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  1. T

    Patent expiry on speed sign reading

    Hi All Does anybody know when the patent(s) on reading speed signs that Mobile Eye holds will expire? (These are possibly the reason why new Teslas are unable to read speed signs as it passes them).
  2. epley

    Are there any other cars out there using Tesla patents for charging?

    Since releasing the patents on its charging technology, have any other companies produced vehicles that can use Tesla chargers and superchargers?
  3. S

    Update on the Nikola lawsuit against Tesla semi

    I thought we had a thread on this but a search didn't turn one up and thought it deserved one. I don't normally read Seeking Alpha but saw this in Google's finance news regarding Telsa and wanted to update people about the patent status for Tesla on the semi's design. According to the article...
  4. lunitiks

    Model 3 patents

    Couldn't find any threads on this topic. Here's some design patents that recently dropped. Note however that they were filed on March 30, 2016.
  5. jpwe10

    Tesla patents metal-air hybrid battery pack

    Tesla patent reveals metal-air hybrid battery powertrain - AutoblogGreen Sounds interesting. Looks like a good plan to enable the car to go 500+ miles. If they put this in the next gen model s I hope they make the metal-air pack removable so we won't have to lug around all that dead weight...