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passenger side

  1. D

    Passenger Airbag Off Warning

    Hi all, I got my M3 this weekend finally and I noticed that when my 11 year old daughter sits in the passenger seat (she weighs 84 lbs) I get the passenger airbag notification off warning. No notification when my wife sits there (125 lbs) or testing with both kids in seat it works fine as...
  2. K

    Model 3 Passenger side Key card to unlock car

    Just got me M3 delivered home yesterday. Our car was not marked delivered on the Tesla account, so we were not yet using our phones as a key. Interestingly, the key fob given to us as a key has not been working on the passenger side. Not sure if it should work, or should not. It only seems to...
  3. 5_+JqckQttqck

    Audio Static with nothing playing / 0 volume - Right Passenger Side

    Hi everyone, Was snooping around the car (M3 VIN 29000's) at 1AM and connecting it to the new Wifi Router and I noticed a squeaking static in a pattern (car was plugged in) that repeated itself over the right side speaker. Like a ringing from electronics - the fridge except with static white...