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  1. HumanInput

    2021 Model S Plaid, Red/Cream 21” with FSD Streets Beta - 6,000 miles - $129,780

    Selling my beloved Model S Plaid! Had a custom badge made for the back that is even better than the launch day events. Car has been babied and mostly sat in my garage. Never tracked and Plaid mode used only a couple of times at the stop light—that was without drag strip mode too. Enrolled in...
  2. S

    2021-2022 Model S Plaid/refresh ride heights with different rims/tires

    Looking to see if I can get some other opinions on the matter. I currently have 19" rims and tires and I'm wondering what's the ride height of the 21" arachnids. Very-high 30" top of wheel well 7 1/2 Front lip High 29 1/2" top of wheel well 7 Front lip Medium 28 1/2" top of wheel well 6 3/4...
  3. K

    Model S Service Experience

    I wanted start a discussion about service experience with S owners. I have a Model S Plaid that I received towards the end of last year and my service experience has been abysmal at best. I’ve had issues noted from delivery day, (scheduled appointment in November) that still haven’t been...
  4. B

    19” Model S Plaid Tempest Wheels & Tires

    Selling my stock 19” wheels and tires. Excellent condition, only 2k miles on tires. Available for local pickup in LA or shipping. $1,400, not including shipping or TPMS
  5. Y

    Looking for Michelin Sport 4S 21" inch tires for my Arachnid Wheels

    Looking for these tire sizes for the Arachnid wheels 265 35 21 295 30 21 Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires, T2 Tesla, Acoustic Tech Let me know if you have any available please! Thanks! If you also have Arachnid wheels with tires for sale let me know please
  6. S

    2022 Model X Plaid. $160,000. Black/Black, 6 seater, 22” wheels. Bay Area.

    Basically brand new. It’s an amazing car, but it’s just not for me (not at this time at least). Currently has 200 miles, but it’ll go up a bit as this is my daily car. Happy to answer questions/send pics.
  7. K

    OEM 21" Black Arachnids For Sale

    For Sale OEM 21" Arachnid wheels and tires off my '21 Plaid with less than 150 miles. Houston area. [email protected] $4500/obo. Thanks!
  8. A

    Model X plaid reservation for sale.VIN assigned

    Selling Mode X plaid reservation. VIN assigned and delivered Mar 26-29. Configuration is as follows Model X Plaid Solid Black 22'' Turbine Wheels All Black Premium Interior with Carbon Fiber Décor Six Seat Interior Yoke Steering Wheel Autopilot Full Self-Driving Capability Pay-as-you-go...
  9. J

    Launch control at drag strip tree

    So at the drag strip, the tree has the first stage, then the second stage. I was wondering how people are able to use launch control at drag strips, because whenever i set off the first stage, i put it into launch mode, then I have to roll up about a foot to set off the second stage, but it will...
  10. chudiddy

    Plaid X Vibration at beginning of each drive: Who is experiencing this?

    I've determined that a bunch of Plaid X owners are experiencing some sort of vibration that you can feel in the pedal during the first few mins of every drive. I don't know if any Refresh LR owners are experiencing this but if so please reply. The vibration usually lasts for a few mins or miles...
  11. sliverlalfa

    WTB Model X Plaid Reservation

    Hello I’m looking for a model x plaid order in CA,NV, or AZ Preferably black on white with 22” wheels 6 seat
  12. petershi24

    2022 S Plaid - Bumper Damage - Repair or Replace?

    A careless driver rear ended me (low speed) and my rear bumper was deformed. Any ideas on repair or replace? Thanks
  13. petershi24

    2022 Refreshed Model S / Plaid - Cup holder too small?

    My 2022 Model S Plaid's cup holders are too small... While a lot of you are asking about refreshed S cup holder inserts because your cup holders are too big, I found mine has 3 little rubbers that make my cup holders ridiculously small (that it can't even fit a regular workout bottle). Anyone...
  14. T

    Dust Behind Instrument Cluster (Cleaning?)

    Hi all, New member here. I just took delivery of a 2022 Model S Plaid a couple of days ago and I have a question I'm hoping some of you might be able to help with. I've just noticed there is a noticeable amount of dust and particles behind the glass of the instrument panel... Has anybody else...
  15. Cory151

    Tesla Plaid.... Simply Amazing

    I just wanted to go on record and say what an incredible vehicle the Model S Plaid is. I can drive just about whatever I want and I choose to drive the Model S. Never in my lifetime did I think that anybody would ever be able to effortlessly, daily-drive, a 1020hp car. This car is equally at...
  16. J

    Plaid roll racing

    I see a bunch of threads on drag racing the plaid, but I want to know what is the best setting for roll racing in it. Back when I had the model 3, I would use track mode, and put it in rear wheel drive. For some reason the RWD track mode on that car was faster for me than AWD so I’m wondering if...
  17. L

    X PLAID reservation for sale - have vin and delivery date. Grey with black and captains chairs.

    2022 Tesla Model X Plaid · Suv · So I was surprising my wife with an X Plaid and didn’t go as planned. She’s wants to keep her y performance. I have delivery of a grey x plaid with all black interior coming 2/23 (already have vin) not sure if it’s possible to sell my reservation for a low cost...
  18. A

    Model X Plaid - Rear left motor disabled - Vehicle shutting down

    First time poster. My 2022 Model X Plaid was parked at the restaurant parking lot Sat night (y'day). When trying to go home, I pressed the brake pedal and got this "Rear left motor disabled - OK to drive" message on the dashboard. Also a big "PULL OVER SAFELY, Vehicle shutting down" message. Car...
  19. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP / TeamPGR Project Plaid

    Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great week! We've been meaning to make a Plaid journal for a while - so while we're a bit late, it's better late than never. For those are you that are eager for the latest updates, we are usually posting to Instagram. Let's get started! A quick...
  20. R

    2022 Model X Plaid reservation car is ready to deliver now! Los Angeles

    2022 model x plaid reservation black on white with 22’s. Taking offers today as it is ready to deliver now in Los Angeles!
  21. R

    2022 Model X Plaid Black Exterior White Interior 22" Wheels Los Angeles California Delivered And Ready For Sale

    2022 Model X Plaid with black exterior and white interior 22" wheels for sale in Los Angeles, CA. It is delivered and ready to sell. Message me with offers asap as it won't last. It's the only 2022 Model X Plaid with this color combo that is delivered and ready for sale in the entire US!
  22. R

    2022 Model X Plaid Black Exterior White Interior 22" rims For sale Los Angeles California

    I have a 2022 Model X Plaid for sale in Los Angeles. Black exterior with white and carbon fiber interior (6 seater) and 22" wheels. Won't last so msg me asap!*
  23. P

    Model S Plaid MSM Journal

    Hey guys, I figured I would start a thread to document my journey with this insane speed demon. I’ve had the car for 2 days now. So I was set on the LR version, but after some discussion and thinking I decided to go for the Plaid. It’s a lot of money for a mere 1 second, but frankly I just...
  24. Z

    2022 Model X Plaid Reservation For Sale | Estimated Delivery: January 21 - February 08

    Selling a Model X Plaid reservation with the following specs: Black Exterior Black Interior 6 Seats 22” Turbine Wheels Reservation MSRP: $119,990 Current MSRP for New Orders: $126,490 So reservation price is $6,500 LESS than Tesla's current asking price. Estimated Delivery: January 21 -...
  25. Q

    Model S Plaid Issues

    So, out of the blue, my Plaid made a very odd noise yesterday that sounded like it was coming from the climate system and then completely died. It was charged and parked. I was unable to unlock it from the key or app and the two truck 12v charge brought it back briefly and it died again...
  26. K

    2021-22 Model S Refresh 21” Inch Arachnid Buy or willing to trade brand new 19” Inch + Cash

    Looking to buy a set of 21” Arachnid for model S refresh, or trade. I have a brand new set of Model S Tempest 19” Inch with 100 miles on it only. Willing to trade and add cash. I’m in Los Angeles.
  27. iyordanov

    Vendor TWRAPS Introduces More than 20 products for the refreshed Model S

    Hey there! In the past few months I became known here as the guy who does things for us. My name is Iliya and I started my company TWRAPS a couple of months after I took delivery of the refreshed Model S. I love my car, but I have a long history of doing minor customizations on my cars and...
  28. MichaelP90DL

    Tips on drag racing your Model S Plaid...on the track.

    For those who have not yet experienced what it’s like to be on a drag strip with your MS Plaid, this post is for you. Most big US drag strips operate under rules of the National Hot Rod Association, which is fine unless you drive a really quick, unmodified (stock) electric car. The Plaid can...
  29. P

    Plaid Range Mode ?

    I’m curious if anyone has experience with Range Mode on a Plaid vehicle? is there a significant effect on actual range?
  30. G

    2021 Model S Plaid White on White with Arachnids and less than 500 miles

    Hi All, 2021 Model S Plaid - white on white - less than 500 miles ceramic dark tints on the sides and rear never been in plaid mode 21” arachnids no FSD asking 150k in Chicago
  31. T

    Plaid runs 8.994 1/4 mile

  32. M

    2020 Tesla Model 3 LR FSD BLK

    Mint condition. 46k miles on it. Ceramic coated inside out with 5 years warranty. Ceramic tints lifetime warranty. Total cost $3k. Asking $55k obo
  33. iyordanov

    Vendor Products for your new/upcoming Model S, by TWRAPS

    Hey guys A few months ago I got a delivery of my new Model S. I wanted to customize it but since it's so new there was nothing on the market, so I've decided to do it myself. As a result I also opened a Shopify store where I sell everything I make (more products coming every week). So I'd like...
  34. S

    Model S Plaid Seat Confusion

    I’m a new Plaid owner (3rd Tesla) my Plaid has the front seats confused. I have to buckle both front seats to drive, use auto pilot, and easy access moves the passenger seat. It is almost like my car thinks it is right had drive. Has anyone had this issue?!? PLEASE HELP!!
  35. skchoyee

    Refreshed model S Plaid dashboard noise

    Had the car for a little over 2 months now, 2700 miles in. Been hearing this ticking/creaking noise coming from the driver side dashboard. My local SC took the whole front apart (dashboard, windshield) and can’t seem to locate the source. Now they tell me they have to outsource it to an outside...
  36. B

    Plaid is slow on highspeed.

    Tesla Model S Plaid is often referred to as the fastest pruduction vehicle in the world. But I doubt it Is there anybody who can do the accelaration test to 250-300km/h ? I can't seem to find the data of 0-300km/h time of Plaid. I think it's because the acceleration from 250 to 300km is slow...
  37. 1.21GW

    Technical deep dive: Plaid Torque curve

    I created a video that goes into depth about the Plaid torque curve and shows how it compares to the Dodge Demon and C8 Corvette
  38. F

    Plaid owner experience: Melted chargeport, Passenger door pops open while driving, AP Cameras bugged. 21 days in service in first month of ownership.

    Full story on my twitter account. You can ask me anything here also.
  39. N

    Need help with music - think I may have a bug?

    Hi everyone. I need your help. I had a Tesla Model S from March 2018, which I returned in March 2021. I ordered a Plaid then, and just got it. I accepted delivery right away because I figured that it can't be that much different than my old car so I'll figure out all the interface stuff. But...
  40. M

    Model S Plaid -- Battery Failure -- Day 1

    Picked up my Red Plaid today with 19inch wheels (told first 19" delivery at my Service Center) with 4 miles on it! Delivery experience has gradually gone down hill (my 4th Tesla) and this experience was by far the worst. You purchase a $130K car and expect to see someone other than the 18...
  41. D

    Tesla Plaid toying with other high performance cars on the dragstrip whilst trying not to get kicked off

    Here's the main video: I think there ***may*** come a time when watching the Plaid win all these races becomes monotonous and predictable, but today is not that day. The whole video is worth a watch, but for the impatient below, I linked just the races. For those not in the know, the ET...
  42. jebinc

    Model 3 trade to Refreshed Model S poll….

    I have a June 2019 model 3 Dual motor with FSD and acceleration boost. I really love the car. Was thinking about trading it for a MS Plaid. Tesla offered $51,800 for the 3. That plus another $100,000 would get the Plaid. I like the nimbleness and tossability of the 3 and am afraid the Plaid will...
  43. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor Plaid Review by a Detailer

    Ceramic Pro San Diego has been applying Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings to Tesla Model S’s since 2014 and my how things have changed! We recently had the privilege of working on 2 of the first Model S Plaid’s delivered in San Diego County. One of our customers was gracious enough to allow us to...
  44. Tsportline

    Vendor 2021 Tesla Model S Long Range & Plaid Tesla Aftermarket Wheels Now Available!

    Model S Plaid Forged Wheels are now available in 20" and 21"!
  45. 1

    Model S Refresh / AQI (Air Quality Index Question) ??

    So back in Jan / Feb On the order page of Model S/X refresh there use to be screenshots showing the Air Quality Index number on the screen. Question did Tesla is yet to turn that feature on ? Or did they just remove it I do NOT see it on the order page any more and not lot of people or even...
  46. F

    Plaid 21 Arachnid Wheel dims

    Hey all, just got my new Model S Plaid delivered last week! In love! Car is a blast to drive. Ultimate daily! I am looking to swap the wheels. Car was ordered with 21 Arachnid wheels, but just not really feeling them. Looking to go wit a 22" Forged to give it a better look. Can anyone share...
  47. PeterJ

    Plaid CAN bus adapter

    Can any Plaid owners confirm if the connector to the CAN bus is the same as previous Model S? It was previously behind the panel under the screen (shown here). I would love to see some of the battery telemetry data via OBD adapter if any of the early owners are data nerds like me and inclined...
  48. Zcd1

    Motor Trend Model S Plaid 1st test: “simply one of the best cars in the world”

    Bravo, Tesla!: Tesla Model S Plaid First Test: 0–60 MPH in 1.98 Seconds*!
  49. R

    Plaid+ to Plaid conversion

    I got a call from two weeks ago asking me to convert to a Plaid from Plaid+, this was before the Plaid+ was "canceled". I told them that no, I didn't want to cancel and go for the Plaid because the real-world range with performance wheels and tires is much lower than the rated range. I also...
  50. R

    For those hesitant to give Plaid your credentials when paying...

    I recently used Plaid to pay the final balance on my 21 M3 LR. I was not going to give Plaid my banking credentials (user name and password) but found a work-around that uses the usual ACH info. You can close the "select your bank" dialog box, using the X in the upper right corner. You'll be...

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