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phantom drain

  1. F

    Record breaking snow at Lake Tahoe, and my refreshed model S is doing good with only 3 miles per day phantom drain while parking outside.

    My car is completely buried after yesterday night’s snow at Lake Tahoe , the Tesla app shows it is still connected. Over the last 10 days, my refreshed model s only drain about 3 miles per days in average, much better than my other classic Model X which normally drain 10+ miles during winter if...
  2. N

    Tesla dashboard -- Tesla api analytics

    Hi Guys , I live in Montreal and last December I got my dream car , Tesla model 3 sr+ 2021 model . As I do not have a garage and also did not have access to a dedicated charge point (relying on level 2 charge) . I had a lot of question in my mind about the effects of temperature on my cars...
  3. P

    12v battery damage

    I have a model 3 that’s about 14 months old and a little over 12,000 miles on it. A couple months ago I had to have the BCM replaced which took almost 2 months of waiting for the part to come in before replaced. During those two months of waiting, I had some serious phantom draining while the...
  4. M

    Phantom Drain with software updates

    Hi, I've had 3 software updates recently on my 2015 model S. I have a power monitor for my wall charger so I can check the power consumption. When it updated to 2020.16.1 I noticed the phantom drain went up to about 3 to 4kw per day. My charges are scheduled at 12:00am I noticed the power...
  5. n.one.one

    Phantom drain & sleep - Solved in 2020.12.11.1

    It appears that a huge phantom drain and sleep problem was solved for me when I updated my 2020 MX to 2020.12.11.1 (from 2020.12.6). Previous to the update I was losing on average 3.3 kWh and 12.6 miles per 24 hours. That loss was totally phantom drain and it would not sleep. Since the update...
  6. S

    Help, Summon Standby is Emptying Battery

    So I parked my model s 100d with 50% remaining at the airport and left for with plans to return in 8 days. I noticed that idle drain is a frightening 6% a day (~5kwh). I usually get about 1-2% a day of drain but that went way up when summon standby is on. If this keeps up, my battery would be at...
  7. N

    Phantom Drain with Spotify

    Hi All, Been noticing phantom drain of 12-15 miles overnight with my 100D MX AP2 MCU1 after the V10 update. Normally, I'd get -3 miles over night. Checked to verify that it wasn't due to sentry or smart pre-conditioning. I had a feeling that it was spotify related so I've been switching my...
  8. I

    2019.28 Phantom Drain - 2 mi per hour

    Update to 2019.28 on Wed 8/21and after charging it to 283 mi on Friday and then driving it for 178 mi during the next 26 hrs. Should have 105 mi (283 - 178 = 105) but only shows 65. Thought this was strange... Yeah there's AC and 65-75mph driving along with city driving.. but still not a 50 mi...
  9. F

    Vampire drain disappeared after enabling Privacy mode

    During my holidays my Model 3 DM is parked in a depot of my enterprise. Not cool, not hot. No Wlan. No sentry mode, no climatisation is switched on.Energy mode ist turned to low. No charging. I didnt look by remote for 10 days. Then I checked it and it lost 40% = 4%/day! I unlocked it with...
  10. K

    Model 3 Performance Real 3 Week Phantom Drain Test

    I just came back from 22 days of travel and was very nervous before I left about how much charge I would have when returned. I had no choice but to leave it unplugged the whole time so I did some research before I left and came across this chart which showed that the Model 3 would lose about 305...
  11. R

    Do body shops make sure the car has a charge?

    So I got into a minor accident and will need to replace the bumper and the driver side headlight and fog light. Given the current situation regrading wait times for body shops to receive the required parts from Tesla, it's safe to assume it can take anywhere from 3-4 months for me to get my car...
  12. M

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    I am not associated with this at all. I was seriously thinking of signing up for Teslafi.com but I just could not swallow the $50/yr subscription fee. I swear I looked for apps before on iPhone and didn't find much. I looked again today and found this and bought it immediately. It's $14.99 (I...
  13. B

    Wifi related phantom drain

    I've experimented with a few ways to reduce phantom drain, which was an issue when I first got my car in June (I don't have charging at home). Generally, since the 2018.24 version of software (i'm on 2018.28 now), the drain has declined to <1% (1-3 miles) overnight. However, I've discovered...
  14. T

    climate turning on (I'm not in car) - we did not initiate

    GREETINGS! (first post - I did do a quick scan with search function.) I am using a beta version of Stats (iOS maadotaa / QuickTesla) and I have the push notifications to alert me if/when the Climate turns on and I'm not in the car. A few times over the past week (I've been beta testing since...
  15. B

    Phantom / Vampire Drain on Model 3

    I have had the wonderful model 3 for a month now and when I first got it it was usually losing 1 mile over night and 1 mile whilst at work - sometimes 2. Recently its much higher, sometimes much much higher. Looking at my stats, it went up on from 18th April to about 3 miles per night and now...

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