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  1. VT89WA

    Tesla Australia WAiting room (Perth WA)

    A waiting room dedicated to WA Perth folk waiting for their Tesla's as our shipments and allocations appear to be slightly disjointed from the rest of the country 😀 Discuss specs, order dates and allocations so we can all obsess together 😆
  2. Techno-phile

    Perth Showroom and Service Centre

    We are only just behind the Gold Coast, but the lease has been signed for an old Renault site on Scarborough Beach Road, Osborne Park. Google Maps
  3. Vostok

    Tesla market share of BEVs in NSW

    I will keep this thread updated quarterly with the Tesla market share of BEVs in NSW based on the RMS registration statistics. The chart is below. The first Teslas appeared in the stats in 4Q 2014 with 65 registered. The 1Q 2018 stats have just been released showing NSW has cracked the 1k mark...
  4. Murbs

    Supercharger - Perth (WA)

    Guess what has just showed up on Tesla's website!
  5. T

    Buying a Model S in Western Australia

    Hi all, I'm seriously looking at buying a 2015 Model S 85D in the next couple of weeks from a private seller, is there anyone that can help with: 1) What support there is in Perth from Tesla. 2) A good insurance company that doesn't charge an absolute fortune. 3) What warranty I should make...
  6. Techno-phile

    Drive and Lunch in WA 26th November 2016

    All owners, TOCA members, and Reservation holders, plus partners are invited. We have settled on the date of Saturday 26th November, with a drive to and lunch at Greenhills Inn. Lot 8 Greenhills Road, GREENHILLS, WA, 6302 (08) 9641 4095 0457 888 827 Greenhills Inn | Great Country Pub just out...
  7. AEdennis

    Just booked a quick visit to Perth from Southern California...

    So, my wife and I have been itching to get on the road in an airplane (versus all the fun travels we've had in our Model S the past two years (here are the summaries of those trips - 2015 (cross country US trip) and 2016 (to the Gigafactory trip via Vancouver, BC, Canada)). Just booked a trip...
  8. E

    Dinner for Matt (MDK) new Nullabor Conqueror (Perth to Bne trip)

    Matt is returning to Perth thru Melbourne and I propose a dinner for him 31st May at a Pub within a few ks north or west of CBD. Im looking for one with off-street parking best. Pl indicate if interested.
  9. MDK

    Perth to Brisbane

    Nullis Arbor, unum Tesla (zero trees, one Tesla) In a few days techno-phile and I are heading off on a big adventure! We aim to drive from Perth to Adelaide in 6 days, charging on 3-phase power along the way. techno-phile has done the legwork contacting various businesses and roadhouses...
  10. Blue heaven

    Perth speed fest

    They came to see Daniel Ricciardo, got to see a P85D as well!
  11. K

    Looking for feedback from Australian owners, particularly in Perth

    Hi everyone, To avoid being envious and impatient with getting my hands on a Tesla I've been off the forum for a while but I see things with Tesla in Australia have really moved along over the past year. Now that things appear to be full throttle and cars are being delivered to Perth and...
  12. A

    Anyone in Perth?

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to get a bit of an idea of any Tesla owners-to-be in Perth? I would love to get my hands on one when I can eventually afford it, but have seen speculation on these forums that servicing for Perth based customers might end up being quite costly. Any thoughts? Anyone...