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pin to drive

  1. D

    (Model S pre-2018) Have you had your eMMC replaced? If not, consider removing pin-to-drive

    Following on from a description of my recent experience in France, recounted on the Europe/UK board. Quick summary: while driving in a remote part of France, I did a 2-button reboot (because it seemed that I had lost internet connectivity) -- and the result was that the main screen would not...
  2. S

    PIN to drive glitch

    I encountered the strangest glitch on my 2022 Y LR yesterday and I’m wondering if I’m the only one. I was entering a national park in my area to take advantage of the unseasonably warm and sunny weather and stopped at the kiosk to pay for parking. The kiosk is situated so that you have to exit...
  3. D

    Valet mode vs. PIN to drive while in shop

    Sadly, my new Model Y was tagged in a parking lot. Not much damage fortunately but it will have to have PDR (paintless dent repair). My question is this: which is the better option to use while the car is in the shop, valet mode or PIN to drive?
  4. A

    Bluetooth Calendar Sync + Pin to Drive

    Anyone else using both Calendar and Pin to Drive notice it being handled really poorly since 2020.8? I LOVE the calendar integration, specifically how the navigation automatically routes depending on the next meeting. I also enjoy the security of Pin to Drive. Starting at 2020.8 (and the...
  5. tk421jag

    Problems putting the car into drive (app and pin to drive)

    In the last few months, since at least v10 update, I've been having problems with getting the app to connect with the car. It almost never connects while I'm sitting in the car. I'll put my phone into airplane mode, then turn airplane mode off, and it will connect then. So I'll drive the car...
  6. AlanSubie4Life

    PSA: Use PIN-To-Drive or Keycard if you have small children

    I want to make Model 3 owners with small children aware that there is a potential safety issue with the Model 3. Please communicate it to other Model 3 owners with small children, especially those who may not frequent these forums: The Model 3 can be shifted from Park to Drive AND accelerated...
  7. R

    Do you use pin to drive?

    Curious to see how many people use pin to drive.
  8. Chickenlittle

    PIN to drive fexibility

    A suggestion: there maybe locations where it would be nice not to require a PIN to drive. I agree with need for security but some locations, for instance your locked garage, may not require a PIN. Yes cars can be stolen from locked garage but certainly less likely. Owners could designate...
  9. Chickenlittle

    How to change PIN

    we want to change PIN number but don’t see how to. Turning off PIN requirement then putting it back on results in the same PIN number required. I am sure I am missing how to, anyone know how to?
  10. I

    Pin to Drive vs Valet Mode

    Just got the new update last night...is it just me or is pin to drive super disappointing? Firstly, it's not compatible with Valet Mode. Every time I get out of my car it goes into Valet Mode. Most non-recovered stolen Teslas did not have Valet Mode enabled. I can't even comprehend why Mobile...
  11. aikisteve

    Tesla called me to ask if I wanted to order new key fobs

    At first Tesla couldn't confirm, but now they've called me to ask whether I wanted to order new key fobs to replace my old ones that have the security flaw. But I would have to pay for them.
  12. mrfra62

    Pin to drive

    after the update pin to drive I activated this feature. Yesterday I had disabled that feature for a brief moment. I also rebooted the (tablet) screen in the middle. After that I tried to reactivate it again. But no luck. It doesn't store my pin to drive number. I tried to activate it standing...
  13. aikisteve

    Thoughts on the new PIN to drive safety feature

    Tesla added a new PIN code option to enable the car as a safety feature. After driving around with it for a couple of days, I noticed some quirks that could use some improvements to improve both safety and usability