9 when it came out. The new Tesla vision parking assist has been incredibly buggy and many many times when I leave a red light, I get this: It does not matter whether it's rainy or sunny, it happens multiple times per trip and it is...
  3. insaneoctane

    360 "birdseye" parking assist

    This topic comes up a lot. I know that Tesla does NOT have the hardware to make this happen in a conventional stitch and process the image sort of way, but...... Since we know that the FSD/AP computer is constantly generating a 3D map of our surroundings (think = cones, trash cans, stop...
  4. CertLive

    Why does the model 3 have the worst parking camera overlay?

    Now I know the lines connected to the camera represent the rear wheels in my case the left one does not join the bottom like the right... But you have all that sensor information wouldn't it be great in 2020 Tesla do some updates to this so we can see more spacial relevant information of the...
  5. B

    Self parking in a very tight garage - doable?

    Hi everybody, My wife is taking delivery of our Stealth tomorrow. We had agreed that we wouldn't even try to park it in our tiny tiny garage. I'd be too scared to try to park it in there. I used to own an old Accord and it was a nightmare. But then wife smartly asked: what about that...
  6. W

    GoParking feature for a group of cars with auto pilot

    Hi, I came up with idea to save space on parking lot. A group of cars with autopilot could coordinate their actions to be closer on a parking stripe. In the chain of cars must be just 1 bigger space allowing a car to leave the lot, but not enough to park a yet another car. If a car in the...
  7. B

    Tesla advantage of the auto (assisted) parking

    One of Tesla most noted features recognized by the mass market, is the ability for the vehicle to not only drive but park itself. The advantage can be realized by anybody from the city to suburbs; and anywhere seeking convenience. This latest video series will demonstrate the advantage Tesla has...
  8. J

    Can get the P to come up for Auto Parking Perpendicularly

    I've tried to use the Auto Park feature but I never get the P on my dash that shows my car is ready to park itself. I've driven super slow past the cars and driven close to them, but it never shows up. Any suggestions?
  9. E

    Tesla has built the real life K.I.T.T - 7.1 Summons - Knight Rider Style

    Great video showing Tesla Model S as the real life KITT using the 7.1 Summoning release/update: David Hasselhoff would be happy!
  10. F

    New: ticket-avoidance-mode for Model S.

    Tesla Announcment: Ticket Avoidance Mode Haven't seen this posted yet... Taking advantage of its autopilot hardware, plus some ingenious use of aimable wind shield washer nozzles, our Tesla's now can avoid parking tickets. (also on Tesla's Facebook page)
  11. RFBrost

    Model S Upgrades

    I have always considered my Model S a luxury and I think scrimping on a luxury is self defeating, consequently when I ordered my Model S I bought a fully loaded P85. There were two features that many of us wanted and were not then available for purchase: 1) Power Folding Mirrors 2) Parking...