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parking lot

  1. Padelford

    More FSD Beta 11.3.3 Adventures: Construction, Traffic Cones & Parking Lot Short-Cuts?

    Do we start giving the software creativity points for re-routing? It certainly doesn’t get many performance points, except that it did follow the traffic cone re-route. All it had to do was just keep going and move back into the right lane after the construction site. It did a pretty good...
  2. N

    Ideas for concealing backboard / panel / meter / electrical boxes for parking lot EV chargers at condo.

    Hey all, I joined my condos BOD for pretty much the sole purpose of completing an EV charging project. The project was finally approved and the install started today. We pulled out a new electrical service, so needed a backboard, electrical panels, and meter. I might be overly paranoid here...
  3. engle

    Tesla Fremont Factory New Car Parking Lot ALL Cameras: 1/1/2020 @ 12:40 AM - Count the leftovers! ;)

    (start at 0:50) Greetings Fellow TSLA (and TSLAQ, too ;-)! My New Year's gift to you'll is 6 minutes each of the Tesla front, left repeater, right repeater, and back cameras of the ENTIRE Tesla Fremont Factory New Car Staging Parking Lot that was used to buffer ALL the cars delivered en masse...
  4. plasmo

    Model S doesn't see the concrete Parking Lot stop blocks, but Model X does

    One of the things about our Model X that I like is how it is able to consistently detect the distance from a concrete front bumper stop block (4 7/8" h) when approaching it in a parking lot. My Model S rarely seems to be able to detect this. Is this what other Model S owners have experienced...
  5. fasteddie7

    Soon to be new owner ?: Experiences with leaving car unattended

    Hi Everyone! I live in a happy little community but I have a little concern with places I travel. I spend a lot of time in parking lots of malls and big cities. Are there any best practices for leaving the car unattended for hours at a time in parking lots or am I over thinking it and not...