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  1. D

    Navigation algorithm wrong or based one what?

    2015 P85D I've got a 140-mile trip to the nearest SC in a couple days and was playing with the navigation system. I set the destination for the SC and the system came back with 4% remaining starting with 87% (or 216 rated miles)... so is the navigation system telling me my efficiency is going...
  2. kelvin 660

    Did you buy FSD (Full Self-Driving)?

    After the Xmas update, I thought it might be interesting to get an idea of how many people purchased FSD in the UK and Ireland community...
  3. H

    Percent or miles/kilometers - only percent makes sense

    I have driven my Model 3 SR+ for over half a year now and was convinced by one of these discussions that the percent display has no meaning because of the varying battery capacity and that I therefore should use kilometers, which I did. However, what I see now is that kilometers or miles are at...
  4. BZM3

    Why can't I see both Battery Percentage and Miles??!

    I feel like it shouldn't be a choice to display either the percentage battery remaining, or the miles range. Anyone else agree? I do like the simplicity of just using the % remaining option, but when I'm getting low I'd like to just take a quick glance at my range without having to open up the...
  5. Putttt

    Payment in full

    Has anyone made a full payment and not received a delivery date? Or are most still stuck in “We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment.”
  6. Haxster

    Model S Options Popularity

    I'm curious about Model S configuration percentages. That is, what percent of buyers order which configurations and options. Has anyone done a recent survey of or know about an existing list of Model S options and the percent of cars ordered with them? If nothing is out there, I can post a...
  7. C

    TSLA % of Your Portfolio

    Poll is anonymous. As I battle with my own desire to just sock every dollar away in TSLA, I am often curious how others' portfolios are weighted. The goal is to understand the % of investable wealth held in TSLA. Included: Stocks Bonds Cash Rental Properties Peer Lending Excluded: Personal...