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  1. M

    Passenger Side Leak

    After driving home from a car wash, my passenger was getting her feet wet on the passenger side. The fluid was dripping on her feet and it looked like a neon green in color. I have a Model 3 2022. Is this a urgent concern? should I take it to get serviced? Has anyone else had this?
  2. U

    Model 3 Black Gen 2 Seats (Front, Passenger & Rear) - $800

    Selling Tesla Model 3 Gen 2 black leather seats. coming off of vehicle with 15k miles. Asking for $800 for all.
  3. R

    Noise from passenger front door - like a loose nut in door

    This noise sounds like a nut that is loose in the door. I doubt there is a nut that is loose in there, but it's just to explain what it sounds like. I hear a "knock" when I accelerate or decelerate. If I accelerate/brake very slowly, the noise doesn't happen. But if I drive normally, at every...
  4. D

    Leave the car from passenger door, car remains open

    I am on firmware 2019.4.3 but it has been happening for some time now: If, for some reasons, I park my car and I leave the car from the passenger door, the car remains open. No matter if you close it by using the fob, or if you open/close it using the app, the car remains open (the handles are...
  5. AssortedBread

    Tesla MiniBus Design

    Took a crack at a Minibus Design. Will post more pictures (Interior Design/layout, Door Mechanism, front/back view) But forget about that for now, let's talk about what we have here. Tesla seams to have a 1950s design vibe going on, this is best seen in their current supercharger look and model...
  6. H

    Passenger window bug

    In last two days (and since version 8 upgrade) passenger side window opens about 8" either after locking (walkaway) OR after getting into the vehicle and closing that door.....anyone else experience this?
  7. zambono

    passenger handle present when set to only driver...

    quick question I tried a google search and didn't find anything. I have set the auto present to be for the driver only, mostly so that the motors don't wear on the other door handles for no reason. Why is it that once I am near and my door auto presents my wife can't touch the door handle to...