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phone key

  1. M

    Phone Key Disconnected - Sentry Mode off?

    Hey guys, new owner to Tesla. I tried searching online for this but I don't see an exact match to my question. My wife and I have phone keys setup with our 2023 Model Y LR. When she has the car, obviously my phone key is disconnected. But sentry mode is also disconnected (I have the option to...
  2. Jomak

    Phone as key?

    I just got a 2019 MX LR with FSD from Tesla and I can't figure out how to add my phone as a key. Can you do it? I don't want to use the keyfob and this MX isn't a refresh so my controls look different than what I see for the M3/MY videos that show how to add a phone.
  3. W

    Phone Keyboard Inop while using phone on BT in 2019 MS Long Range

    Hello Folks. Whenever I place a call using my Samsung S22 Ultra through BT on my 2019 MS LR, the phone keyboard comes up as it should, but once the call is active, the phone keypad on the MS Viewscreen won't operate. If you need to hit a number to enter a prompt being requested from a call...
  4. D

    3/23 new software phone key issues

    Since the last software update, my wife and I, with both of our Tesla Ys have been having persistent phone key problems. Our phones will unlock the car, but we are forced to use our valet card to drive. Very annoying. We've had one car 2 years, another 4 months. We have both reset our phones...
  5. P

    Tesla app says it cannot find vehicle even when I’m inside the vehicle

    Hi, my husband and I just switched to two new phones. After we set up the new phones, signed into the Tesla App, and paired my husband’s phone and set it up as a phone key. No problem. Then I tried to set up phone key on my phone, but the app kept saying that it can’t find the vehicle even I’m...
  6. M

    Phone Key without Vehicle Locating?

    I've searched but cannot find answer... I'd like to give my kid (16 year old) Phone Key access so she can drive on occasion... but I really don't want her being able to locate the car (me). I tried playing around with Location permissions in her iphone but can't seem to remove her ability to see...
  7. P

    Tesla App, Phone Key, Bluetooth, Security

    Newbie Questions: Just got my MYLR a week ago & have questions. I park on the street (no driveways in historic 100+ yo neighborhood). The car is maybe 30’ from the house. The Tesla app recommends leaving it running in the background on my iPhone “for the best Phone Key experience”. When inside...
  8. D

    Multiple phone keys: is there an issue in switching between active ones?

    The other day my wife and I went shopping with our brand new Model 3. We both have phone keys. She opened and drove the car using hers and I joined in the passenger seat. At the mall parking lot, she left with her phone, driver's door open, leaving the car to me and my phone to park. As I sat on...
  9. C

    Unable to set up phone as key

    Hello! I recently became the owner of a Tesla model 3 of 2021, now I have a problem, I created an account, added a car there, downloaded the Tesla application, everything works in the application itself, but there is one moment, the car does not see the phone as a key and cannot install it as a...
  10. srs5694

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    I'm thinking it's time to upgrade my cell phone. I currently use a OnePlus 5t, but it's becoming a bit unreliable (generically). Used as a phone key on my 2019 Model 3, it usually works well (maybe 80% of the time), but sometimes (maybe 15% of the time), there's a delay of a few (5-10) seconds...
  11. G

    Phone Key not auto-presenting handles, but Fob does?

    I've got a 2021 Plaid S and prior to the 2021.44.25.2 update everything was working just fine. Now with my phone key the handles do not auto-present, but the pressure sensor method works fine. The keyfobs both cause the correct auto-present behavior. I've tried the two-scrollwheel reset...
  12. M

    Car no longer turning on...

    So I just upgraded from an iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 Pro. The Tesla app is synced with the car (using the key card) and the car doors will open when I bring the phone near the car... But the car won't turn on without the Tesla key card or using the app to turn on the car. What am I doing wrong...
  13. L

    Tesla Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) API Documentation

    Hey, I recently reverse engineered Tesla's BLE protocol which is used by (model 3 + y) keyfobs, the phone key, tire pressure sensors, and possibly more! I had a very fun time reverse engineering the Android app, and figuring out how cryptography even works; yes there's good cryptography...
  14. W

    Phone key keeps losing Bluetooth connection

    I got my M3 yesterday and set up my iPhone X with the Tesla app at the SC including connecting to Bluetooth in my car. I did not test to see if the phone key worked before I left Tesla since I had the key card. Later that day, I went to my car and the phone key would not work. There was now no...
  15. TessieEddie

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    I have had my M3 for about 18 months now. I still absolutely love driving it but I am becoming increasingly frustrated with multiple issues. I was not able to find similar threads so I have started a new one. I took it in to a service center once, which is 2 hours away from home, only to be...
  16. B

    Phone Key When Home

    I have just set up phone key on my new model 3. I now seem to be able to walk up to the car, unlock it and drive, just by having my phone in my pocket... perfect. However, when I'm at home and the model 3 is in the driveway I notice that my phone is sometimes connected to the car. Does this...
  17. H

    Authenticating partner's phone

    My spouse's phone recently didn't lock when she walked away from our M3. :eek: On investigating, we found that her app has logged her out and she did not have my password in her keychain. I've added that now, and hopefully she won't have further problems but I thought I'd start a thread to see...
  18. Ellsworth

    Disappearing Bluetooth Door Locking Radios

    During most of our first 12 months with our Tesla Model 3, using an Authenticated Phone as a “key” worked as expected. Every once in a while, I’d pull on a door handle or trunk release and nothing would happen. Sometimes trying again would open the car, and using the Tesla app on my iPhone X to...
  19. M

    Phone Key range to big?

    I park my M3 in my driveway about a meter outside my front door. I have Phone Key setup on my iPhone 11 and was shocked to find out last night that I could unlock the car doors while my phone was still in the house. I’ve tested this morning and noticed that I could unlock the car with the phone...
  20. srs5694


    Here's a recent XKCD. I guess Randall Munroe, the strip's author, doesn't yet own a Model 3 -- but maybe he's planning to buy one soon....
  21. S

    Curious phone key failure

    My model 3 is just over a year old and at the beginning I followed some of the many discussions about the failures and different phones, etc. I never had a problem except a couple of times when I think my body was between the phone and the car. But no issues for the last ~10 months, until...
  22. J

    improved phone key reliability on 2019.24.4 (maybe)

    I got my M3 for a month now. My phone key has been unreliable at best, but there seem to have been some improvements since 2019.24.4. Let me elaborate: For context, my phone is an antiquity, an old Samsung still running Android 7.0 (stop laughing, not funny) I also own a Garmin bluetooth...
  23. AlanSubie4Life

    PSA: Use PIN-To-Drive or Keycard if you have small children

    I want to make Model 3 owners with small children aware that there is a potential safety issue with the Model 3. Please communicate it to other Model 3 owners with small children, especially those who may not frequent these forums: The Model 3 can be shifted from Park to Drive AND accelerated...
  24. T

    Phone Key issue

    I am on 12.1.2. It seems last couple of days my phone key is not responding to my car unless I take it out of my pocket and unlock my phone or put it near the door handle. Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks in advance.
  25. jmaddr

    Phone key not recognizing different people and activating profiles

    This might be a newbie question, but for some reason my M3P does not seem to know the difference between my wife and I. Everytime we switch drivers, we have to change the driver profile manually. Shouldn't this be automatic based on the phone used to unlock. In the confirmed cases, only one...
  26. edgar_T

    Trunk does not open unless I place my phone near the front/passenger doors

    Model 3, 2018.50.6, iPhone XS, Tesla app version 3.8.1 This has been happening for many months. Any time that I walk up to my Model 3 from the rear the trunk does not unlock. This also affects the charger, as I am unable to remove the charger unless the car detects my phone. I have to walk to...
  27. E

    Pixel 3 on order - Special settings needed to work as Phone Key?

    I have a Pixel 3 XL on order as my Moto G4 works poorly as a Phone Key, plus it can't be updated beyond ver 8 Oreo. I tried every suggestion I could find to make it work reliably with no luck. Pixel 3 owners don't seem to be reporting issues with Model 3. Do I need to change any of the...
  28. Sagedaddy

    Unlocking with other doors or trunk

    My phone used to reliably unlock all four doors and the trunk. Now it is often just the driver’s door and sometimes the front passenger door. What changed or am I missing something?
  29. IonEV

    Touchscreen wake up issue

    The Model 3 would wake up normally with my wife's iPhone. Meaning she walks up to the car, touches the door handle, the car and touchscreen wake up and are ready to go by the time she gets in. When I approach with my Samsung S8+ the car would open but even after buckling my seatbelt the...
  30. Q

    M3 card stolen, new iPhone not yet setup as key...but still can drive?

    My wife’s key card was stolen this week. Her new iPhone of course wasn’t setup yet as a key, but for some reason, she can still drive the car. Also, FYI, the thief snatched her backpack with key card in wallet as she was walking away with our kids, and before it theoretically had time to...
  31. D

    Internet connectivity and the phone app

    I live in a somewhat rural area that offers few internet connectivity options. Last week a storm came through and my wireless internet died, which also meant I no longer had a phone key and was stuck with the card. The "customer service" department at the ISP said that it would be about two...
  32. D

    Feature request: You’re exiting with phone/key is still plugged in.

    It would be extremely useful to warn a driver who is charging their phone/key that their phone is still on their charger when they start to exit the vehicle. Note: This is basically the Tesla equivalent to leaving a car running with the keys in the ignition.
  33. G

    List of Android phones that work >99% of the time

    As someone with a Model 3, and an Android user, the phone-as-key has been the only frustrating part of ownership. My Nexus 5X and wife's Moto X Pure are only about 50% reliable even with the tasker workaround. I shouldn't have to, but I'm considering buying phones that will just work. So, who...
  34. tanner

    Phone Key Auto Unlock Issues?

    The app works great as a phone key with its hybrid bluetooth/data functionality, but my only issue is walking up to the car and having it be unlocked. It only seems to work half of the time? I'm on the latest version of iOS with the latest app installed, bluetooth enabled, and "always use"...