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  1. M

    Highland - “thermal image” sensors

    New model 3 Highland has a kind of thermal heat sensor image when reversing. Previous model 3 told you how many inches you were from the car in front / kerb. Is there an option to switch from thermal back to inches? Thank you!
  2. D

    Automatic Parking Garage Lift and Alarm Issues

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can advise me on the best strategy to deal with this issue I am having with my model 3. At my apartment complex the parking garage uses a lift system. As such when the car is moved on the lift and I am not within range, the alarm is triggered. I have tried to...
  3. R

    Trading Standards & Park Assist

    It’s not as sexy a scandal (it is scandalous) as the great FSD rip-off but is there a case to be made against a manufacturer offering a car with ‘Parking Assistance’ that is delivered with exactly zero assistance? Yes, we know they say it’s coming but we know that could be never and even if it...
  4. thetallpaul

    Holiday Drop and Go parking

    Had the M3 for a couple of months now, and loving it, but am facing a bit of a head-scratcher (for me anyway). We will be going on our hols soon and it works out best for us to use the Airparks Drop and Go service at Birmingham airport (via HolidayExtras hotel + parking). The drop and go...
  5. C


    Hi Everybody - I wanted to share some experience from parking my MY for multiple weeks in the winter at JFK airport. My concern was that I'd lose a few % every day but with Sentry + Wifi Off and 'DEEP SLEEP ASSIST' activated through Tezlab, I did not lose any significant power. Funny enough...
  6. M

    Poll - When do you believe park assist will be available again?

    Very informal poll :-) "For a short period of time during this transition, Tesla Vision vehicles that are not equipped with USS will be delivered with some features temporarily limited or inactive, including: Park Assist: alerts you of surrounding objects when the vehicle is traveling <5 mph."...
  7. N

    Parking Recommendations for NYC / Bryant Park area?

    Hi All -- I have to travel to NYC for work next week, and am thinking about driving my M3 instead of taking the Acela. I'm a little nervous about using a valet (never had one in my Tesla before) and wanted to see if anyone had experience with a garage in the Bryant Park area? I'd also be leaving...
  8. L

    Anyone else having problems with Summon not backing the car out of the garage?

    I have seen some intermittent posts about this but wanted to see if anyone has found a good solution. I park my 2022 Model S in my home garage. I do this manually. If I open the garage door, step into the driveway (does not seem to matter where or by what distance) and I press the reverse...
  9. KingOfMexico

    Charging for terraced houses

    Around a quarter of us living in the UK live in terraced houses and with the government's 2030 ban on the sale of ICE cars fast approaching, they are going to need to step up the roll out of proper charging infrastructure / solutions for those of us without access to off-street parking. I...
  10. pjfranks1509

    Supercharger - Birmingham, AL

    I heard that Tesla will be installing Superchargers off Hwy 459 at the Colonnade. I hope it is true. That would be a GREAT location!
  11. C

    14 Day winter parking at airport - RESULT

    Hi guys - wanted to share an interesting observation. We recently parked out MY for 14 days at JFK airport in the long term garage. I expected that it would drop about 1% per day. I did the following: - Charged to 90% at JFK super charger - Turned off: Sentry + Wifi, Auto Lights and...
  12. C

    [tesla rookie] tesla owners as jerks?! parking w/o charging?!?!?!

    rookie model x owner wanted to charge while eating a quick breakfast, ... two charging stalls available right in front of nice, popular breakfast restaurant. both parking stalls filled by a tesla. one with charging cable plugged (either charging or paying cost for idle) and second is parked...
  13. J

    Parking spot with EV charger for rent

    Hi all, I have a parking spot with an EV charger available for rent Downtown Toronto (Richmond x Spadina). $200/Month. Please message if interested.
  14. N

    Careful Where Park

    Careful Where Park! A big PSA & FYI! For any drivers up in Scotland. Yes my model 3 will easily fit underneath, but what happens when it doesn't want start and can't get it out? Well, Tesla will obviously sent a contractor recovery person out, when they start scratching their head on how to...
  15. W

    2018 Model 3 LR RWD Parking Sensor Harness

    Long story short, I bought a used July 2018 Model 3 in August 2020. I live in Central KY and we recently had a lot of snow and ice. After I cleared my car, one of my front parking sensors died. I bought a new sensor and replaced it myself with no luck. Tesla Service came to my house today to...
  16. L

    Steep Driveway - Help Please

    Looking for help and input from fellow owners and enthusiasts. Have a steep driveway into garage and every entry scrapes the bottom of our model 3. Lately we've added 2 Vestil speed bumps and 2 Pyle ramps but still with no success. We've played back and forth with positioning and tried this over...
  17. vespax

    Denver Airport Parking

    Greetings from Grand Junction, CO. For reasons too exhausting to explain, I have decided to drive to DIA and park my MX 100D for 9 days while on vacation. I need a vacation from the planning of this vacation... I thought I read somewhere that the long term parking at DIA might have charging...
  18. A

    Would you use overnight charging valet?

    I have to street park my car. If I need a full charge in the morning, sometimes I drop it at a local L2 charger overnight and walk or bike home and then walk/bike back in the morning. For the other apartment dwellers / street parkers out there: would you use an EV charging valet service? If so...
  19. Master Chief

    Getting my Model X into a parking space

    For the record, I am vertically challenged, so my head does not bump the top glass in my MX. Having said that, I find it a bit challenging to line up the car between the lines in a parking lot. I usually end up much closer to the right line than the left. The side cameras are of NO help and even...
  20. john19951

    How do you fit a BAC into a SBG

    How do I fit an M3 (=Big American Car) into my SBG (small British garage). I've seen a few videos on YT from the US demonstrating how to reverse an M3 into the typical huge double american garage. Some of these videos also add a few obstacles for fun. But I can't find any video where the...
  21. Seth2020

    Your helpful guide to the Tesla Model 3 parking brake

    These three things are true: 1. Whenever the car is put into Park (P), the parking brake is applied. You can call this "automatic parking brake" 2. If you press and hold the right stalk end-button for 3-4 seconds it will apply the parking brake if it is not already applied. If already applied...
  22. J

    GPS lags after leaving underground car park

    I'm parking in underground car parks quite often (also at home) and since day 1 my Tesla Model 3 has trouble finding the correct GPS position after leaving such a car park. It takes about 2-4 minutes for it to find its location and before that the navigation system doesn't work properly. This...
  23. B

    Self parking in a very tight garage - doable?

    Hi everybody, My wife is taking delivery of our Stealth tomorrow. We had agreed that we wouldn't even try to park it in our tiny tiny garage. I'd be too scared to try to park it in there. I used to own an old Accord and it was a nightmare. But then wife smartly asked: what about that...
  24. J

    Airport Parking and charging

    Just thought I would start a new thread for anyone using airport long stay parking (or train station for that matter). Just spent 9d in Portugal for half term with the family and flew out of Birmingham airport. In the past I have used a long stay car park but this time I decided to use Airparks...
  25. Dubes

    Parking with Smart Summon

    Smart Summon is mostly unnecessary but AWESOME! I find the Go to Target feature just as fun. Has anyone else used it to park their car in a lot? Here is some of what I have learned so far: If there are spaces where no cars are parked you can send it there since the final direction it will face...
  26. G

    Supercharger at Westfield White City

    I understand Tesla can validate your parking ticket for 1 hours free parking but has anyone had any experience of this when signed up to Westfield's 'Smart parking' where you register your registration number and a payment card and the barriers let you in and out and you are automatically...
  27. Lx2m3

    Park Assist

    Could someone tell me if Park Assist is included with Model 3 SR+. The manual says this: “Visual and Audio Feedback When you shift to Reverse, the Park Assist view displays on the touchscreen, showing objects that are in close proximity to the front and rear of Model 3.”
  28. B

    Manhattan Parking Help

    Hi All, I'm moving to Manhattan (from the Bay Area), and my wife and I are stubbornly refusing to give up our Model 3 and so need a place to park it. Having not lived here before, the New York parking situation is intimidating, even before you add on the complication of needing to be able to...
  29. S

    Sentry Mode captured commuter confused? by electric vehicle chargers

    I finally got some time to figure out how to retrieve and review the Sentry Mode video in a reasonable way. Most of it was pretty boring. Saw a few people admire the car, grabbed the video of me leaving my friend's Dodge Challenger SRT behind when taking off from an intersection, but luckily...
  30. S

    What can a city do to help EV owners?

    I live in Jersey City, NJ and have the ear of the Office of Sustainability. They have asked me for recommendations. So what has worked in other cities? Examples I can think of: Allow people with electric cars to have a dedicated parking spot in front of their home so that they can run an...
  31. W

    View Front of Car video while parking

    Hello! We have the world's tiniest garage and I've hit our old car on the side of it multiple times while pulling in. I would like to stop doing that with the Tesla, and I'm wondering if there is any way to view video from the camera pointing at the front of the car while parking? I can't...
  32. GolanB

    Almost as bad as being ICED at a SuperCharger - High Entry Fees

    Today the Brooklyn Museum Supercharging station was empty - not a Tesla in sight even though the parking lot was otherwise relatively full. Why? Because today they were charging an 18$ entry fee, regardless if you were there to charge, and regardless if you planned on visiting for less than 15...
  33. A

    Summon Feature Awesomeness

    Just want to share an awesome edge use case experience I had with the summon feature. I drive to a central parking lot then take the bus to work on a daily basis. On a particular day last week I was late and saw the bus starting to leave from the far end of the lot towards me just as I entered...
  34. YusufT

    There's Nothing We Can Do About Getting ICE'D

    So I was trying to find parking in one of the underground parking garages at Yorkdale. As usual, all the spots were ICE'D and although I had to charge I had to opt for a regular parking spot. Now in comes another Tesla owner furious, saying that every time he's at the mall all the electric...
  35. M

    Is it safe to street park a model 3 in the 400 block of Balboa St. in SF overnight?

    I don't live in San Francisco and I am trying to decide what car to take for a one or two night trip. I'll be staying in the neighborhood just north of Golden Gate Park and just west of Arguello. Does anyone have an idea what the level of risk is in that area for an out-of-town newish model 3...
  36. Penfold

    Not so Smart!!

    Sorry, not Tesla related but had this guy park next to me today. No kids, on his own yet decided to take up a child space. Totally didn’t care when I pointed the fact out to him. As much as we like the extra space to open doors etc. (To get the kids out people) this just takes the biscuit. The...
  37. N

    Walk-away lock doesn't work if u open door w/foot on the brake

    I have an iPhone 8, and I almost never have a problem unlocking my Model 3 w/iPhone. However, occasionally, I see that my car doesn't lock when I walk away from the car after parking. I couldn't figure out why that was happening, but I think I figured it out. After parking the car, if I open...
  38. J

    Hope a Model X refresh has these:

    Our 100D turned 1 year this week. Best car I've ever owned! But there are two features I sorely miss, that I hope Tesla considers for inclusion in any refresh of the model: 1. Over-door grab handles, especially over passenger side in the front. We are in our 80s, and as easy as it is to get...
  39. G

    Monthly Parking in Manhattan

    I am considering getting a monthly space in Manhattan and a lot of garages in my neighborhood (near Columbus circle) are running promotions as low as $159/month + tax. of course, as soon as I inquired about these rates I was told that "Teslas pay an extra $200/month for insurance reasons" so...
  40. pub cheese

    Go-to parking in downtown Austin?

    I just got my Model 3 a few days ago and have plans to hang out downtown tonight (Master Pancake @ Drafthouse Ritz). Does anyone have a great go-to garage in downtown ATX that's safe/lightly-used/hidden so we can have a chance of emerging dingless? A charger would be a bonus, but not what I'll...
  41. MikeyS

    Trying to Understand Summon + Homelink

    Hi all, Just got a S75D and trying to figure out the subtleties of summon + homelink. The question I have is about what determines whether or not the car tries to close the garage door after pulling in and parking. Like many folks, I have a relatively tight fit in the garage, and...
  42. J

    Losing 3.5KWh sitting in garage for 24h? Normal?

    Hello Tesla peoples! Enjoying my month-old Model X 100D, and just returned from a trip where the car sat idle in the garage while we were away. Each day there was a loss of 3.5 KWh and about 11 miles of range. Is this normal? Should the car go into 'sleep' mode? I have pre-conditioning turned...
  43. Rajainmiami

    Charging spots occupied by other Teslas

    I am having problems at work charging my car when the only four spots for charging in our parking garage are always occupied by other Tesla owners. Unfortunately, they are all plugged in, but by the early afternoon, three out of the four cars are already full. I have tried for the past two days...
  44. T

    Supercharger Auto Park

    Anyone else on board with this needs to be a special feature? Currently perpendicular park only works between two cars. I think most of the code is done already. The GPS should tell the car they are at a supercharger. Recognizing the two superchargers and backing between them would be a nice...
  45. S

    Parking sensor for hearing impaired driver

    As a person who's suffering from impaired hearing (a result of an accident from my childhood), I have been on the lookout for a well-rounded smartphone application to help me every time I park my car. I'm having a hard time hearing my sensor beeps. What app do you use?
  46. R

    Options for SF Monthly Parking with Charging

    Hi all, I'm considering purchasing a MX 90D inventory vehicle (seems like the right time). However, I am one of those folks who lives in a condo without attached parking. Does anyone know good resources to find monthly parking with EV connectors? I live in SF in Pacific Heights.
  47. Marito

    Shared Parking spaces (Disabled/EV)?

    Just saw this at an IKEA in Miami. I was hoping to charge my X while there, but someone who definitely needed the spot more (disabled) was already parked there, which got me thinking... What if it had been the other way around? What if a disabled person had to park farther from the entrance...
  48. plasmo

    Model S doesn't see the concrete Parking Lot stop blocks, but Model X does

    One of the things about our Model X that I like is how it is able to consistently detect the distance from a concrete front bumper stop block (4 7/8" h) when approaching it in a parking lot. My Model S rarely seems to be able to detect this. Is this what other Model S owners have experienced...
  49. tizio

    It looks like it could fly, so I built some runway lights

    My mirrors have only one inch clearance through our garage door, so I need high precision when I park. Current version AP2 Summon always parks too crooked for all four doors to be usable, so I built a tool to help me park perfectly every time: More images These runway lights are placed to be...
  50. M

    Downtown Chicago Garage EV power stations?

    So I just reserved a Model 3 but I live downtown Chicago and am curious about my options for a permanent spot to charge my Model 3 (when I get it) in a parking garage. How are people preparing for this? I guess this could be for anybody living in a downtown part of their city.