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  1. B

    Expected cost for wall charger permit

    I’ve been trying to install a Tesla wall charger and working on the permit process. My small city in California quoted my permit cost at $400. This felt pretty high to me and I learned it includes standard charges with an additional $35 fee because it’s an electric vehicle charger which seems...
  2. G

    LNI Permit Type needed in WA state for NEMA 14-50 installation

    I'm trying to obtain the permit needed to self-install the NEMA 14-50 outlet for my Model S in my garage. For WA state where I live (Bothell), we need to obtain the permit from LNI (link below). However, the options to purchase the permit are not evidentially clear for an EV charger installation...
  3. R

    Should I avoid an electrician who asks a homeowner to apply for a permit?

    Hi, I've been getting quotes from electricians on the Tesla website to install a wall connector. Some wouldn't apply for permits. Some wouldn't show up on the inspection day. If I apply for a permit myself that makes me responsible for all the work. Should I only hire an electrician who...
  4. L

    Installing Charger in BC, Canada

    I'll be taking delivery of my Model 3 (hopefully) soon and I was wondering how much did it cost you to install your charger in your garage? I did some calling around and most electricians gave me a quote of $400-$500 to install a charger inside a garage. This is assuming my circuit could handle...
  5. G

    Permit Process for Tesla Wall Connector Install (Georgia - Dekalb County)

    Hi, Does anyone have experience going through the permit process here in Georgia? I plan on installing the wall connector but I want to make sure that I follow the necessary steps to get the permit. Appreciate any feedback or pointers. Thanks!
  6. IchDochNicht

    Making a Vacation Rental EV Ready

    I could use some advice on how to best go about this... Last year, I bought a run-down codo in San Diego, 100ft from the beach. Had it gutted, rewired, and completely rebuilt from scratch to the latest standards. Now it is partially our own vacation spot, and partially vacation rental (managed...
  7. Gwgan

    Supercharger - Medway, ME

    Permitted , confirmed 9/15/18 Big Stop just off the highway. There is construction for new tanks and gas pumps and they may be waiting until that is finished but the installation may actually be at the adjacent park and drive area. A riverside park just down the road has 40 A on a pole in the...
  8. vperl

    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    Fort Stockton, TX Supercharger permit applied Fort Stockton, TX Supercharger permit applied Submitted by vperl on December 1, 2016 Talked to city of Fort Stockton,TX 11am Pacific today, gave address and information about the next SUPERCHARGER location. Permit being issued...