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parking sensors

  1. B

    USS Parking sensors retrofit?

    I'm desperately thinking about retrofitting USS parking sensors into my Berlin-made Model Y. I heard some rumors that all is missing is 12x parking sensor with it's retainer and 2 wiring harness on bumper side as vehicle-side harness is still installed. Maybe extra coding is needed in Vehicle...
  2. F

    Best methods to trigger parking detection?

    We have a small garage with a load bearing post near the center of it that pops up as an obstacle for the parking proximity detectors. We would like to be able to park very close to this on our Midel Y’s right side, to leave more room for the driver to exit. Has anyone had luck with paint or...
  3. S

    Model 3 external sensors

    I have a question about the 'proximity sensors' on the rear bumper of the Model 3. I've noticed when driving that vehicles that show on my main screen which are in-front and on either side of my car show up as solid picture representations, while the vehicle/s directly behind me flicker and...
  4. W

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Parking Sensor Harness

    Long story short, I bought a used July 2018 Model 3 in August 2020. I live in Central KY and we recently had a lot of snow and ice. After I cleared my car, one of my front parking sensors died. I bought a new sensor and replaced it myself with no luck. Tesla Service came to my house today to...
  5. B

    Suggestions for Elon

    Why not...when vehicle is parked and sentry mode is active, have parking sensors activate short blast of horn if another vehicle gets within 6 inches of front or rear bumper helping to prevent dings to bumpers.
  6. F

    Accessing the rear parking sensors

    Hello, My wife's 2015 Model S ended up with the two rearmost parking sensors (in the center of the bumper) pushed in and down, and now she's getting constant backup warnings. This seems like something I could do myself, but I can't figure out how to access them. I've had the four bolts around...
  7. J

    Parking Sensors

    Iemand ook een idee of ik kan checken of all parkeer sensoren werken? Ik heb nu al 2 keer gehad dat ik achteruit in parkeer en hij wel aangeeft hoeveel ruimte ik nog achter me heb, maar echt recht op de hoek achter ter hoogte van het spatbord, waar toch ook echt een sensor zit, al bijna tegen...
  8. K

    parking sensors working intermittently

    Ever since the last update(2019.16.2), the parking sensors work occasionally but not always. They always turn on when in reverse, but not always when going forward or in traffic. anyone else have these issues?
  9. A

    Does a front/rear camera switch mod exist for model 3?

    I was wondering, does this kit for the model X/S work for the model 3? If not, is there any alternative method to see the front view when parking? Why is the kit only advertised for use with the model X and S? Is the model 3's camera different in a way that breaks the system? I'm getting very...
  10. sjokomelk

    Front parkings sensors sees ghost object and door sensors don't see anything

    I got my Model X 100D three weeks ago, and the last week and a half the two center front parking sensors see something close to the car. So when I put the car in drive or reverse, the picture of the car and parking sensors show up with the STOP symbol and red line close to the front. And of...
  11. SpeedRacerM5

    2013 MS 85 / 19k Miles / Deep Metallic Blue / $49,900 OBO / Rebuilt / 90d Warranty / Price Reduced

    Hi everyone, ** This is my second posting of the car. I've decided to drop the price and provide more detail about the car's history. I've also included more pictures via the link below. For sale is a Deep Metallic Blue 2013 Model S 85. The car was purchased at an insurance auction in Dec 2015...
  12. krazineurons

    PK00 LEGACY No Parking Sensors, what does this option mean?

    I have been lurking at the http://ev-cpo.com/ site to look at CPO/Inventory Tesla Model S. One thing i find weird there is that all models including the most recent inventory items have this option in them PK00 LEGACY No Parking Sensors. Take this one for example:Model S P90D 137735 | Tesla...
  13. SpeedRacerM5

    2013 Model S 85, 13,689 miles, Metallic Blue

    Hi guys, I'm selling a Deep Metallic Blue 2013 Model S 85. The car is a two owner and has been taken great care of. The battery performs very well and reaches 265 miles on a 100-percent charge. I have only range charged it twice for very long trips and it's normally kept no more than 90-percent...
  14. S

    PDC (parking sensors) upgrade

    I'm in the process of getting a PDC (parking sensors) upgrade to my May 2013 60 MS. Has anyone else gone for this? It would be good to get more intelligence on it: how much, how long it takes, where the "VIN breakpoint" is, and how much additional functionality is added compared with newer...
  15. 3

    Parking sensor error!

    Like some other have reported the front parking sensor is overly sensitive. I experienced twice today that the front right sensor actually tried to STOP me. There was no object in front of my car! Am not sure if it's related also experienced at the same time error message on dashboard "car...
  16. N

    Parking sensor retrofit - $6000 ??

    Posted on the Tesla forum that the cost of the PDC will be $6000 according to Tesla........any thoughts parking sensor retrofit not ready yet but... | Forums | Tesla Motors
  17. Soulopoulos

    Parking Sensors: Anybody has a screenshot or video of the UI?

    Spot hazards and protect the car's bumpers with our audio/visual parking sensors. Receive audible beeps and visual notifications on the touchscreen that activate when the car is in reverse or traveling under 10 km/h. Requires the Tech Package. My Tesla Model S #411 (Belgium) is being build by...
  18. B

    Anyone install parking sensors yet?

    I know there are a ton of places that have done the Model S in LA (Parking Sensors) - but has anyone gotten it done in Boston?