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parking brake

  1. M

    Issue or normal? Parking brake sound for Model 3

    My car makes a whirring sound when engaging or disengaging Park. Is the sound in the clip below normal?
  2. Seth2020

    Your helpful guide to the Tesla Model 3 parking brake

    These three things are true: 1. Whenever the car is put into Park (P), the parking brake is applied. You can call this "automatic parking brake" 2. If you press and hold the right stalk end-button for 3-4 seconds it will apply the parking brake if it is not already applied. If already applied...
  3. D

    Scary incident: Car slides backwards after driver exits car

    A couple days ago, I parked my P85D in my driveway, which slopes downwards towards the street. There was no passenger, just me. After opening the door (no warning sounds), exiting the car and standing by it behind the open door, the car suddenly started rolling backwards, down the slope, with...
  4. YYZ-IAD

    Frozen Parking Brake: -1 F

    Hi First winter with MS. Was parked outside last week in -1F temps with considerable snow. Next morn, I could not drive car F or R. Wheels just felt locked up. A warning message on dash about parking brakes - and seek Tesla service. On second try five mins later, brakes did release...
  5. efusco

    2012 Model S undrivable due to parking brack won't release

    Tried to drive my daughter to school and myself to work this morning in my 2012 Model S with 80,000+ miles and the parking brake would not release. I think it's just the right rear brake, but may have been more than that initially, but the other(s) broke free. I made multiple attempts to back...
  6. Hubris

    New Rear Brake Calipers For non-Performance Model S and X

    New Model S and X are now being delivered with a different rear brake setup for non performance cars. (60/75/90kW cars) Performance trim cars retain the previous design. Highlights Single Piston rear brake caliper now replacing 4 piston rear caliper for non performance models Integrated...
  7. L

    Parking brake errors, car often immobile, service WILL NOT COVER under warranty

    Hi all, Just posting to vent some of my frustration / see if anyone has been in a similar boat. For the past two years of ownership, my car has suffered from numerous parking brake errors, that often leave me stranded far from home and having to get towed. The first time it happened was just a...