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performance model 3

  1. J

    Expired Takeover my Lease - 2022 M3P $649.01/mo. [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Takeover my Lease - 2022 M3P $649.01/mo.. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. D

    2018 Model 3 Performance+, 23K miles, FSD, Silver - San Diego

    Howdy! I'm selling a 2018 Model 3 Performance+ (I recently replaced it with a Rivian R1T, but zero complaints about this lovely, lovely car!) Asking: $40K Specs: Original Tesla Silver Color Full Self-Driving Capability HW3 installed Autopilot Radar (better FSD operation) Performance...
  3. T

    FS: 2018 Model 3 Performance 20" wheels. No TPMS Bay Area

    Looking to sell my 2018 20" performance wheels without TPMS sensors. Powder coated turbine gray, no curb rash on any wheels. Pick up in the Bay Area. $1600 OBO
  4. T

    I am selling my Model 3

    Selling my 2020 Model 3 Performance with 28K miles for 54,000. Excellent condition. Still under warranty. If interested I will post pictures. I bought a Model Y for expanding family.
  5. A

    Taiwan Model 3 Performance 2022 vs U.S. Counterpart

    I recently purchased a Model 3 Performance 2022 in Taiwan with FSD. I have been trying to find any information on the major differences between the Taiwan Tesla and its American counterpart. The Taiwan Tesla's are imported from the United States, but there are some differences on the performance...
  6. K

    New Model 3 performance 20" Uberturbine Wheels (Socal)

    Hi all, I have a set of 20" Uberturbines for sale from a 2022 model 3 Performance, I removed them when there was only 15 miles on the ODO, they have no scratches, curb rash or defects of any kind. They include factory 2022 TPMS sensors, 235/35 R20 Pirelli Pzero Tires, and centercaps. Price is...
  7. LA PYD

    Model 3 Performance OEM Suspension

    oem 2019 performance model 3 oem shock and spring suspension. has roughly 2k miles on them. i went with air suspension then sold my car. has been garaged... need gone, located in san gabriel valley. asking 400 obo. pick up preferred. serious buyers only
  8. F

    M3P 20 Inch Uberturbines + TPMS + P Zero tires (OEM) for sale

    Just pulled these off my new M3P. Tires have about 1000 miles on them pretty much new. No scratches. Selling for $2000 firm DM for pics.
  9. CheddarChiz

    2020 Model 3 Performance OEM 20" Wheels, tires, & TPMS (Not turbine)

    Hello TMC, I'm selling the OEM wheels & tires that came with my 2020 M3 Performance. These come with Michelin Pilot Sport 4s and the original TPMS with it. I had 8878 miles with it and there are some curb rashes on one of the wheels. Prefer to sell around Seattle.
  10. T

    2022 M3P Uberturbine wheels (20"), New Pirelli Tires, & bluetooth TPMS

    Wheels & Tires: 1) 20x9.0 ET34 (+34MM) OEM 20" Überturbine Wheels in perfect condition, no scratches or curb rash 2) 235/35R20 92Y Pirelli P Zero tires with 62 miles on them 3) Bluetooth TPMS Price: $3,000 Local pickup: Denver, CO Willing to drive about an hour out to meet in the middle...
  11. T

    2020 Tesla Model 3 - Performance (Stealth) for Sale with FSD

    Hello, Up for sale is my 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor - Rare Stealth Version with FSD (Full Self Driving). That's right the full package! All the bells and whistles. Almost excellent condition on the inside and outside! Open to hearing what offers I get. Please no trades, no...
  12. Pandamoanium

    Sold FS: Model 3 Zero-G Wheels 40mm - Non Performance (Colorado) - $2500.00 OBO

    Hello, FS is my set of Zero-G wheels that fit the Model 3. These were referral wheels and part of the track package. Below is what will be included. I Prefer a local sale, but will ship at the buyers expense. Driven on them for roughly 5-7K miles. One tire is brand new due to replacement. All...
  13. E

    WTB - Stealth Model 3

    My stealth model 3 got totaled by a buddy and I'm looking for another one that isn't price gouging. Would prefer autopilot or FSD but not picky if it's priced right. Will be paid out by insurance by the end of the week. Willing to get a plane ticket anywhere in the continental US if the price is...
  14. A

    "FS: Brand New 2021 Model 3 Performance 20" Uberturbine Full Wheel Set (No Tires)

    For Sale: Brand-new, pristine-condition Tesla Model 3 Performance (Factory Direct) Uberturbine 20" Full Wheel Set (No Tires) Condition: Wheels arrived on 2021 M3P, the vehicle was driven to local tire & wheel shop, and Uberturbines were swapped for aftermarket replacements. Pristine, untouched...
  15. A

    WTB: Model 3 Performance grey rim

    Looking to buy a single performance grey rim to replace my slightly bent rim. I am willing buy the rim with or without the tire (preferably with decent amount of thread remaining). Please PM me if you have one. Thanks
  16. W

    2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance - 20" Überturbine Wheels + Pirelli P Zero Tires For Sale (set of 4)

    Pirelli P Zero tires: -Less than 30 total miles on the tires (swapped them 30 minutes after I picked up the vehicle) -235/35R20 92Y OEM 20" Überturbine Wheels: -20x9.0J ET34 (+34MM) -Brand new; 0% curb rash -Balanced -Complete center caps and OEM TPMS (Bluetooth) Drive ready. Pick up...
  17. Leeon

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Staggered setup of Vossen HF3 Gloss Black 20x9 +32 20x10.5 +45 on Michelin A/S 3+ 245/35F 285/30R They have about 90% tread. Will fit any model 3. Original price $2900 for wheels and $1100 for tires. Total $4k. No curb rash or scratches on wheels. $3000 OBO. Willing to ship. Will include TPMS...
  18. D

    New 2021 M3P - Coolant low warning

    Hey, I collected my M3P on Monday and today I got in the car to see a "coolant low - contact tesla services" warning. There is also what looks like a leak under the car. I tried to contact the services by phone but was put on hold for over an hour so I've assumed they are not working today or...
  19. C

    WTB: Zero-G Referral Wheels +34 offset

    Looking to buy a set of new Model 3 referral wheels for around $3500 shipped (make an offer). Needs to be +34 offset, not interested in the +40 offset.
  20. D

    FS: Model 3 Performance 20 inch Silver Sport Wheels with TPMS Sensors

    I'm selling my model 3 performance wheels. They include: 4 20 inch silver wheels (minor curb rash - photos below) 4 Center caps 4 Tire pressure sensors (TPSs) Front tires mounted on wheels with 5/32 of tread remaining (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/35 ZR20 - can send pictures if interested)...
  21. ctapiam3


    Hello all, first off let me start by saying i love this community. i currently have 2019 tesla 3 performance with performance upgrade. i won the referral wheels and put them on instantly as well as put on a couple more upgrades as you can see in the pic. my problem is... i cant avoid potholes. i...
  22. mikey_bs

    WTB 2020 M3 Performance wheels (gray)

    Just ordered a 2021 performance Model 3. I am not crazy about the new wheels so I am looking for the 2020 gray M3 performance wheels. I am open to trading my wheels or outright purchase the 2020 gray performance wheels.
  23. BoringMod

    Vendor New Black Tesla Model Y / Model 3 on Black License Plate Frame * 50% off with #BORINGmod tag

    Tesla Black MODEL 3 _ RED Performance Underline License Plate Frame, Dual Motor Metal, No Stickers, Free Returns, Chrome Delete, BORINGmodFirst off thanks for the input from the members, I've made a few more frames based on recent surveys, I hope you guys like the new Midnight Series. Totally...
  24. G

    Model 3 LR AWD+ vs. Model Y Performance

    Hello all, Long time lurker here. I know there have been lots of comparisons between LR AWD+ and Performance model 3, and even Y vs 3. I'd be curious though if anyone has compared the 3 AWD+ vs MYP. On paper the model Y has a huge power advantage, but is it enough to overcome the weight...
  25. P

    Model 3 Performance 20" Forged Referral Wheels For Sale

    I am scheduled to pick up my Model 3 Performance 20" Forged Referral Wheels next week. I already have 20" wheels on my model 3 and have them powder coated so I really don't need these referral wheels. Willing to sell for $3000 OBO. I live in Orange, CA. Looking to sell and get them off my hands...
  26. C

    Performance Model 3 OEM Tires used 12,000 miles

    For sale. 4 original performance Model 3 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires. 235/35/ZR20 92Y. 45,000 mile rated tire. They have 12,000 easy driven and highway miles. Local pickup only. I am in Wyoming, Minnesota. Current Amazon price is $321/ tire. Asking $400.
  27. finder39

    FS: TSportline 20" TSS Wheel Tire Set in SF

    $2500 or Best Offer 4 TSportline TSS 20" Rims like new, NO road rash Square set 20"x8.5" Space Gray Tires:Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All Season Tires have ~2,000 miles on them (I just picked up this tires and rims set in December), so they are practically new. (4) 235/35/R20 Comes with 4...
  28. Q

    OEM 20" Tires For Sale coming off a new 2020 Model 3 Performance

    I am selling a set of a practically new Michelin Pilot 4S OEM tires that came with my 2020 M3 Performance for $950 (brand new is ~$1,300). I just picked up my car recently so there is only about 60miles of wear on the tires at the moment. Since I live in NY, I'm going to swap into a set of all...
  29. Leeon

    OEM Model 3 Performance 20” tires for sale

    Selling two 235/35/30 Michelin PS4s Acoustic. Tires have 90% thread remaining. $300 for 2
  30. Z PYD

    FS: BRAND NEW Tsportline Model 3 Lowering Springs Performance/AWD

    Selling a BRAND NEW set of Tsportline Lowering Springs for Model 3 Performance/AWD models. Brand new and never used as I'm trading in for Model Y and never got around to installing. I paid $350 + shipping. Tesla Model 3 Sport Lowering Springs Asking $300 picked up, buyer pays shipping...
  31. I

    Hello from California

    Hello from California Here is my Stealth Performance Model 3 which I named Soulless
  32. E

    Tesla Model 3 Performance - Stock Tires for Sale

    Hi All! I recently purchased the Tesla M3 Performance and just swapped the stock tires out. They've got ~500 miles on them so they are brand new and in perfect condition (photos below) and the tires are marked by where they were on my car. Here are the current tire depth specs taken by a gauge...
  33. I

    Does anyone else still prefer to drive their gas cars?

    While I do like my Stealth Performance Model 3 I enjoy driving my gas sports cars MUCH more still. The Tesla serves its purpose as a commute car a few days a week. Any else feel the same?
  34. gyzmodo

    Brand New Performance Model 3 OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler - SF Bay Area

    $450 Brand spanking new Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Carbon Fiber Spoiler for sale. Selling for a friend who decided to go with a different aftermarket spoiler. Local pickup only please - San Jose, CA.
  35. M

    Accused of cracking my panoramic sunroof within less than 24 hours of ownership.

    Accused of cracking my panoramic sunroof within less than 24 hours of ownership. I had largely forgiven and ignored Tesla’s less than adequate customer service, because I was keen to get my hands on my new car. My experience today though, cannot be ignored. I collected my Model 3 AWD...
  36. AlanSubie4Life

    EPA Efficiency Numbers 2020 vs. 2019 - Tesla Model 3 SR+ Takes Crown

    I "happened" to be looking at the EPA efficiency numbers for the 2020 model year today.:rolleyes: This is kind of a look ahead to the promised 2019.36.1 efficiency changes which Elon talked about in the Q3 conference call. And it somewhat matches up with some of the information showing up on...
  37. NowIsGood

    Tesla 19” sport wheels on Model 3 Performance with PUP?

    I’m gonna need new tires soon and I’m thinking about swapping out the 20” sport wheels on my Performance Model 3 (with performance upgrade package, or “PUP”) for the Tesla 19” sport wheels at the same time. But I’m not sure what all might be involved, due to the extra “lip” on the hubs of the...
  38. T

    Need help deciding between Performance and Long Range Model 3?

    Hi all, I've got a Performance Model 3 on order which is due to be delivered in the next few weeks. However, as I've been patiently waiting, I've done a lot of research and the Long Range version is looking very appealing. The challenge where I live (Melbourne, Australia) is that Tesla only...
  39. C

    FS: 20" OEM Model 3 Performance Wheels and Tires (LA) -2300

    Selling 4 20" Performance Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires. The wheels are in great condition, well taken care of--no curb rash or scratches. The tires have about 15k miles on them. Asking $2300 OBO. In Los Angeles and prefer to arrange local pickup. Shipping can be arranged at...
  40. B

    Performance 20" with wheels spacers

    i'm looking for some wheel spacer for my M3P (20"). Think it will works with 17mm front and 20mm rear, but i'm not sure. Do you have some Pics or Infos for me?
  41. S

    Model 3 20" Performance Rims(without tyres) and Performance carbon fibre spoiler (matte) for sale.

    New. Changed the performance wheels and spoiler for aftermarket ones. Rims- 1800$ Spoiler- 500$ Available for delivery or pickup. Can give a better deal if purchased together. Thanks, Ivan
  42. JammerJr1989

    PD3- VS PD3+ Speed/Performance

    Has anyone recorded or seen how they preform against one another? I know the site says they are the same. BUT the wheel size, and lowering of the PD3+ has to make a difference? Anyone have the 0-60 on a PD3- and drag times?
  43. K

    18" P3D Wheels to Fit Pilot Alpin's

    I'm looking to put 18" wheels with Michelin Alpin's on my Model 3 Performance for the winter - either Pilot Alpin 5's or Pilot Alpin PA4's. I'm struggling to find any wheels that fit the wider performance bore. Has anyone had the Alpin's on their P3D with 18" wheels? In case it helps, here are...
  44. wlmory52

    OEM Wheels and Tire w/ TPMS For Sale

    Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor Performance OEM 20-inch Sport Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires and Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors (TPMS). Wheels and Tires have only 1,800 miles on them. 4 x 20X8.5J Sport Wheels 4 x 235/35R20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires 4 x Tire Pressure Sensors with Valve...
  45. Sunshine State

    Performance 3 price increase

    The Performance 3 base price just went up $1000 tonight
  46. S

    M3P UK Deliveries - any idea?

    Hey guys, finally did it... After reserving in Jan 2017 and subsequently cancelling the reservation in 2018, This week I've actually ordered the Model 3 Performance :D. Had a call from Tesla yesterday about the process from here on in, but they were relatively vague with delivery dates. I'm yet...
  47. Roys3

    Tesla "Sportster" on Model 3 Platform

    How about taking the Performance Model 3 platform and creating a two-seater (with focus on the driver's cockpit!) to compete with (and kill) the new Corvette in performance and price?! Come on Elon - you can do it!
  48. Probllama

    Need Your Opinion ASAP

    Just found a 2018 P3+ with 900 miles on it. MSRP $68,900 (red on white) Showroom adjustment $12,970 FSD can be removed and final price will be $49,930 I need to decide in an hour or two so that I can take delivery before federal tax credit cuts in half. I have never been interested in the...
  49. UltralightBeam

    Would an OEM wheel be exactly the same as that ordered through Tesla?

    Unfortunately, I have a bent rim on one of my 20” perf wheels. Tesla, of course, is looking at $$$ for a new one. But I have found an OEM replacement for much less. Should I be good with going that way or are Tesla wheels special in the sense that they’re really made by BBS or something? Ie...
  50. K


    I am selling it because I don't like the way it looks. Received from Tesla in mid May, completely new and unsed. PM if interested.