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  1. I

    Anyone have pictures of 35% ceramic tint on the front windows and 70% in the rear with white interior?

    This is what I am leaning towards on my upcoming blue Model Y with white interior because I want as close as a match as possible while staying within the legal limit in the front in my state of AZ. However, I cannot find pictures of this specific tint percentage. Would really appreciate it if...
  2. U

    Post your day one Model Y and Model 3 UK pictures

    Please post your collection day Model Y photos.. Lets see who goes first.
  3. Y

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    Figured people would appreciate pictures to help decide between colors and right now the photos are scattered everywhere on the forums/web. Lets have a thread for the blue and keep editing to a minimum. Here is my (unedited) Model Y Performance with PUP and white interior to start things off.
  4. iamroy

    Deep Blue Metallic - Show me pictures of your car today!

    I ordered a Deep Blue Metallic Model 3 a couple of days ago. Show me some pictures of yours to help me pass the time!
  5. heytae

    DIY stand for 3 Powerwalls raised off the garage floor

    Can anyone with a Powerwall2 tell me if the bottom of them are completely flat, or whether they have some protrusion or "feet" on the bottom that they rest on when installed on the floor? I'd like to know if my DIY stand should be flat or accommodate any such "feet" if the Powerwalls have any...
  6. Rusty1

    Tesla Road Trip

    Didn't see this anywhere. If it already exists, point me in the right direction. I would love to see pictures of people's Tesla on a road trip. Here is my baby when we travellled to Clingman's Dome in the Smoky Mountains.
  7. Freedom101

    Picked up our new 90D yesterday!

    Ordered this amazing machine on July 15th and was told it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Apparently Teslas don't often ship across the country from East to West. To literally everyones surprise, the X arrived on August 2nd and we took delivery yesterday after work. This must be some type of...
  8. M

    Album with over 800 Model S pictures

    Picasa Web Albums - Te Sla It's not clear to me who the owner is, but they've done a great job compiling pics from around the web (including many from TMC!)
  9. Zextraterrestrial

    Zextraterrestials S (tory)

    So. My Tesla story starts around March 2010 when I was given around the cost of a deposit of a Model S Growing up in Los Altos I was pretty familiar with all of the stuff going on around the area and liked the idea of electric cars. The Factory tour last October and Test ride was pretty sweet...
  10. mnx

    Random EV Sightings

    In the spirit of the Random Roadster and Random Model S sighting threads I figured I'd start a Random EV sightings thread. This is the first non Tesla pure EV I have seen out on the roads. I think it must be a conversion since I it appears to be a Ford Escape.
  11. Norbert

    Photos 2012-06-24, Fremont, Model S on the Road

    Similar to the the thread in October 2011, I'll be posting photos here (only difference I'll keep placeholders on the first page so I can add all photos on the first page, meaning one doesn't have to search through pages of comments (and that one can comment more freely). Pearl white with...