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  1. T

    "Premium headlights" but I thought it would be Matrix for Fremont MYLR?

    Hello, I am getting my Fremont MYLR today (F571) and an SA checked my vin and said it shows up with "premium headlights" which is the regular headlights and not the "global headlights" which is the matrix headlights. I have seen multiple Fremont MYLRs from last month with the Matrix. Did Tesla...
  2. B

    VIN assigned with delivery confirmation then VIN removed

    I recently ordered an inventory 2021 model y which was out of state. Did agree to pay transportation costs too. Few hours later got order confirmation email along with order confirmation with delivery date from Tesla Advisor. One day later advisor sends text that my vehicle will not be delivered...
  3. A

    Picked up LR Y 629xx Black & White in Mt Kisco Today

    260 miles each way from the Adirondacks, we arrived to walk among the newly delivered models before heading into the delivery/sales office. MY was as close to perfect as we expected. We asked our advisor to have the service center go through it and fix what’s possible before delivery. 2021...
  4. 1stEVSm3mY

    Model Y: condition of car pick up on June 19 from Fremont

    Picked up my mY June 19th. Summary of my initial inspection: pearl white with Black induction wheels AWD. Not 100% perfect in all aspects, but I am still very happy and will have things taken care of as needed....hopefully by Tesla mobile serviceM which is wonderful. - Paint: see a tiny chip...
  5. 1stEVSm3mY

    mY Express Pickup experience & waiting for a full PPF wrap...Super excited!

    My model Y express pick up @ Fremont factory: total experience was pretty awesome. - had lots of email and text message reminders and helpful messages pre-pick up - Tesla made tasks like upload of licenses, insurance, loan application as well as the final payment (literally select your bank...
  6. R

    If I find issues during pick up. What do I do?

    I been hearing a lot of buyers picking up their newly purchased Model Y and finding issues with the car. They either find them during inspection or after they take it home. I ordered a Model Y and I’m a bit scared that I will find problems. I’m going to create a list known problems and go...
  7. Kamixus

    New Car Owner: What do I need to look for?

    Hi all, I've had my current ICE for 13 years and finally decided to take the plunge and go for a Model 3. This is my first vehicle purchase (last one was inherited) and also the largest purchase I've ever made... so I'm a little nervous. Any advice on what I should be looking for, what...
  8. L

    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers!

    Tesla Cybertruck Uses Lasers instead of Windshield Wipers to vaporize water and debris off the windshield:
  9. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Need a +1? Asking for a Friend.

    Seriously though, it's for me. I know this is highly unlikely but I have to at least ask... I'm fully house-trained, self-reliant and wildly entertaining. I won't need anything aside from an address to pick you up at prior to the show and personally chauffeur you in a luxurious P85D (Sorry...
  10. V

    Spy shot Cybrtrk Chassis?

    Hi Everyone, new member here, have been anxiously waiting on the CYBRTRK as everyone else has been. I have researched and scoured for leaks and pictures of this truck (as many other are too I suppose). Anyway, I came across this on www.buildingtesla.com and just wanted to get peoples...
  11. Ostrichsak

    Does Anyone Have 2 Tickets to the Event They're Not Going go Use?

    I'm not going to beg or offer green-backs like some as I feel that goes against what was intended for these events but I wanted to throw my hat in the ring just in case anyone was looking to pay it forward. The wife and I would love, love, LOVE to take a road trip from Northern Colorado to...
  12. K

    SR+ Day 1 Pickup and first impressions

    We picked up our Model 3 SR+ metallic blue from Brisbane Fortitude Valley today. We arrived a bit early (15 mins) and ‘Sparky’ was just being moved to the delivery area. Yes we decided on ‘Sparky’ as her name. Before looking over her we opened the Tesla app, sparky was already linked to our...
  13. T

    Michigan Customers are Screwed!

    Hi I own a Tesla Model S since 2016. When I purchased the car, everything was hunky dory for S and X owners in Michigan since Tesla promised to send a flatbed to pick up your car and give you a loaner or send a ranger to fix your car issues. This arrangement lasted for a while but has lately...
  14. Geert.Snijders

    Rivian R1T full size BEV pickup

    Well done Rivian! Rivian unveils all-electric pickup truck with unbelievable specs
  15. M

    Post delivery service promised, still waiting to hear from Tesla

    Picked up my Model 3 Performance on September 29th at Fremont. During the pickup process the Tesla delivery guy (who was an engineer at Tesla moonlighting as Tesla delivery man to help out, really nice guy) told me to note down any issues we find with the car. He said that Tesla will expedite...
  16. M

    Delivery Experience- 4 different delivery dates with no resolution

    Configured my LR RWD model 3 with EAP on 9/20 First contact with Delivery advisor on 9/26, attempted to call delivery advisor with questions but the given number was disconnected. Multiple emails sent with no response until 10/1 informing me I can take delivery on 10/2. On 10/1 while awaiting...
  17. T

    Model X to jump start an ICE pickup truck

    Non conventional question for the forum... Seeking advising using a Model X to jump start another vehicle. Using the B+ and ground marked under the frunk of a Model X, what would be the ramifications to jump start a cold, low voltage 12v battery on an ICE pickup truck? Let's suppose both...
  18. J

    Can I delay pick up schedule for 1-2 weeks?

    Finally I got the message that the car is in transit from the factory. My local store is near SF in CA. How long usually it take before ready for picking up the car? 1~2 weeks? Because I would not have the down payment money ready until the first week of September. I am wondering it is possible...
  19. fasteddie7

    Home delivery vs. In store pickup

    does anyone have any thoughts on home vs. service center delivery? I live 3+ hours from the closest service center so i have the option to do either, and my delivery specialist explained the difference was there is no new vehicle orientation with home delivery. Am I really missing out? I've been...
  20. igotzzoom

    Tesla Model U Pickup Rendered by Truck Trend

    Hi Guys, So I guess I should come clean. I'm actually a staff editor on Truck Trend magazine. I've been on the TMC forums for more than a year, and am a big Tesla fan. I pitched the idea of doing a story on a Tesla pickup concept to my boss, and he was receptive. What you see is the result of...
  21. C

    EV Energy Usage while towing

    I have personally been asked many questions around EV power trains and how having so much torque would be great for an EV pickup (or model x) for towing. I personally am interested in this topic but have found lacking any credible and useful information around the subject. Was wondering if...
  22. DavidWexler

    Going to the factory for a pick up?

    I'd love to take a factory tour, but I guess for now, the only way to do that is while you're picking up your new car. How about a fair trade? I'll give you a ride to the factory from Southern California in my Model S, if I can tag along on your factory tour as your guest. I work in L.A. and I...