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  1. F

    App not letting me upload trade-in photos

    I'm trying to get thru the tasks for delivery, but the app won't let me upload all 4 photos of my trade-in. I simply cannot get beyond that stage. Is this a known issue? Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. nilesborg

    2022 "Refreshed" "Refresh" Model S Headlights, Taillights Charge Port, Plaid Badge in the Flesh

    Was at the Tesla dealership the other day - saw a few Model S refresh refreshes sporting the new headlight and taillight designs, in case anyone hasn't seen them IRL yet and wants to take a closer look! Photo dump below... 2021 refresh owners, whatcha all think; are we jealous or like whatevs...
  3. U

    Post your day one Model Y and Model 3 UK pictures

    Please post your collection day Model Y photos.. Lets see who goes first.
  4. A

    A selection of existing Model 3 photos

    Hello! I saw some new photos published 3 days ago! it's all from here but it's collated onto one website ... so without further ado check them out here!
  5. EV Slideshow

    Vendor EV Slideshow For Tesla - New App for Iphone! - Intro

    Hello All, I am a Classic Model S owner that has been on this forum for many years. We have developed an i-Phone app that sends image content directly to your Tesla screen in seconds! I will be posting images and videos in the days to come of its many uses. Please give it a try as the main page...
  6. ohmman

    Supercharger Aerial Photos

    I'm creating this thread to host aerial (drone/quadcopter) photos of Supercharger locations. Ideally, each post should include the location (preferably in the post title), and then one or more still photos of the Supercharger. This will allow for in-thread searching when someone's headed to a...
  7. S

    Anybody with 2013 multi-coat red in LA?

    Has anybody in the greater LA area gotten their 2013 multi-coat red Tesla Model S yet? I am working on a photo shoot of electric vehicles, but my own Model S won't be available until mid-June 2013. Let me know if you're willing to let your MS (if not multi-coat red, then signature red, or...