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  1. J

    Roadster does not work

    Hello, I have a problem with my Roadster namely, it can not be started and does not load. Two errors are displayed: Communication Problem Power Reduced ID:56 Powertrain Problem Service Required ID:1496 What could be wrong? Is the problem really in PEM?
  2. racevpr

    Tech Tip - Roadster PEM Motor Connecting Block Failure

  3. scotty2541

    Is the eMMC memory subject to Failure?

    There, recently, is a lot of talk about the S having eMMC memory failures because of the excessive writes of the system log. Is the Roadster subject to this kind of failure? Support for the Roadster has been evaporating from Tesla themselves (as has their service gone way downhill). So I'd...
  4. K

    A 30 minute (video) technical deep dive of the Roadster

    This is the second video in our series on Gruber Motor Company where they take us on a very educational overview of Roadster design, maintenance, and component level teardown.
  5. JRP3

    Former Tesla Tech With Roadster PEM Experience Working At Independent Garage

    Rich Rebuilds has a new employee at his Electrified Garage who was a former Tesla tech who might be a source for independent Roadster repairs. At the 6:50 mark
  6. racevpr

    Proactive PEM Maintenance

  7. G

    PEM second failure

    I'm looking to buy a roadster with its first PEM. My guess is that the PEM will fail shortly. My question is the following. After PEM repair, is it known to fail again? In other words, was it just the first iteration of the PEM that needed fixing, or is it some kind of routine repair that is...
  8. jordanthompson

    PEM overheating, fans not running

    I got the Roadster back from service (again) and after driving it for a few weeks the PEM is overheating. I had to limp home yesterday and it charges very slowly. I had the fan assembly replaced about 6 years ago. This is a 2010 2.0. I'm guessing that the squirrel cage fans fuse has blown, but...
  9. racevpr

    Roadster PEM failure

    The most common problem we are seeing with Tesla Roadster Power Electronics Modules (PEM) noted in a Tech Tip we generated and reported a year ago to forums and Tesla Service Centers, is becoming rapidly more widespread. We even spoke with the original manufacturer of the PEMs, and advised them...
  10. ElectricLove

    Looking for Dead PEM and other drive-train components

    Hi, Looking to see if I can start repairing PEMs as a 3rd party service. Does anyone know of any dead ones that we could take a shot at? We currently do module/board level repair and diagnostics on 3ph power systems, similar though not the same. We are confident we could get something...