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  1. A

    Possible to pay without Plaid in 2023?

    I looked, but couldn't find any information newer than 2022 on this. Is there still a way to pay via ACH without Plaid in 2023? I've tried the old workaround where you fail at finding a bank in Plaid on the App, but now all it does is prompt me to pay by wire (which I can do, but I'd rather pay...
  2. D

    Picked up Model Y without paying

    So I picked up my Model Y couple weeks ago and yesterday I received a call from Tesla saying that they have not yet received my payment. So they sent me a link to have me pay the vehicle ASAP and told me that otherwise there will be problem when registering the vehicle. I remember paying the car...
  3. C

    ACH on Sunday?

    Hi everyone, Have a delivery scheduled for MYP tomorrow Sunday at the Fremont factory for direct pickup. For personal reasons, I don't want to use Plaid platform transfer, and it's too late now to get a cashier check. I have some question about payment, hoping people here can share their...
  4. T

    Canceling model y after putting down payment?

    due to some unforeseen circumstances, I might have to cancel my model y. I already put down the down payment but didn't accept delivery of the car yet. Can I cancel and get my down payment money back since I didn't accept delivery? I am not talking about the $250 fee but the actual down payment...
  5. D

    Help! Accidentally paid in full

    Help! I was trying to make a down payment in the application using Plaid, but it went straight to paid in full. I had intended on financing a solid chunk of the loan. Transfer has not happened yet, waiting for local sales branch to open. Will they be able to change it? Have not taken delivery...
  6. A

    Distributed Charge - EV: How It Works

  7. A

    First loan payment not due until 30 days after delivery?

    Is this true? I've been trying to get a hold of my bank guy for a week or more and he's either not answering the phone or out of the office. I managed to get him the info and he said he would pull my credit and get back to me on rates. That was last Friday... My delivery is this Saturday and...
  8. C

    Authorized Driver's Own Supercharge payment?

    Hello all, So here's the situation: I have authorized driver set on my account. He has his own log in credential with access to my M3. He also has his credit card set up on his app. But whenever he supercharge the car, Tesla still bill my card. It's not a big deal because nowadays there's Venmo...
  9. R

    For those hesitant to give Plaid your credentials when paying...

    I recently used Plaid to pay the final balance on my 21 M3 LR. I was not going to give Plaid my banking credentials (user name and password) but found a work-around that uses the usual ACH info. You can close the "select your bank" dialog box, using the X in the upper right corner. You'll be...
  10. U

    Tesla repeatedly charging me for past charging sessions

    Tesla has been repeatedly charging me for charging sessions that I've already paid for in the past. To be specific: About 2-3 weeks ago, I had 2 separate charging sessions costing $1.00 and $2.25, each, at a Tesla destination charger. These were charged to my CC and paid for. Starting last...
  11. O

    [Massachusetts, USA] Payment timing?

    So, delivery for my 2021 Model 3 LR AWD is scheduled for next Saturday. I haven't handed in the insurance info that shows the Tesla as already registered, nor the down payment(I am financing through Tesla's partners). I see that some people wait until actually seeing the car, but I wasn't sure...
  12. S

    Tesla Bank transfer request

    Hi all, I’m a week away from collecting my Tesla, and had an email today saying my trade in details were outstanding, and that I needed to make a payment for the difference between the trade in value and the car value. The rep I’ve been talking to (Ryan) has emailed me over a picture of Tesla...
  13. U

    payment questions

    Do Canadian buyers have to pre-pay for the car prior to delivery, or can they just bring a bank draft on the same day? Also, since the deposit is "fully refundable" but new cars are no longer eligible for returns, does that mean any payment beyond the initial deposit is non-refundable?
  14. J

    Enter Payment Information

    We have a MY RWD reservation and it is allowing us to put our payment information in now. Since there are now RWD produced I'm assuming this doesn't mean too much. But, as this is our first Tesla, I'm a little unsure on the process. We have decided yet if we will trade our current car in to...
  15. D

    Serious ordering issues (4 months in, 1 car payment, no car)

    So, based on the title, you can tell I'm having a bit of trouble. What would you do if this were you? What should I do? WARNING: bit of a read May 7th: I first ordered my Model Y (this was shortly after the factory reopened). June 25: I was told it was almost ready and would be on it's way to...
  16. chrisgrogan2

    Help! How do I pay for my Tesla in Germany?

    I will say so far, buying a Tesla as an American in Germany has been a struggle. I have delivery set for a few days out Right before the end of the quarter) and I'm trying to pay for my MX, but Tesla says it does not take a bank cashiers check only a bank transfer. Normally this would be fine...
  17. chrisgrogan2

    HELP! How can I pay for my Tesla in Germany?

    I will say so far, buying a Tesla as an American in Germany has been a struggle. I have delivery set for a few days out and I'm trying to pay for my MX, but Tesla says it does not take a bank check only a bank transfer. Normally this would be fine, but as an American military individual I am...
  18. J


    Payment sorry guys, I’m new to this. Just got my VIN for MY,AWD,LR,White. Tampa. They want me to pay upfront. Should I do it, or wait til I see the car. Thanx
  19. M

    Supercharger Payment Notice Won't Leave

    Hi Everyone, My credit card expired on 2019 Model 3 so a notification pops up that I am unable to supercharge until I update payment method. I updated payment method but notification still pops up and remains there while I am driving. I tried resetting the monitor. Anyone have suggestions...
  20. S

    Model 3 Payment Issue - Model 3 Released Without Payment

    A Co-worker purchased a long-range model 3 dual motor a couple of months ago. She claims that tesla contacted her a few weeks after delivery to tell her that the bank loan check didn't clear. It has been like over two months now and she still hasn't paid for her Tesla. (It doesn't seem like she...
  21. M

    Do I need to pay full before home delivery?

    Do I need to pay full before home delivery? I looked through Tesla's frequently asked questions, still not clear. As I understand, if you go to a Tesla store to pick it up, you may bring a cashier's check. However, what happens for a home delivery is not explained. Tesla has sales license in my...
  22. A

    When does the "Amount Due" in "Pricing Details" become final?

    Hi all, Placed my order for a SR+ a few days ago and filled out / uploaded all the info in the "Prepare for Delivery" section. Got approved for a loan and can see my estimated monthly payments as well as the "Amount Due" at the bottom of the pricing details. My question is: is that "Amount...
  23. Spiderbird2018

    Prepping for a Model 3 purchase - Would like your perspective

    Hi all! I've been lurking for a while on the sidelines while viewing articles from the blog and posts from the forums. I'm doing my homework on a Model 3 purchase, but would like to ask for some perspective to help guide a purchase. For reference, I have done a lot of reading in the forums...
  24. puritan

    Have to pay for diagnostics at the SC, Reus audio is the reason

    My MX failed FW upgrade from 42.2 to 46.x last week, and by failed FW upgrade I mean the car didn't power up. The only things that worked were the doors and windows, nothing else. Once it was towed, I get a call from the SC who said I need to pay for the diagnostics (175$/hr) since the...
  25. fallen888

    Can't change

    Like many, I configured and ordered at the end of June as soon as I could select the AWD option. I initially chose financing for payment method, but a couple of days later changed it to cash payment (after reading somewhere that choosing cash payment would bump you up in line for delivery). But...
  26. MiamiEV

    Which pay charge service do you prefer???

    I am a Commercial Property Manager in South Florida in addition to owning a MX. I am looking to install some pay per charge stations at a few of the properties and would like to get some input. Yes, we all prefer to either use a supercharging station and/or charge at home. When not...
  27. A

    Lease payments during long repair

    Hi all, I leased a Model S 90D and got into an accident. The car has been in the bodyshop for 2 months, with the first small body shop telling me they had a 25-tesla backlog and that mine would not be done till at least March (they told me this in october). I had it towed to a larger body shop...
  28. Enginerd

    Model 3 Supercharger usage

    Today I visited the Tesla Fremont Headquarters Design Center, and was told by an employee about the supercharger arrangement for Model 3 owners. Model 3 owners will be granted 1000 kWh free supercharger use with their purchase, to use at any time. Once that initial allotment is exhausted...
  29. krazineurons

    When to compete Alliant financing application

    I have placed the order on X. Currently in the 1week order window. Want to press the confirm button but do not see it yet. Also I haven't submitted the Alliant financing application yet. Two questions 1) does the confirm order button show up only after I complete the application? 2) if I...
  30. T

    Is PayPal an option as payment for the reservation?

    Can someone confirm if PayPal is going to be an option to make the payment, I think it's the only way I'm going to be able to pay. Is there any oficial statement about payment options?
  31. rileys

    At what point is payment due?

    At what point in the design and delivery process is payment due for the X? I'm ready to submit my config but I want to make sure I have my funds in order if this starts a clock to payment due. Thanks!
  32. R

    P85D Production Complete. Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery. Pay?

    Finally, it's there! So I got a few options to pay, apparently I can: 1) go to the Fremont factory for pickup with a cashier's check in hand 2) pay with wire transfer 3) pay with ACH (some kind "secure" financial transaction - like a check - online) I'd like to do #2 or #3 because it saves me...
  33. tliving

    Does Tesla answer emails?

    After placing my order and confirming, I had a question for the sales guy (Natick, MA) and emailed him (had his biz card). He never replied. 10 days after confirming I got an email from the delivery team (Watertown, MA) about uploading some paperwork which I did immediately. I had some follow up...